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Bersirc 2.1: Now public!
Yep! You can now alpha-test Bersirc 2.1! It's still buggy, and is missing many features, but you can still have a play around. The windows version comes with the mscript plugin ( which is NOT fully implemented ), winamp ( /cursong works ), and sysinfo ( useless, really.. only says your OS name /sysinfo ).

Check out the downloads section or hop over to our SourceForge project page to get your copy. Report bugs on the bug tracker here. Don't forget to visit us at #bersirc!

Frequently Asked Questions added
A new section has been added: FAQ. It has some of the most-asked questions about Bersirc.

Greetings fellow Bersirc fans, the just plain curious, and everyone else!
I am Nicholas Copeland, the new owner of Bersirc. I just happen to be an Open Source ™ zealot. I bought Bersirc and all new versions will be free. My friend Theo Julienne is the primary developer of Bersirc; when he and I have something substantial to release, it will be done under the terms of the Q Public License. We are focusing on the 2.1 release of Bersirc right now. Sorry, but Bersirc 1.4 will receive little maintenance unless demand dictates otherwise. Go ahead and have a look at a sneak peak of Bersirc 2.1. You can find us on #Bersirc. Enjoy.

Check out the screen shots page for some pre-release screenshots of Bersirc 2.1!

Bersirc 2.1 - quick preview
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