Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       4 Ix, 12 Uo, 11 Ik        

Greetings! We arrive again, dear Hearts! Your globe is now in the midst of the final scenes of what you call this 'reality'. For nearly 13 millennia this reality, founded on lack and limitation, has been the setting for a great drama between the Light and the dark. In this realm you have endured much and have learned how a select few can obtain enormous power and a great deal of wealth. These henchmen, unknown to the general public, were only the 'stand-ins' for a selection of sky gods and goddesses known to you as the Anunnaki. We have talked to you in many previous messages about them and their planetary minions. The good news is that this long rule is coming to an end. Heaven is aware of your wonderful energies and has taken heed of your committed, collective intentions. The time has finally come for a momentous change in this limiting scenario. The agreements we alluded to in previous updates are being implemented even as we speak. Something truly wonderful is about to happen: in the coming days, some amazing events will transpire which will give you a better perspective on how the world has been run up until now and how it will be transformed in the very near future.

      A formal acknowledgement of the fact of our existence and of our benevolence will take place, followed by a series of worldwide radio and television broadcasts. Our specially trained personnel will introduce you to the Galactic Federation of Light: here you will learn the nature of our organization, our long history, and our divine purpose. We will at this time formally invite you to become a fully-fledged member of this diverse organization. This is also the moment for you to be reacquainted with your neighbors in inner Earth, and therefore these announcements will include a detailed description of what many of you presently know as either Agartha or Shamballa. This subsurface realm is a true, living remnant of Lemuria. It has, dear Ones, for untold millennia watched over its surface cousins. When permitted to do so by Heaven, these Beings have gladly interceded on your behalf and helped you to travel the long road leading you back to full consciousness. Their many liaison personnel will also divulge an accurate account of your past history and reveal to you the truth behind the tragic events that occurred nearly a year ago.

      Along with these broadcasts many transitional governments will be brought into being. These regimes will be constitutional in nature and will finally be designed to uphold your freedom and to assist you in activating your inalienable individual sovereignty. To assure the success of this pivotal goal, agreements, already signed by all parties concerned, specify our role as a major mediator under Heaven's sacred guidance of these inalienable rights. You, dear Hearts, deserve to be free, and able to achieve your true-life purposes. A new banking and financial system will be created globally which will unleash enormous wealth whose main objective is to enable you to carry out the next step of your journey with joy and abundance. The Ascended Masters will come to lend you their assistance, as well as a combined celestial force consisting of your Spiritual Hierarchy and ourselves. This is to ensure that the glorious new reality promised to you by divine prophecy appears before you. This will be a transitional world in which your powerful energies will effect how these 'End Times' are played out.

     These 'End Times' are when your spiritual and space families will first greet you and then lovingly embrace you. You, dear Ones, have a great many joyful tasks before you: new technologies will be made available to you that can clean your air, waters, and soil. Your intentions and your actions will largely effect how much time Mother Earth gives you to atone for the damage done to her over many decades by your global civilization. We know that you will embrace this role with a great enthusiasm and, also, that you will see to it that the new corporate charters given to your large corporations be very strictly enforced. In addition, we have total confidence that you will carry out your 'watchdog' activities righteously by employing the grace and divine forgiveness that is your true birthright. Retribution and small mindedness will be inappropriate and will not be an option. This will be a time to explore carefully the many limiting momentums of your past and to prepare lovingly for your glorious destiny. The time will have come to reunite Earth's humanity and to pledge to carry out the Creator's Divine Will.

      A new galactic society is your true objective. You have come, dear Hearts, from other worlds and dimensions in order to effect a great transformation. This process has been a difficult one as it has meant that you had to overcome not only total amnesia at the time of your birth concerning your past and your true identity, but also the cruel and misleading pronouncements of the dark. Yet you endured; and now the moment swiftly arises for you to take power. This imminent shift in resources and accountability needs to be effected in a new way-a way noted for its grace and its forgiveness. All that you have undergone was designed to give you a better understanding of the dark and its unhelpful perceptions of reality. It is for you to transform these experiences of the dark into a truly unique wisdom that can be used to mutate the remaining darkness into a great Light. This special wisdom is the gift that this sojourn through duality was ultimately designed to confer upon you.

      We reiterate these things, dear Ones, in order to emphasize them for you. You are true followers of the Great Blue Lodge of Creation. You intuitively comprehend your mission and you know how it can most effectively be accomplished. Our prime purpose is merely to assist you, and our divine intervention simply a gentle catalyst for what is to come. Deep down, this new reality is your doing. It is a sign of your inherent power and your great commitment to divine purpose. It is the reward for your brave consent to volunteer and to permit your essence to be incarnated upon this world. Most of all, it is proof of just how special you are to the Creator and to all of Heaven. The many heavenly Orders and Life Streams that you represent needed you to come and carry out this important and challenging mission. Your success has permitted physical Creation to reveal itself according to the decrees of the Creator.

      The next step in the journey is taken in tandem with Heaven and your space families. This journey has been long and precarious, and you have endured ceaseless wars, famines, pestilence, and painful deception. You have watched entire generations sacrificed and seen your loved ones either slaughtered or denied their great potential. Nevertheless, these things have strengthened you and taught you about strategy, devotion, and, above all, about the power of Love. It has also given you the opportunity to observe how the great Masters of Heaven operate and how they can affect the world you live in. These things have honed you and sharpened your desire to be righteous and to be in tune with the Divine Will. You are a great people and your destiny has now arrived. Let us welcome it together. Let us carry out the last remaining tasks of this great mission and allow a wondrous transition to be upon us at last.

      From the start this first contact mission has been an education for both sides. We have learned about the nature of your dilemma and encountered a cabal whose stubbornness and devotion to its wealth and power was at first upsetting. However, we have also had the unique privilege to observe you and watch you grow into the vast, unlimited potential that is your birthright. We have seen you become stronger and more committed to the Light. We have seen that you have the resilience to effect change, and how those born into great power and wealth have used these things to assist their sisters and brothers. This has been a most heartwarming experience for us. We look forward to all that is now beginning to unfold. Remember, dear Hearts, together we are truly and quite inevitably victorious!

      Today, we have discussed topics and events that are close to occurring. We simply ask that you remain committed and fully focused upon your inevitable victory. We ask that you carry out this great shift in your consciousness by employing a divine grace and a great deal of sacred compassion. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Abundance and Prosperity of Heaven is Yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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