Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

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Greetings! Once again, dear Hearts, we come to inform you of many things! At this time, events are moving ahead, ensuring that Heaven's decrees can unfold. Both your Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation liaison teams assigned to these earthly matters are watching your planet's developments closely. In accordance with guidance from Heaven, we have directed the key ships of our fleet to assume their final positions. In doing so, we are ready to act, instantly, when called upon by our Earth allies. We also have advised those sectors of our fleet that are involved in dispersing various global prosperity programs to prepare their ships and personnel for every possible contingency. Our prime purpose remains to liberate you and establish your divine sovereignty. This operation demands that a divinely orchestrated first contact mission be completed now. For that reason, we have determinedly lobbied our Earth allies to complete their legal and other procedural activities. Once they have been completed, we fully expect to distribute your heavenly prosperity and officially implement our 1998 agreements.

      These agreements are of critical importance to us. They will provide the legal force we need to end your governments' prolonged cover-up of our existence. This will also free many energy- and transportation-related inventions that have been produced around your world during the past century. Your secret governments suppressed this technology, along with many other environmental innovations, out of a deep-seated fear that such discoveries could result in their downfall. Often, they used brutal and heavy-handed methods to keep these devices secret. On the other hand, we promise all concerned that we will fully reveal these tools and quickly put them to use. When, finally, we are able to formally reveal ourselves to you, we shall call upon all inventors to come forward with any working prototypes and let this world make full use of their creations. In return, we pledge that all who do so will be compensated more than sufficiently for their rightful actions. The approaching transition period, from the old way of running your world to the new, should be punctuated with positive precedents.

      In the post-abundance world, many of the old ways will no longer exist. Nonetheless, some of these draconian measures may survive for a very short time. Our joint purpose is for you to familiarize yourselves with the new ways outlined in many legal documents, which owe their existence to the 1998 agreements. In this regard and with the divine supervision of your Ascended Masters, we intend to see that such a plan does indeed manifest. Our Earth allies have consented to many agreements even more powerful than N.E.S.A.R.A. These provisions are not to be released to the general public until the first set of agreements has been publicly announced. Only then will the second and third waves of actions be revealed and made public law. It is essential for common law's traditional purviews to be broadened in such a way that common law can prepare the way for your forthcoming galactic society. This operation is fully outlined in the 1998 agreements. It also details a number of selected methods for achieving this. Accordingly, these agreements are profoundly important to Heaven, and to us.

      Your present reality is moving beyond a world still ruled by the continuing legitimacy of Ancient Rome. In the early Middle Ages, most of Europe's royalty used this long-established system to give themselves legitimacy, which they derived through the spiritual power of the Papacy and its claim as the successor to Ancient Rome. They used this legal system to justify a banking and financial order that first was codified in the late Middle Ages. The so-called 'Age of Discovery' carried this system across the planet. Its age-old statutory law became the current foundation for international agreements between nations and for multinational corporations. It has created a monster that threatens, every day, to destroy your world. The 1998 agreements formally terminate the legal power still belonging to the long-destroyed Roman Empire. They will begin a new series of national and international laws that are based upon shared abundance and your inalienable rights. The time for you to be treated as mere chattel has formally ended, at last.

      We mention these 1998 agreements repeatedly only because they mirror many of the decrees issued by Lord Surea. Heaven is anxious for you to be freed from the shackles imposed by your dark masters. They devised these malevolent ways to limit and enslave you. They have created a system that allowed an ultra-wealthy and powerful series of cliques to control you. As you move toward full consciousness, you will find these limitations increasingly unacceptable. Heaven wants you to know this simple fact. Your emerging consciousness makes full knowledge, and your ability to act as a free and proper body politic, imperative. The last, stubborn global cabal is aggressively resisting this move and has conspired to stop a natural process. The just and decisive actions of Heaven will put an end to this despicable act. All the infinite Orders and Administrations of Heaven have initiated actions that will assure your success.

      We have mentioned this last cabal's actions and their illegal takeover of your remaining 'superpower', through a falsified election, many times previously. For nearly three years, they have continued to carry out their broad-based, dark agenda. Inevitably, this agenda is doomed to fail. Until that point is reached, however, these dark individuals plan to continue on their merry way. Well, dear Ones, the magic moment has arrived! Heaven's actions are manifesting upon your world. We are delighted to report that our Earth allies are about to act and put an end to this wretched tale. The final sequence of legal and financial maneuvers is complete! The time has arrived for the shifts that we all have so eagerly awaited! Our Earth allies are poised for action. Very soon, dear Ones, a most welcome series of longed-for events at last will unfold on your world.

      As these events take place, keep in mind that they will not necessarily occur according to plan. Your world and its principle movers retain a degree of free will in these matters. Nonetheless, the result of these operations will unfold as planned. A new reality is surfacing on your world. It will reveal itself in a series of stages that will continue for a few months. Each advancing stage will be less shocking that the first. The replacement of a major national government and dispersal of numerous abundance programs will be a striking disclosure to most of the world. It will involve a new series of legal precedents, which will create a new milieu for every nation-state. As part of this, you will be introduced to your Ascended Masters, and to us. Indeed, these will be the most auspicious series of announcements to have been made in the whole of your 'recorded history'.

      The initial shock will wear off quickly, dear Hearts. It will be followed by a series of instructive broadcasts that we, together with our Earth Allies and your Ascended Masters, will conduct. These broadcasts will be promptly augmented by articles in many of your newspapers and magazines, and by educational programs on your many major cable and satellite networks. These events will mark the end of the old reality that you have known since your birth on this world. See this new reality as a Heaven-sent environment that is meant to carry you to full knowledge of who you really are and why you have been permitted, by Heaven, to grace this beautiful, living entity you call Mother Earth. Now, with the coming of this new reality, your life's mission truly begins. It will be the time for you to do good works and connect lovingly with each other.

      Today, we have discussed what is occurring on your world. The events that are unfolding will usher you into a new reality. They will also allow you to know that the last steps in your journey to full consciousness are finally here. We are all eager to begin this unparalleled and jubilant celebration! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the perpetual Prosperity and never-ending Supply of Heaven are yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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