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Please send this form with your contribution payable to:

Planetary Activation Organization
P. O. Box 880151
Pukalani, Maui, HI 96788-0151 U.S.A.

Or you can make a direct credit card contribution by Phoning or Faxing the
Planetary Activation Organization at:

Voice mail number: 808-573-3110       Fax: (808) 573- 2867

Dear Reader:

To date 17% of our readers have contributed to the PAO.

In order for Sheldan to continue providing you with these invaluable updates,
we will still need contributions from many more of you.

To meet our target of 1000 contributors, we will need 479 more contributors by the end of June.
Last week, only 19 readers contributed to our PAO fund-raising campaign.

Kindly give what you can today!

Click here and please take a moment to read an urgent new letter about Sheldan and the PAO.

Miles (Your Webmaster)

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