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Wednesday, 17 April 2002
McDonald's supports EURO 2004™


McDonald's was confirmed today as an official sponsor of EURO 2004™.

'Perfect partner'
Following the announcement at the Hotel Dom Pedro in Lisbon, Portugal, UEFA President Lennart Johansson described McDonald's as the "perfect long-term partner for UEFA". The world's biggest fast-food restaurant chain, which has been a sponsor of the UEFA European Championship since 1992, has also agreed to give its backing to EURO 2008.

Team spirit
"McDonald's places much emphasis on team spirit, and giving back to the community, and demonstrates this through sponsorship and grassroots activities at all levels of the European game," said Mr Johansson. The relationship will give McDonald's perimeter signage, broadcast sponsorship with commercial airtime and internet rights.

Long-standing relationship
"We are delighted about this agreement for EURO 2004™ and EURO 2008 as this will give McDonald's an even greater opportunity to strengthen its football initiatives around the world," said John Hawkes, McDonald's vice-president Europe, at the announcement of the partnership with UEFA. The company has a long-standing relationship with European football, but not just at the top level. It is also heavily involved in grassroots football through a number of different initiatives.

Passion and excitement
Also present at the news conference was Dr Gilberto Parca Madaíl, president of the Portuguese Football Federation. Welcoming McDonald's as the second official sponsor of the UEFA European Championship to be hosted by Portugal, he said: "Over the years, McDonald's has shown itself to be a true supporter of Portuguese football through its significant sponsorship activities. I am sure that in the run-up to EURO 2004™, McDonald's will help to build the passion and excitement we will all feel at hosting Europe's premier football tournament."

Carlsberg first
Last month, Carlsberg Breweries became the first company to be confirmed as an official sponsor of EURO 2004™. Like McDonald's, the Danish brewer will also continue its partnership through to EURO 2008.

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