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Welcome to The Lightning Strike Survivor's Resource Page.

My name is Christine Fram. I am a survivor of a lightning strike. On August 6,1997 I was struck by lightning while on the job. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

In Canada, every year lightning kills about seven people and seriously injures 60 to 70 others.

I created this page to provide a way to contact other survivors, and for education, to make available accurate information and links to resources that can help us educate ourselves, our doctors, our famillies and our friends.



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UIC - Lightning Injury Research Page
Lightning Strike and Electrical Shock Survivors International
Lightning and Shock News Forum
MGH Chat Rooms. There's a chat room for Lightning Survivors
Head Injury Hotline. A site for Traumatic Brain Injuries (aka head injuries)

My goal is to make this an effective page of Lightning Survivor Resources and to provide an on-line email based support list, where survivors and anyone whose life has been altered by a lightning strike can share, inform, help and support one another. Do you know: 500-600 people a year are struck by lightning in North America? 70% of those people survive.


The Lightning Strike Survivor List (LSSL) is an on-line email support group whose members have been affected by Lightning. This includes: survivors, survivors families, caregivers, doctors, People involved in safety issues, and many more. People who want to help and people who need/want to share with others who understand because they've been there.

Do you need a way to communicate with people who know exactly what you're going through and want to offer their emotional support? Are you someone who wants to share your experience, strength and hope?

Some survivors have said it has helped end feelings of loneliness and isolation, others have said it has helped them create hope and goodness from sadness and injury.

My mission for the LSSL is to encourage survivors to help each other by sharing the resources (health, medical, insurance, LS&ESSI etc.) they have found during their journey towards recovery and by sharing their own experiences and feelings.

I invite you to join the Lightning Strike Survivor's List.

It's easy to do. Just enter your email address in the form below and click join. The subscription will have to be approved by a list manager (either myself or Becky). When we receive the subscription request, you will be sent a brief email asking if you understand what the list is. This is just to prevent subscriptions from people who mistakenly subscribe. It is not meant in any way to qualify or disqualify anyone from joining.

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Facts & Fictions
Facts About Lightning and The People it Injures
Common Symptoms and Injuries that Survivor's May Experience
When Lightning Strikes People - NASA Science article

photo gallery
2000 gallery

Spot's (Mitakuye Oyasin) Lightning Page
Mad Max Dearing
Sabrina's Children's Lightning Safety Page
Martin County SkyWarn - David Smith
Lightning Strike Survivor Mike - Photographs of Lightning

Canadian Geographic featured my story in it's July/Aug 2000 issue.
You can read it on-line.
  click on this link.

The Weather Series "STORM WARNING" 2000/01 Season features my story in Episode 405 -Forces of Nature. It airs on The Discovery Channel. So if you happen to see it, it's me. It re-runs quite often and many people ask if I'm the person in the show, so I thought I'd post the info here. I am also featured in TLC's (The Learning Channel)'s Science at the Edge Series. Episode 3: Breaking Nature's Rules (2002)

Future Additions to Come to this Page:

More survivors stories, The Short and Long Term effects of being struck by lightning, and ODDs 'n' Ends.

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about it, and/or any other comments you may have. I do my best to contact those who sign it but please remember that
I am still recovering from my injuries, so I can't always reply immediately. I will get back to you as quickly as I am able.

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Sites of Personal Interest:

Training in Power - A Spiritual Journey of Service... Meditation and Spiritual Training.

My husband and I love Austin Minis. All about us and our minis

Environment Canada - Weather Office - Lightning as it happens

To everyone everywhere, whose paths have crossed with mine: THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Without any of you there would be no me.
My life has been enriched and blessed by all of you.

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Created November 22,1998.
Last updated on January 26, 2003.

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