Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       5 Imix, 19 Pax, 11 Ik        

Selamat Jarin! We arrive once again, dear Hearts! Around you, the final struggle is occurring between the Light and the forces of the dark. The conflict began in earnest nearly 10,000 years ago as the Great Flood subsided. Left behind were the few who became the Anunnaki's new minions and the many who came to be their diverse subjects. In many regions of this world, they founded new societies. As we have previously mentioned, the Anunnaki were extremely careful in selecting their new minions. The 'sky gods' had caused the Flood because the previous group of underlings had openly disobeyed them, and even dared to paint them not as creator-gods, but merely as humanity's dark oppressors. Their impertinence resulted in the delivery of a new set of rules to the chosen. The Anunnaki, now, were fully aware of humanity's inherent potential to turn to the Light. This meant that certain false beliefs, indeed a wide range of religious philosophies, needed to be nurtured by the newly selected cabals. It required another few thousand years for such a complex process to become firmly established.

      The Anunnaki believed that, once in place, the new earthly leadership clearly was under their control. However, the Light was still capable of bringing forward Avatars and special prophets such as Abraham. It was still possible for the Ascended Masters to teach among the people. These deeds kept the Anunnaki's minions from destroying or even distorting certain moral concepts. Occasionally, when one group of underlings would take up some of these high moral teachings, they would be put in safekeeping for future generations. Slowly, as magnificent buildings and, later, cities were constructed under the direct supervision of the Anunnaki, society began to move forward. These temple and palace complexes marked the dawn of your present global societies. Nevertheless, the efforts of the Ascended Masters gradually flourished. In this regard, the first great Western ruler is the Egyptian pharaoh whom you know as Amenhotep IV or Akhenaten (circa 13th Century B.C.E.). He set an energy that promoted the movement toward a single, all-powerful Creator. The Anunnaki found this truth deeply disturbing.

      In their rage, the Anunnaki destroyed Akhenaten's temple city and did not allow another national belief system to come into being until the founding of ancient Israel nearly 300 years later. They worked very carefully to alter Israel by manipulating its people to demand rule by Kings. Having accomplished this, the Anunnaki once again had triumphed, temporarily, over the Light. Israel became yet another state with a government that they were able to corrupt and control. Next, the Anunnaki proceeded with their plans to create an ever-evolving technology that would allow them to usurp the initial agreement they had made with Heaven prior to the fall of Atlantis. The moment they chose for this revolution was your present time. But Heaven was well aware of their treacherous actions. Indeed, the divine plan had clearly warned them of this long ago. Still, they had gone ahead with the agreement, knowing full well its eventual outcome. That result will be for the dark to lose this struggle and the Light to triumph. However, we are ahead of ourselves. Let us continue our narrative.

     This damnable scheme by the Anunnaki and their minions to overthrow the Light gradually began to manifest with the rapid rise of the Roman Empire. To counter it, several Ascended Masters came to Earth and commenced their great work. They established principles and beliefs that enabled the forces of the Light to gain a stronger foothold on your world. Eventually, during the last 2500 years, this moral bridgehead enabled the establishment of certain secret societies that were dedicated to the Light. The purpose of these societies, founded on every continent of your world, was to retain the sacred knowledge that they had acquired from the Ascended Masters. Occasionally, certain individuals belonging to these orders either incarnated or infiltrated the religious organizations endorsed by the cabals as defenders of a society's sacred 'Truths'. Using their saintliness and great charisma, they imposed certain new concepts upon these sanctioned religious organizations, in an effort to gradually uplift the consciousness of humanity.

      We mention these points only because all of your world's existing laws and, ultimately, the legitimacy of every nation-state, rest on Roman law. The explorations and growing power of the West exploded onto the world scene in the late 15th century AD. Eventually, this altered the very legal authority of regimes in most of Asia, Africa and the Americas, as well as in Oceania. Colonialism put an end to the old system of the varied series of legalities that had founded these many empires. In their stead, the West established its own regimes, creating the legal basis for the Anunnaki's scheme to use Rome and its system of laws as the basis for their takeover of this planet. Moreover, the West's religious organizations and its cultural system were to be used by its minions to homogenize the world's many, various populations. A new ethos was being shaped that would allow these cabals to secretly rule this world.

      The most significant event of this process occurred during the last decade of the 20th century, when the Anunnaki traded sides. For the Anunnaki's earthly underlings, this switch had serious repercussions. First, the minions' predominant authority was immediately torn further apart. Although these cabals disagreed about the dominant groups in charge, every group held a similar understanding regarding the outcome. The only question that remained was whether it would be for good or for evil. Now, this was no longer so. Quickly, they initiated a new discussion concerning whether to join with the Light or to move ahead with what they had been preparing so long and so carefully. The presence of a Galactic Federation of Light First Contact Team brought further confusion to their all-encompassing debate.

      Our most important task is to see how a first contact will progress. This divine intervention is under the unwavering guidance of your world's Ascended Masters, and of Heaven. It has been nearly a decade since the Anunnaki switched sides and the Treaty of Anchara brought an end to the last galactic war. Now, your world is in the last stages of its struggle between the Light and the last dark cabal. This is a diverse group, powerful and very cunning. Nonetheless, the events that will extinguish their power truly are occurring. This cabal's secret scheming has resulted in their inevitable ruin. The world community no longer views them as oppressors to watch and constantly fear. Our earthly allies have substantially eroded their power base and created a situation where they can be replaced. All that remains is for the final episodes to be brought to a successful conclusion.

      There is a purpose for this very brief overview. When you learn the full extent of the infamies of this last cabal and its former allies, you will need a reference point. Most important will be an historical perspective. Although you may perceive all that has occurred as a great drama that almost got out of control, Heaven was fully aware of every vile possibility and planned wisely for the perfect outcome. As you celebrate your victory, always be mindful of the fact that each one of you is connected to the other. You ought to thank this last cabal for allowing you the opportunity to test your resolve and demonstrate your commitment to the Light. Finally, you need to prepare yourselves for the prodigious responsibilities being bestowed upon you. You will be called upon to create a new galactic society that will achieve full consciousness and accomplish glorious deeds. Envision what lies before you!

      Today, we have limited our discussions to facts that can assist you in preparing for what lies ahead. Use this time to prepare yourselves. Moreover, use these movements to manifest your shared plans to form support groups that will help your community. Finally, step forward and prepare your world for a first contact from the Galactic Federation and the re-emergence of Heaven upon your world. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the infinite Supply and unending Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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