April 29, 2004

Small Frey Delivered

Sometime on Tuesday morning, Amber Frey was delivered of a son. Considering the leaks in the Peterson case thus far, it is amazing that the news of the birth did not break until over 24 hours later. Perhaps it was the stringent HIPAA rules and hopefully the integrity and compliance of healthcare personnel that helped accomplish this coup.

So how did the natal news leak? The initial report came from KPIX in San Francisco and does not mention a source. Multitudinous reports followed, all giving attorney Gloria Allred as their source. But did Allred make the initial contact with the media to announce the birth? Personally, I do not think so. I believe they intended to wait until Amber and baby Justin were safely home before making anything public, for safety's sake. Just my opinion, but I'd bet that was the optimistic plan. Still guessing, but I think when the word broke, Allred was contacted by Rita Cosby

motherI sincerely doubt mother Amber herself contacted KPIX. I'd like to think she was more preoccupied with getting to know her newborn son. I also deeply doubt the tattler was Dr. David Markovich, the baby's father. I've heard he's very protective of Amber and their privacy. Furthermore, it's believed they do intend to marry but in their "own time", rather than at the pressure of public opinion and peering. If so, I wish them well. If in time they decide not to marry, I still wish them well because when it's all said and done, it's better for a child to be raised in a home with love, whether that love comes with papers or not.

So again... how did the news leak? Just my opinion, just wild guessing... but my paltry wager would be on one of her own close family members.

If that's true... what a pitiful shame.

You'd like to think your father, mother, sister, brother, grandparents would clam up at your behest. On the other hand, I think the best I could count on is my mom. At times it seems for some people, the urge to spill their guts is stronger than the forces of nature that make Niagra fall.


Other news...

  • Judge Delucchi has said opening arguments for the trial may be delayed for a week and is prepared to have another 100 citizens submit the requisite questionnaire to be seated on the jury. All this, yet Geragos still marches to his drumbeat drone of another venue change. I don't think it's gonna happen Bunky.

  • Monday night, I got a giggling email that Geragos had appeared in court that day with a somewhat swollen face, and the speculation that it was a "bad tooth". Shortly later I posted it here in the comment section. I never figured there'd be any confirmation of that silly little tidbit, but Greta Van Susteren and her own little fly on the courthouse wall came through on Tuesday morning.
    E-mail No. 4:

    Aside: Geragos looked like a chipmunk on one side - bad tooth abscess is my guess,

    Thanks Greta and Valerie!

    I have to laughingly comment here... was it really a "dental malfunction"? Or did someone try to sock Geragos back into the real world? Jes' a joke.

  • The presumptive tests are complete on the "bloodstains" in the brown van, that caused such a plaintive whine from the Uber Lawyer. I hear they came back as Type H ... H for Heinz, that is. Sorry, jes' jokin' again. Badly, I know. So sue me.

ADDENDUM--4/29/04 at 4:29pm-- More on the Geragos tooth saga from Valerie the courtroom fly on the wall..

Aside: Geragos looked like a chipmunk on his left side, the result of a bad tooth abscess. Judge Delucchi told Geragos if he got really uncomfortable, he could take a break.

Another aside: Today, before court, while Geragos talked to Judge Delucchi about his tooth, Delucchi held the door open that leads to chambers. On the wall behind him was a movie poster of W. C. Fields' movie Bank Dick. This may explain the judge's delightful sense of humor.

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As always, any comments I make on the Peterson case and the persons involved is opinion and speculation on my part based on media reports and conversations with Modesto friends which must be construed as rumor until and unless proven otherwise.

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April 27, 2004

Peterson Case - Scribbles & Bits

Scribbles and bits, scribbles and bits... just a very small collection of tidbits I've picked up, a couple held back for some time.

  • Geragos got the heave ho from client Jackson, but found something to chuckle at in spite of it all yesterday. The report is that when Judge Delucchi informed those present in court of receiving yet another letter from someone purporting to know Laci's "real killer"... Geragos and Scott Peterson found it amusing and yukked it up a bit, especially when Delucchi mentioned the hair. If I understood my friend correctly, he said the hair was on a piece of tape? It was said even Delucchi appeared to be suppressing amusement at the whole thing. You have to wonder if it was scribbled in red crayon on a torn coloring book page.
  • Some around court today had been given the impression Geragos would be making a statement about his unceremonious departure from Jackson's case. He appears to have decided to refrain instead. That's something new, eh?
  • When the recent report of an anonymous "new witness" seeing Scott leaving Covena Avenue with the boat attached to his truck came out, something else she claimed stood out. The ModBee article on this spurned witness stated "authorities" assured the woman they have "eyewitnesses out in the Bay Area where he was fishing,". Well we all know about the two maintenance workers who saw Scott and his boat in the launching area. Was there someone else I wondered?

    I ticked off an email and was reminded "there's the one around Brooks Island". Reminded I said? There has long been a rumor that someone on or around Brooks Island witnessed Scott Peterson on water that Christmas Eve morning but I've never heard anything more than rumor. My friend said as best they know there is a witness who was on or in view of Brooks Island who saw Scott on the water that morning. The caretakers who live on the island, I asked? "Don't know really" was the answer, just that there is supposed to be someone who saw him on the water. I simply can't believe Peterson would have left the body in such shallow waters. Was he observed on his way to the Richmond Shipping Channel possibly? Intriguing.

  • Remember I hinted, to the irritation of some, that there may be another witness who was fortuitously on Covena ? I called this possible witness "Curious George". Still can't say anymore about this person... but the possibility of Curious came up again along the outer edges of things yesterday.
  • freaks

  • As I've always said, in all honesty I can not positively vouch every little tidbit I hear is correct until I hear it in testimony my own self. Still, the vast majority of what I've been told has been good, so I just pass on what I can, and advise you to remember it and see if comes up gold later. With that in mind...

    Long ago I was told that shortly after Laci went missing, Scott showed his hands to friends and/or family, pointing out some dark discolorations on the fingers and saying that they were ink stains from being fingerprinted. My friend found this odd and said to their knowledge, he was not fingerprinted. I was always told not to mention this, but now it's thought the DA will not make much use of this odd statement by Scott... if indeed he made it.

    But just for the sake of rumination... say it were true. If Scott did have dark discolorations on his fingers and if he really wasn't fingerprinted at MPD... what were they? Bruises? I find that hard to believe and for one simple reason. One that has bugged me frequently. Why are there no questions in that initial interview with Brocchini about Scott's hands? If they were bruised, any detective would make mention of that, would question how, when, where?

    Furthermore Scott himself claimed he had some sort of scratch, cut or abrasion to his hand from "reaching in the toolbox". It disturbs me that we saw no questions about this injury in that Brocchini interview or in the preliminary testimonies of several detectives. To my mind and admittedly scant knowledge of interrogation procedure, seeing a fresh wound of any degree on the hand, arm or face of someone you were interviewing would prompt a question. Obviously they could be the product of foul play. Why are they no questions about Scott's hand scratch? Was someone very remiss in their interviewing and observation? That bothers me. I hope my irritation will be resolved in future.

    In addition, I have to ask... wouldn't Scott have to be fingerprinted in order to rule his prints in or out on any possible evidence?

  • Other comments...

    • It's called strategy. Mesereau has been "available" for the Jackson case for several weeks, since he quit or was fired from Robert Blake's case. In my opinion, which I readily admit goes for about a nickel ninety eight on a good day... I do believe he wanted to wait to do the lawyer's shuffle until after the Grand Jury handed down the indictment. Why? Because it was a near lock Jackson would be indicted. Strategy says let the cast off attorneys take the blame and look like jackasses. Mesereau gets to ride in on a white horse and save the day.
    • Like a bad case of foot fungus, Frank Muna is back, again. It must have something to do with moon phases.
    • Winona Ryder, a former and unfortunate client of Geragos was the subject of a tabloid titter recently. It seems she stopped to sign some sort of petition on the street but the petitioner stopped her, reminding her that convicted felons weren't eligible to vote or sign the petition. What a shame her attorney didn't convince her to plead out for a lesser offense and avoid being tagged a "convicted felon". Did he even try? Bet not... just opinion, but I think Geragos rode Ryder's case for all the face time he could get.
    • How the Brits describe Geragos...
      The permatanned 46-year-old drives a Porsche 911, wears Italian suits with tassled shoes and is rarely seen without his Aviator sunglasses.
    • Permatan?

    • Our witty Knot friend, Golden Girl has coined an utterly delicious phrase.... "Flypaper for freaks". She used it in reference to Mark Geragos. Apt, yes. I feel it suits him, and Muna as well.

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    As always, any comments I make on the Peterson case and the persons involved is opinion and speculation on my part based on media reports and conversations with Modesto friends which must be construed as rumor until and unless proven otherwise.

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    April 21, 2004

    Peterson Case - Comfort is Relative

    Comfort is relative. Coarse cotton can soothe like silk when one has hope. But satin is no better than steel wool to the heartsick. Perhaps it is only the wicked who can process exclusively the physicality of comfort, unaffected by their misdeeds, unhampered by conscience.

    A couple of days ago, a friend in Redwood City told me where various people involved in the Peterson trial were staying while attending the early part of the trial proceedings there. Although it can be no secret, since hotel employees and other guests have no doubt noticed these people in the various hotels, I won't give the specific names, just as a matter of safety. Besides, they may stay in a different place next week, or next month.

    Sharon and Ron were lodged in one of the best, if not the best and most expensive hotel in the area. I asked if this was a gratis room since it was reported some time ago that a variety of offers for rooms and even homes were offered for their use during the trial. I got only a "I believe so" in reply.

    The Petersons, by contrast were staying at one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest hotels, one just about a mile from the courthouse. I admit to laughing at that. Some might think that cruel, but it struck me funny because I had just read Lee Peterson's comments on living "simply" by choice. I also recalled the report that they offered Scott's home on Covena as living quarters to his legal defense team. I didn't forget either that the Peterson's were reported to have received nearly free lodging at the Red Lion Inn in Modesto until they incensed the manager with comments about Sharon Rocha. After that episode, I doubt that anyone offered the Petersons free rooms in Redwood City. Perhaps, but I don't think so... and perhaps some think this unfair. Like it or not though, the recipient of a gift is the choice of the giver.

    violetcomfort.jpgBoth the defense and the prosecution teams, I am told are staying at Marriott properties. I don't mind saying that because there is more than one in the area and I am not even sure they stay at the same one. In any case, a comfortable establishment.

    COMFORT, n. A state of mind produced by contemplation of a neighbor's uneasiness.

    Ambrose Bierce ~ The Devil's Dictionary

    I had to ask myself though... was I feeling triumph and spiteful glee that Sharon stayed in luxurious surroundings while Jackie's were far more humble? Maybe. But Jackie has something that Sharon has not... hope. Sharon's lovely hotel and amenities are cold comfort when the dark comes and once again the leaden reality that there is no hope of her child ever coming home settles upon her. Comfort is relative.

    Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity has.

    Billy Graham

    Does the adversity Sharon and the Rochas are enduring, enrich the world? In my opinion, in some way, yes. Sharon believes the fetal protection bill she has effectively lobbied for is a worthwhile effort, one that honors Laci and Conner. She has put her heart and soul into it for the benefit of others.

    God stirs up our comfortable nests, and pushes us over the edge of them, and we are forced to use our wings to save ourselves from fatal falling. Read your trials in this light, and see if your wings are being developed.

    Hannah Whitall Smith

    Many "comfortable nests" have been stirred up by the actions of the person who murdered Laci and Conner Peterson. Some will develop their wings, as Sharon has. Others will suffer a form of fatal falling... both families have members that may not be finding their wings.

    Hope is necessary in every condition. The miseries of poverty, sickness, of captivity, would, without this comfort, be insupportable.

    Samuel Johnson

    Jackie, Lee and the other supportive Peterson family members do have hope... legitimate and real hope that Scott will walk out of court a free man. The Rochas have no hope that Laci and Conner will rise from their shared grave and join their family again. They do have hope of other things, other children, futures but always the void will be there.

    Man seeks to escape himself in myth, and does so by any means at his disposal. Drugs, alcohol, or lies. Unable to withdraw into himself, he disguises himself. Lies and inaccuracy give him a few moments of comfort.

    Jean Cocteau

    Did Scott Peterson ever find moments of comfort in his lies and inaccuracy... in his "myth"? Do others in this drama also find comfort in lies, inaccuracies, and myths? I think so. Some disagree as to who these people are who live in denial and delusion.

    Conscience is that still, small voice that is sometimes too loud for comfort.

    Bert Murray

    Does that still, small voice of conscience speak too loud too to allow Scott Peterson to feel any comfort? I do not think so. I think that small voice has long been silenced in Scott... if it ever existed at all.

    Truth is meant to save you first, and the comfort comes afterward.

    Georges Bernanos

    Will the Rochas, the Petersons, Scott be saved by the truth in this case? Whatever the truth is, I hope that all are saved by it, including those of us who have followed this sad saga. And yes, I hope all find some measure of comfort... even the Petersons. I do not care for them, I have to be honest about that. But whatever else I think of them, they didn't kill Laci, they love their son, I hope they find comfort somehow without justice being thwarted.

    Look at us, said the violets blooming at her feet, all last winter we slept in the seeming death but at the right time God awakened us, and here we are to comfort you.

    Edward Payson Rod

    A sentimental, insipid thought perhaps, but I care not if it is. I hope that Sharon is able to look upon flowers blooming at her feet and find comfort in the thought that someday God, as she knows him, will reunite her with Laci and Conner.

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    As always, any comments I make on the Peterson case and the persons involved is opinion and speculation on my part based on media reports and conversations with Modesto friends which must be construed as rumor until and unless proven otherwise.

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    April 18, 2004

    Peterson Case - Regarding Maldonado

    As best I can tell, the meaning of the name Maldonado is "badly donated" or "badly given". Could that be prophetic in the case of Homer and Helen Maldonado, who have been subpoenaed by the prosecution presenting the double murder case against Scott Peterson?

    Homer Maldonado claims he saw Laci Peterson and her dog, McKenzie on three occasions in a two week period in December. Maldonado reported seeing Laci and the retriever between 9:45 and 10 am on the morning of December 24, walking in front of 211 Covena Avenue, about three blocks south of her home. Considering that the prosecution has also subpoenaed Bill Mitchell, widower of another "walk" witness, Vivian Mitchell, I believe the plan is to discount the walking stories out of hand before the defense gets a chance to try to fly them.

    A pertinent question here, which I have no answer to... when Maldonado reported his Laci "sighting" to police on January 1, did he then, or ever tell them or the DA's office about these other two earlier sightings he now claims?

    vans.jpgAnother observation... Maldonado's wife has also been subpoenaed. She claims to have been looking away and did not see the woman her husband is certain was Laci. Why subpoena her? To corroborate time, yes possibly. But remember... Homer and Helen also witnessed a yellow or tan van at a nearby gas station before seeing Laci. A van with suspicious characters according to Homer.
    Early in the investigation, Modesto police said they were looking for such a van in connection with the Medina burglary across the street from the Petersons' home.

    Recall please that Geragos dropped this comment last week:

    Geragos said prosecutors were "fixated on one brown van" while ignoring a second van he said was "referred to on at least three different occasions by witnesses in sealed search warrant affidavits."

    Is he referring to the van the Maldonado's claim to have seen? Is the prosecution going to shoot down this van sighting by putting them on the stand themselves? I don't know, but it's something to ponder.

    Further pondering... I am thinking Geragos is brewing up a scenario using the burglary at the Medina's house, (remember the visit to their house a couple of weeks ago with the "poster sized" object), the tan van the Maldonados saw at the gas station and the sightings of Laci by Maldonado and Mitchell. The prosecution may be attempting to block all of this during the prosecution presentation.

    Homer Maldonado brought flowers to Vivian Mitchell's widower, Bill, on the evening of her death. While it might be a kind gesture, I have to wonder at the propriety of this. Does Homer feel a bond with the other "walk witnesses"? Why? Does he feel they are in a minority, that they had to band together? Had he and the Mitchells been in contact on other occasions since they gained some notoriety from media? Should they be getting together discussing their "stories"? After all, witnesses are not allowed to sit in the courtroom while others testify. True, no one can follow witnesses 24/7 before a trial to keep them apart, but something about this feels wrong.

    A further note on Maldonado... I have a videotape of the A&E; special; "Who Killed Laci Peterson". I have transcribed Homer Maldonado's statement from that special, in which he describes what the woman he saw was wearing:

    "I believe that was Laci Peterson 'cause she was wearing a white shirt, the black pants and she was very pregnant."

    I sincerely hope the prosecution heard and took note of Maldonado locking himself into the black/white outfit. Laci Peterson was found wearing the disintegrating remnants of the tan pants her sister saw her in on the night of December 23. Not black pants.


    • Why did Homer Maldonado talk to media now about his previous sightings of Laci and McKenzie?
    • Why did he ignore the gag order which covers witnesses?
    • Did he consult Geragos before talking to media?
    • Did he tell MPD or the DA about these earlier sightings... ever?

    • Why did Homer Maldonado say:

      "I told my wife it's better we take the stand rather than talk to the prosecution."

      Why would he think that? What's wrong with talking to the prosecution? This isn't a competition. This isn't a game or reality show where witnesses are players with stakes to win.

      Or is it?

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    As always, any comments I make on the Peterson case and the persons involved is opinion and speculation on my part based on media reports and conversations with Modesto friends which must be construed as rumor until and unless proven otherwise.

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    April 17, 2004

    Peterson Case - Perjury, Proper Contact, & Ponderings

    Three P's regarding the Scott/Laci Peterson case are presented today for perusal.

    • PENAL CODE SECTION 118-129 section b (California) -
      (b) No person shall be convicted of perjury where proof of falsity rests solely upon contradiction by testimony of a single person other than the defendant. Proof of falsity may be established by direct or indirect evidence.

      I am frequently irked that shows like Greta's, Crier's and Abram's assemble panels of legal "talking heads" to comment on current cases, yet they will neglect to point out and educate the public on some very salient point.

      When Geragos referred to San Mateo District Attorney, Jim Fox as a "piece of crap , who masquerades as a DA", his professed pique was due to DA Fox not having investigated the juror alleged to have bragged on a Reno bound bus that bragged she wanted to give Peterson "his due". As reported in this Tri-Valley Herald article, Geragos finally gave DA Fox the name of the bus "tipster" at 1pm. Shortly after that in court that very same day, Geragos delivered his descriptive diatribe against Fox for not taking the possibility of perjury seriously and doing his duty. ?? Did he expect Fox to snatch the name of the "tipster" from Geragos' hand like a fleet footed cartoon character and immediately reappear with the "stealth juror" in handcuffs?

      All Jim Fox pointed out the day before was, as you can see by reading section B above, was that to convict a person of perjury, you need more than the testimony of a single person. He did not say he would not investigate the matter. He was only commenting on the rarity of prosecution in a case like that, in his county and his experience. Fox also said in effect that further action against that juror would be determined by Judge Delucchi's wishes in the matter. Geragos is guilty of silly, melodramatic, contrived posturings for the pure purpose of creating soundbites. In addition, I suggest he get a new pet word... "chilling" is getting old. Try a sweater, Geragos.

      Interesting link:
      Potential juror who lied goes to jail (Cincinnati)
      So jurors do go to jail for lying to the judge. From this story, different state of course, but you can see that the entire episode was handled by the judge.

      Thanks and credit are proffered to CTV poster, MissCrabapple for finding and posting this very pertinent link to California PENAL CODE SECTION 118-129 section b. Fine work MissC.

    • justicewaters.jpg

    • Proper Person -

      I ask this question in all sincerity. Since I know that certain legal persons have read this site and one purported one corrected me here in the past, I would welcome an answer, specifically in regards to California.

      WHO IS THE PROPER PERSON TO CONTACT if you suspect a potential juror is lying to the judge?

      Admittedly some people might think you should contact the "side" who will be harmed by the lying juror, be it defense or prosecution. However, I would think that at this early stage it is an offense against the court and I myself would contact the judge via a court officer.

      You have to ask why in both these accused "stealth juror" episodes, has the "tipster" contacted Geragos' office rather than the judge? Observe also that Geragos has several times claimed there are "many more" of these "stealth jurors" to be revealed. Why are all these people contacting his office? Why doesn't judge Delucchi make a public request that any further tipsters contact a court officer so that their information might be passed on to him directly and end these rehearsed "Perry Mason moments" that Geragos is so wont to perform?

      Interesting link:
      Roger Jones statement - How an observer reported a possible NY jury tampering incident.

    • Ponderings -

      • "Anngelique" on Websleuths entered an interesting post recently. I haven't a clue as to the veracity of her story. Just like the things I hear and post, you never really know until it comes out in court, do you? Regardless, it was an interesting post that brought me back to some of the more basic elements in this case that get lost in the courtroom cabbage soup that's going on now.

        The Websleuths post claims that the prosecution may have thus far kept quiet about DNA evidence found in Peterson's boat. Is there? I can't be certain. But things to ponder in that regard...

      • Geragos succeeded in getting Scott's Ford truck returned on the claim that there was no evidence it was used in the crime. OK... why not use the same argument for the boat? Why not say "well Judge, there's no evidence of the crime in the boat"?
      • When the truck was turned over to Peterson's family, the Greenlee toolbox was not. The DA's office kept the toolbox, even running particular "tests" to prove to a jury that a body the size of Laci would fit in it. Why didn't Geragos complain or at least comment on the removal and retention of this toolbox? Not a peep.
      • DNA evidence left in the boat or anywhere else does not necessarily have to mean blood. Other body fluids or waste may yield DNA. The body sometimes releases urine or feces after death. Traces of either could be in the boat and/or the toolbox. Rumors have been put out at times that Laci knew about the boat and had gone to Scott's warehouse to see and sit in it. Some believe the rumor was put out to explain her hair in the pliers found in the boat. But if there were traces of urine or feces, are they going to try to explain that she voided it while sitting in the boat? Urine, they might get away with, pregnant women ... pressured bladders. Feces, that might be a problem. If evidence of either of those were found in the tool chest, that's really going to be hard to explain. Amniotic fluid, a possibility? Impossible, utterly to explain satisfactorily. I have no clue if any of those were found... just pondering, instigated by that Websleuths post.
      • Personally I don't think there is any blood evidence other than Scott's in the toolbox and truck, perhaps. The possibility of that is strong, since Scott felt compelled to do a little "preemptive explanation" during a television interview. But there is a chance, I think, that that long ago tabloid report of minute amounts of blood on bed linens, may be true.
      • Golden Girl linked to today's Modesto Bee report in the previous day's entry here on PK. To reiterate what I said in the comment section to her... Why does it appear the defense detectives had no qualms with Maldonado spreading his Christmas Eve morning supposed sighting of Laci and McKenzie to a number of media outlets, but they asked him to keep quiet about his two previous sightings of the same woman and dog, within two weeks prior of that morning? For the "ah hah!" value? Understandable. The prosecution may do the same.

        I wonder though at some of Maldonado's statements to the ModBee. I had heard a couple of weeks ago he was not happy at being called by the prosecution. Said Maldonado:

        "I don't understand why they're doing this," said Maldonado, a commercial painter.

        "They want us to be there an hour early. I told my wife it's better we take the stand rather than talk to the prosecution. We really don't know what's going on."

        Why would he think it better not to talk to the prosecution? Does he consider them the "enemy". If so, why? He is supposed to be just a witness, not a defense team supporter. The truth and their accurate recounting of it is supposed to be the primary concern of a witness. Not who he sides with, who he helps, who "wins".

        The article states:

        Though Maldonado shared his third sighting with The Bee and other media, a private investigator working for Scott Peterson's defense team initially asked him not to reveal the two previous accounts before taking the witness stand, Maldonado said.

        He changed his mind after he and his wife, Helen, received subpoenas to testify May 17 in Redwood City, where Peterson's trial was moved because of heavy publicity in Modesto.

        Why did the subpoena from the prosecution make Maldonado change his mind about telling media about his other two, earlier sightings of the woman and dog? Because he wanted to be sure his story was heard? How does Geragos & Co. feel about Maldonado revealing this after all this time? Did he approve, or even suggest this? Wouldn't Maldonado be covered by the gag order? Good questions.

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      As always, any comments I make on the Peterson case and the persons involved is opinion and speculation on my part based on media reports and conversations with Modesto friends which must be construed as rumor until and unless proven otherwise.

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      April 15, 2004

      Peterson Case - Closing Off the Exits

      By Mark Geragos’ reckoning the entire U.S. population is a semi-truck with it’s steaming grill to Scott Peterson’s tailgate, pushing him down the highway to Hell in a hurry. Meanwhile the prosecution road crew is busy blocking off the exits to keep the accused from escaping his fate at the end of that fiery road.

      Geragos has made no secret of his “theories” as to who the “real killer” might be. Through channels, most of them have been floated like trial balloons to see how flightworthy they might be. Yet Geragos complained in court yesterday that the prosecution is "invading my work product". Stealing his bad screenplay ideas might be a more appropriate complaint, were any valid. Keep in mind, the prosecution presents their case first. The DA is simply, as I said, blocking the exits before the defense can try to travel down those roads when their turn at the wheel comes.

      alice.jpgFor example, the following, some are obvious, others are my speculation:

      • Blocking the Brown Van Exit - As revealed yesterday, the prosecution is having DNA tests done on bloodstains in the infamous brown van that Geragos hinted was involved in a “kidnapping” of Laci. Investigators had long ago ruled out the possibility of it being pertinent to the case, but to avoid “the old red herring defense” as Judge Delucchi called it, the DA is having the tests done to block the highway exit to that particular fishing hole. A further bit of info was tipped yesterday. Said DA Dave Harris, "They had Dr. Henry Lee come and look at the boat,". I hear he had another learned companion or two.
      • Blocking the Boat Exit - Also revealed yesterday, the DA is interviewing an expert on the type of small boat Peterson owned, a 14 foot, aluminum Gamefisher. Tony Johns of Lebanon, Missouri may be called to testify, one might suppose, as to the capabilities, weight load, stability, speed and so forth of that boat, proving it was quite feasible that it was used to transport and jettison Laci Peterson’s body into the bay waters.
      • Blocking the Medina Burglar Exit - Some future theory, in my speculation involves the burglary across the street at the Medina house. Susan Medina has said in a previous interview she felt police discounted that connection too quickly and she has made a number of statements confirming her good opinion of Scott Peterson. A couple of weeks ago, Geragos and at least one companion were seen visiting the Covena home of the Petersons, remaining inside it approximately 20 minutes. Geragos was then observed entering the Medina house with a “poster sized” object. My speculation is this object was a visual aid to be used in court, and the visit was a prepping session of one or both Medinas as witnesses. It was revealed on Tuesday that the DA has subpoenaed the telephone records of the Medinas, possibly hoping to discern the time of their departure and arrival home. In addition, we know arrangements were made for one of the burglars to testify for the prosecution. In my opinion, both will be called to the stand, not because they observed any incriminating activity by Peterson, but only to ward off Geragos presenting them as possible “real killers” and accusing investigators of ignoring that possibility.
      • Blocking the Amber Was Selling Her Story Exit - This is a tricky one. I am told that Amber considered the value of this at one point and there is proof of it to be revealed. That's being purposely vague, but it's what I was told. We know her father Ron Frey has been subpoenaed. It is my belief that Amber's friend "Saki", possibly Amber's mother, and other relatives, maybe a grandparent, will be called to explain how certain things got into media hands and the extent of Amber's involvement, if any, in this.
      • Blocking The Walk Witnesses Exit - We know now that the prosecution has subpoenaed Bill Mitchell, husband of the deceased witness Vivian Mitchell. I believe their purpose is to show the jury a detailed timeline which will rule out the possibility of any of these witnesses having seen Laci and her dog that morning. Mitchell cannot testify as to what his wife saw. He can only testify regarding such things as her words to him, what time she said them and what he himself saw. A recent article stated Mitchell now says it was not Laci, only someone who looks like her. In my opinion that is a mistake on the part of Life.com. Bill Mitchell was quoted as saying his wife would have "made a good witness for them", meaning the defense. Mitchell, Maldonado, possibly Chiavetta and others will be put on the stand by the prosecution to discount their validity rather than allow the defense to put them on later as their own creations. Distaso's SOP is said to be meticulously presenting detailed evidence upon detailed evidence, overwhelming the jury with it.

      Those are just a few of the exit ramps the prosecution is anticipating and crewing up to close off before the Gerabus tries to drive the jury down one of them. There's plenty more.

      Now, on to Geragos performance in court yesterday. I had to laugh at the very apt and correct way KPIX described it:

      Almost immediately after his outburst, Geragos apologized for his scatological reference to Fox. Judge Alfred Delucchi also admonished Geragos.

      SCATOLOGICAL definition
      2 : the biologically oriented study of excrement (as for taxonomic purposes or for the determination of diet)

      Very good, KPIX.

      Very bad Geragos... not to mention transparent as glass. Geragos is the personage composed of stacked excrement in my opinion. It is not necessary for him to make these grand arm waving scenes, shouting, whining, bemoaning, blustering "Perry Mason" moments. If he has legitimate information that a particular juror is being less than honest, he does not need to present it so dramatically. He does not need to insult district attorneys who do not snap to his orders and demands. He is crass and classless and I am wondering if the man has an ounce of honesty in his soul or body.

      Consider this... Why does he call San Mateo County District Attorney Jim Fox a "piece of crap'' because that DA did not immediately investigate the first "stealth juror", yet when asked for information on this juror, witness his actions from this quote from the San Mateo Daily Journal :

      Fox said Geragos delivered a one-paragraph cover letter and copy of the tipsters’ declaration yesterday shortly before noon. Although the declaration had the name of the tipster, Geragos did not provide any contact information.

      Now why, when Geragos found this "tipster's" information good enough to skewer "Granny Stealth" in court... WHY would he not readily turn over the address and phone number to the DA that he demands investigate the potential juror for perjury? Why did he see fit to blast Jim Fox for not investigating Granny Stealth when he had only given him the name of tipster that very same day , shortly before his excrement comment?

      Because the whole damn thing is for show, to whine that he needs a change of venue to trek to his "promised land" of southern California.

      Now, he has called yet another woman a liar. Holding his "proof" in his hand... a printout of a conversation in a chatroom. That is pathetically laughable. Any one of you reading here knows anyone can claim to be anyone, anywhere on the internet. Without evidence from her own hard drive, that "proof" Geragos was holding would be better used for "scatological" hygiene during his next bathroom conference.

      Here's some gristle to chew on... Was the whole thing a lie? Was the woman set up? Who else has a suspicion that certain persons with the defense are machinating on the internet? Why did a certain website seem to have advance notice this was going down yesterday? Because they were involved in the whole thing from the git? Because they are agents for the defense? Just things to think about folks, yes indeed.

      Most laughable Geraquote of the day (hard to pick on a day like yesterday!)

      NBC 4 News

      "It's Alice in Wonderland. It's not involved but we'll test it anyway?" Geragos said. "Their theory about this case is ludicrous."

      He should know ludicrous theories. He wrote the book.... and the sequel.
      Read related Laci Peterson Case entries:
      Click here Laci Peterson Case past entries
      Scroll to bottom of page to read earliest entries.
      As always, any comments I make on the Peterson case and the persons involved is opinion and speculation on my part based on media reports and conversations with Modesto friends which must be construed as rumor until and unless proven otherwise.

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      April 13, 2004

      Tuesday Tea For Two - Peterson Case and BTK Investigation

      It's Tuesday, time for tea, tidbits, and thoughts on two recurring interests for us... the Scott Peterson trial and the BTK Strangler investigation. I'll pour, help yourself to the tidbits and offer your thoughts in return.

      Peterson Trial

      • Bill Mitchell, widower of deceased witness, Vivian Mitchell has been subpoena'ed by the prosecution. Mr. Mitchell now says, he and Vivian were taped regarding their "sighting" of Laci walking that Christmas Eve morning. This taping was not done with prosecutors present as is necessary for it to be entered into testimony. It's called a "conditional examination". From what I understand, this requires both defense and prosecution lawyers be present, even the defendant, allowing them to cross examine the witness being taped. This was not done.

        Mitchell is not the only person to have received a subpoena. Ron Frey, ever verbose, let it slip he has received one as well. So has someone else who saw Laci walking, but that has not been disclosed yet... it won't be a surprise to anyone. Personally, I believe the plan is to call people like Mitchell, the burglars and others, to defuse them before the defense can present them as their own stars to bolster silly theories.


      • Monday was the deadline for a number of companies to produce documents subpoena'ed by Peterson's defense. The companies include, among others, Federal Express, United Parcel Service and Pacific Bell. Judge Delucchi has allowed Geragos to designate a specific person responsible at these noncompliant companies. Said persons may be taken into custody if they do not produce the subpoena'ed documents.

        The judge suggested it would be a good idea to give these persons a call and inform them of these consequences. Indeed. One wouldn't want the defense to have the opportunity to tip off reporters to see some evil Ms. So and So arrested for "refusing" to cooperate with Peterson's defense, further bemoaning a "conspiracy" to "fry" his client.


      • Three more jurors advanced yestereday in this judicial game of Survivor. One is a woman married less than a year to a police officer, who says she could treat police officers on the stand like anyone else. Somehow I think she'll be voted off the island eventually? Another, a woman, dressed in a Playboy logo shirt, sporting nine tattoos and a brother who has been "in and out of prison", says she "enjoys debating"... why does that sound like someone on a CourtTV forum thread to me? The third is a man who bears a strong resemblance to Ron Grantski. This man stated he was glad that in America, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. I agree... I just hope that in this case the prosecution has some mega mules to tote that burden.


      • wishbone.jpg

      • Just call him Geragos the Wishbone, popular boy wonder of California law. He may have a "scheduling conflict"... I sincerely hope that is nothing like a "wardrobe malfunction", although the thought of Geragos "flashing a headlight" in court out of desperation ala Janet Jackson's skewering of Condi Rice on SNL this weekend, is... um... titillating? OK, back to the point.

        Judge Delucchi asked Geragos if a judge in the Michael Jackson case would be wanting him in court this week. Geragos replied he hoped to resolve the matter with a phone call. Delucchi said Geragos needed to be at the Peterson trial through Thursday and told him, "Tell him you've got to be here,' Delucchi said. I was under the impression that when push came to shove, the molestation case could take precedence over Peterson's case. That is what Stan Goldman, commentator and Loyola professor has said more than once during his commentary on the case.


      • Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, the Peterson team's jury consultant is not a favorite of mine. I have dubbed her "Detritus". I find her loathsome. Scott probably finds her, um... "accessible"? Sorry, that's probably an inappropriate word to use, something like a Scottism. She's the closest he can get to a woman here lately I imagine, so she must look pretty good to him. Why am I not surprised she was a consultant for the movie Runaway Jury, though she claims her role is "not quite as dramatic" as the jury consultant played by Gene Hackman. What... she stacks the deck in a more quiet manner?


      BTK Investigation

      • In a previous entry here on PK, I stated that I did not think the recent "letter" sent to the Wichita Eagle necessarily meant that BTK was alive and well. I speculated it was possible that a spouse, child, relative, friend or cohort could have come into possession of BTK's "trophies" of his crimes and for some warped reason of their own, sent the letter to stir up interest. This article seems to follow that train of thought. Wichita police showed up at a home on South Bleckley, where Nathan Thomason lives with his mother. Both mother and son were questioned. Thomason's father was sent to prison in 1993 for sexual assault. Later, after his release, he committed suicide. The article poses the question "Could Nathan Thomason be the son of BTK?", but Nathan says police told neither he nor his late father are a suspect any longer.


      • btk.jpg

      • I also mused that BTK was borrowing bit and pieces from other serial killer crimes, possibly those he specifically mentioned in one letter? In this article, a woman named Bernita Autry has a "gut feeling" the death of her best friend in 1974 is related to the BTK killings. Her friend, Sherry Baker, 23, a Wichita State University student, was bound with a telephone cord, gagged with a pair of underwear, and stabbed more than 70 times with a pair of scissors. The Boston Strangler, one of the killers BTK mentioned, had stuffed underwear in the mouth of at least one of his victims and stabbed several of them.

        I also mentioned I had a weird feeling that movies like 1971's Dirty Harry featuring a serial killer, appealed to BTK. On that theme, I note that a telephone cord has been used to strangle victims in a number of movies, including the classic; Halloween, in 1978.


      • The Johnville News, weblog has a BTK update and it's writer opines that Wichita police have done a poor job of investigation. I question some of the same things he does. But I do not think they should disclose the "element" that BTK includes in his communications. They do need to hold something back to be sure they have the "real" BTK... hopefully. However I do agree that everything else he has sent should be exposed on the internet and media, for the just the reason Johnsville states... publishing it could lead to an arrest.
      • Bob Beattie, who is writing a book about the BTK strangler, questions three unsolved Wichita murders in particular as possibly BTK connected. One is Sherry Baker's case, as mentioned above. The other two are a yet another WSU student, Linda Shawn Casey and Tina Frederick, 22, who lived on South Hydraulic, just a few blocks from the home of Shirley Vian, a confirmed BTK victim. This article also lists a number of other cold cases Wichita investigators are reviewing as possibly connected. While some of them have some interesting parallels such as cut telephone wires, I tend to think they are not BTK related, other than possible "copycat killers". The last one, though for some reason, I feel may be a possible. It is Dorothy Slaughter, 86, beaten in her home in the 2000 block of South Pershing Avenue, a street where an earlier BTK incident took place. Car keys were missing from the home... souvenir keepsake?


      • A representative of the Women's International Bowling Congress has taken steps to reassure women bowlers members arriving in Wichita for a tournament shortly, that they are safe from the BTK strangler. Said Ms. Roseann Kuhn;
        "The profile of this person does not fit coming into hotels and coming into bowling centers and attacking people," I'm more concerned about tornadoes and bad weather than I am about a serial killer."

        She may be right, but personally I would not make a statement such as that regarding a serial killer. Does she think he plays by some agreed set of rules? Warped mind... could take that as something of a challenge?


      Read related Laci Peterson Case entries:
      Click here Laci Peterson Case past entries
      Scroll to bottom of page to read earliest entries.
      As always, any comments I make on the Peterson case and the persons involved is opinion and speculation on my part based on media reports and conversations with Modesto friends which must be construed as rumor until and unless proven otherwise.

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      April 10, 2004

      Here Comes Peter Scottontail

      Here Comes Peter Scottontail
      (Newly Skewered Lyrics by the talented GOLDEN GIRL)

      Here comes Peter Scottontail
      Hoppin' from Maguire jail,
      Hippity hoppity, goin' to court today.

      Bringin' ev'ry bystander
      A basketful of charisma
      Dressed up in a suit of dusky gray.

      He's got jellybeans for Janey
      Pruno eggs for sister Sue
      There's a sculpture for his Mommy
      And a toothpaste flower too. Oh!

      Here comes Peter Scottontail
      Hoppin' from Maguire jail,
      Hippity hoppity, Happy Trial Day!

      Here Comes Peter Scottontail
      Hoppin’ down the county trail.
      Look at him hop and listen to him say,

      "Hello and good mornin to you"1petes.jpg
      Members of the jury pool.
      Flashing lots of smiles along the way.

      He’ll wake up on one fine morning
      And he’ll realize his fears.
      When he learns he’s been convicted
      By a jury of his peers. Oh!

      Here comes Peter Scottontail
      Hoppin’ to Maguire jail.
      Hippity hoppity justice on its way.
      Hippity hoppity Happy Trial Day!


      Totally tongue in cheek, happy hooey.

      Parody lyrics by the talented Psyche's Knot poster, Golden Girl. Screwy graphics by Psyche.
      We'll take our bows now. LOL

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      April 08, 2004

      "I Do It My Way" - Judge Delucchi

      Mercury News article


      But Delucchi dismissed Geragos' arguments, saying with a laugh, ``It's my right to arbitrary capriciousness.''

      But Geragos persisted, later saying Delucchi had ``one standard for death-prone jurors'' and another for those who oppose the death penalty. That sparked sharp comments from Delucchi, who insisted he has followed the letter of the law and treats all potential jurors equally.

      ``I'm the judge here,'' Delucchi told Geragos. ``I do it my way.''

      He added: ``I've got the robe on. . . . If you're unhappy, then so be it.''

      To the tune of "My Way" -
      as sung by Frank Sinatra

      I DO IT MY WAY

      Here, in Hovey voir dire;
      With Geragos, who whines fer certain,
      My friend, I'll say it clear,
      I'm sick and tired and really hurtin'.

      I've heard all of his bull
      Considered each and ev'ry whining;
      And then, I told him this,
      I Do It My Way.

      My face starts turning blue,
      I smack him down, but hardly graze him.
      I do what I must do,
      But Geragos, you can not faze him.

      I plan ev'ry court day;
      Each snide retort and stinging putdown,
      And then, oh yes and then,
      I Do It My Way.

      Yes, there are times, I'm sure you know
      When I would like to be a no show.
      But through it all, if there is doubt,
      I work my jaw and chew him out.
      I hear it all and still I bawl;
      I Do It My Way.

      I've yelled, I've screamed and shouted.
      I've had my fill, he's such a whiner.
      And yet, I've never doubted,
      Our task is something much finer.

      To think I do all that;
      And I might say - not in a shy way,
      No, not Delucchi,
      I Do It My Way.

      For what is a judge, what has he got?
      If he does not all that he ought,
      To say the things that should be said;
      And not give in to that fat head,
      Though records show, Geragos blows -
      I Do It My Way!


      Totally tongue in cheek, meaningless tomfoolery and hoohah.

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      April 06, 2004

      Ha-has, Hurrahs, & Huhs? - A Puu-Puu Platter

      Today your humble hostess offers you a small cluster of colorful bits culled from hither and yon on the internet, regarding the Scott Peterson trial, the BTK strangler case and broiled oddballs thrown in…. A Psyche’s Knot Pu-Pu Platter if you will.

      Your platter includes ha-has, hurrahs and huhs? Enjoy!
      (please remember to tip your server!)



      Also on Monday, the prosecution and defense teams got new, padded chairs to replace the hard, wooden ones they had been using. They requested the new chairs a few days ago, prompting Judge Alfred Delucchi, who presides over the case, to call them ``cream puffs.''
      ``They're much more comfortable,'' said Peterson's attorney, Mark Geragos, outside court.

      (All together now peeps… Awwwwwwww)


      “I’m getting letters,” Judge Alfred A. Delucchi said, smiling.
      He said one woman expressed concerns that she had been following the case and was upset she would not be able to watch the trial unfold on television.

      (That wasn’t me, I swear!)


      QUOTE: Eben Anderson, a 25-year-old New York City resident, said there is also fun to be found in the strangeness of "objective" reporting and the necessity of awkward segues in delivering the news. "It's gotten so over-the-top in what they can say with a straight face, without any opinion whatsoever," he said. "The absurdity of going from 50 dead in an earthquake to up next Laci Peterson’s diary or why you should look out for snakes."


      QUOTE: The second woman qualified for the pool, who works at a high school and lives less than 10 minutes from the courthouse, received the biggest laugh of the trial when Geragos asked her if she would give Peterson the benefit of the doubt even if he did not take the stand and Geragos did absolutely nothing during the trial. “If that happened to me and you did nothing I’d probably fire you,” the bubbly young woman said.

      (Flame broiled would work for me)



      "Mr. Peterson can sit there like a potted plant," Judge Alfred Delucchi repeatedly has told prospective jurors.
      Geragos has returned to that point often, asking prospective jurors if they thought Peterson should have to testify or if he should have to put up a vigorous defense to be acquitted.

      (I think that attorney sitting second chair for the defense IS a potted plant. Geragos might have better luck putting a potted plant on the stand, a nice, innocent looking philodendron perhaps. Or maybe just a potted Scott.)


      QUOTE: (regarding Robert Beattie, currently authoring a book on BTK) “He has drafted a 17-page timeline of the BTK case based on his research. He offered it to police after they confirmed that the serial killer had resurfaced following a quarter-century of silence. Those who know Beattie well say offering his research to the police sounds just like something he would do. "Bob's far more interested in justice and fair treatment of all people than he is the dollar," said the Rev. Sam Muyskens, who officiated at Beattie's wedding 16 years ago. “
      (Now this one is a "Hurrah", at least in my book. Kudos, Mr. Beattie!)


      QUOTE: "The best thing BTK needs to do is to go and see "The Passion of (the) Christ" and turn himself in." --Mayor Carlos Mayans, who believes the Mel Gibson movie could transform the serial killer



      QUOTE: “People already afraid of BTK were upset by a graphic that KAKE, Channel 10, ran with all its stories on the serial killer. "Maybe it was a little over the top," says Bryan Frye, KAKE's director of marketing. "We pulled it back a little bit." Originally, the graphic featured some threatening eyes in the background. Now there are none. There were a few other changes as well, he said, but the eyes seemed to be the key thing some viewers found disturbing. Frye says management decided, "You know what? Maybe they do have a point."


      (Regarding Michael Jackson)
      "Well, you didn't see him with a lot of black people before all this happened," noted one woman, a banker. "But now here he is, showing up, wanting to connect with black folks. And we let him, because we are forgiving people."

      (Michael Jackson is about as black as a nun's underwear)


      Under a state conservation bill the pop star has saved more than $1 million in property taxes on his Neverland Ranch.

      A year ago, California officials decided Jackson had developed too much of the Los Olivos property.

      Under the tax break, Jackson was allowed to develop only two acres of the ranch, but records show he has developed about 37 acres.


      QUOTE: A new vodka-flavored ice cream launched in Australia provoked an outcry Saturday from groups worried it would give children a taste for alcohol. The booze-flavored Illicit Vodka Cranberry Magnum ice creams hit the shelves just months after biscuit-maker Arnott's new Tia Maria Tim Tams and Kahlua Slices prompted fears that the liquor-laced biscuits would encourage children to drink.

      (And to think when we were kids, we had to make do with homemade marijuana brownies and near beer.)


      QUOTE: Could the Osbournes be cursed? Mom Sharon Osbourne says she's starting to wonder. First it was her colon cancer, then husband Ozzy's addiction relapse and near-fatal ATV crash, then son Jack's substance-abuse treatment. Now daughter Kelly Osbourne has entered a drug-rehab facility to battle her dependence on painkillers.

      (Note to self… Research the density of wood vs. the brain of an Osbourne)


      Always finish an epicurean adventure with something sweet…cookie.jpg


      Entirely tongue in cheek, nonsense and opinionated foolery.

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