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Since AIG published an article about arguments creationists should not use and I use a few of them in my seminar, I received scores of inquiries about my response. I agree with most of what AIG said in their article but disagree on a few items so I simply put an answer in my FAQ section of my web site. AIG responded by putting a long article on the front page of their web site called, "Maintaining Creationist Integrity." Since I have no desire to get into a spitting contest over issues that are so minor in the grand scheme of God's work and there are much bigger fish to fry, I have not responded to their article but scores of others have. Here are a few of the responses we have gotten:

"I just found and read your Article 39, "Bad Creation Arguments?" on your website. This is the article, of course, that AIG based its 10/11/02 feature article on in its website. I still fail to see why they are so riled up. They really must hate you. Is it because you teach creation in a manner that even the "ordinary" person can understand (i.e., don't have to be a PhD) as does Ken Ham" Is it because you have encroached on their financial support (I support you and ICR with small monthly amounts. I used to also support AIG but dropped them two years ago when they took a stand against the King James Version and increased - not that you probably noticed - my support for CSE and ICR)" Is it because you get invited to speak more often than they do" Come on Brother Hovind. You had to do something to get Sarfati so riled up and looking for blood (I got into a lengthy internet debate with Sarfati over the King James Version. His arguments were childish, missed the point, were mean spirited and arrogant). I have a lot of respect for Ken Ham and AIG in general. However, if they are going to continue to maintain this arrogant, self-centered attitude that implies that they are the only creationists who know anything then my respect will fade rapidly. I wrote them regarding their article against you and received another very snotty response from Sarfati. Maybe it is the Australian lack of self worth that causes him to be this way. Ha, Ha. I wrote to AIG yesterday to point out that Dr. Henry Morris in his book "The Genesis Flood" states that there was a vapor canopy, that it didn't rain before the flood, and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics came into effect after the fall. Since these positions by Dr. Morris are contrary to the bad arguments listed by AIG, I asked if they are going to write a nasty criticism about Dr. Morris or if they have double standards. You know, Ken Ham has a transparency where he shows two castles with one point being that the Christians put more effort attacking other Christians than they do attacking the foundation of the Humanists. I pointed out to them that their attack on you is a good example of that overhead. I am sure that Dr. Henry Morris may disagree with you and AIG (and other creation teachers) on certain points but I don't expect ICR to print such disagreements in bold print on their website. Although I could be wrong, as I am not as sure about John Morris as I am about Henry Morris.

I guess what troubles me the most is that AIG made it sound like you were attacking them and had published your comments so that the whole world could see. I only stumbled on them by accident. I had no idea that they were included in your Articles, and they are so buried there I doubt if too many saw them. Thanks to AIG, many people have now seen them albeit out of context. As I recall, they even berated you when you agreed with them." Richard

Keep up the great work! I will promote your material and your ministry everywhere that I go. Keep on! AIG's multi-million dollar castle is being built on a pile of pride. And their attitude is that if you don't do it exactly like them then you are out of the click. Joe

Talk about swatting a mosquito with a sledgehammer! AIG's front page response to your simple FAQ was totally unnecessary and mean spirited. Don't feel bad though, they seem to be attacking most other creation ministries these days. Their attack on Dennis Petterson's great book Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation was totally uncalled for and has really hurt a fine man of God. AIG even has a packet of information they send out about many other creation ministries stating what they don't like about them. I think it is because they are trying to build a 25 million dollar museum and they see every other creation ministry as a threat to their financial support base. While your museum is up and running they are years away from finishing theirs. I don't want to be part of this infighting between brethren so I have removed my link to their site. It's funny that they refer to you as a "one-man band" when you have one of the largest (probably in the top three) creation ministries in the world. Their article reeks of jealousy!

While they do much good I fear their method of handling differences with brethren will backfire on them. I know it has with me. I have dropped my support for them and will be sending it to your ministry. Your lack of interest in money and your consistent desire to let others copy your tapes and start other creation ministries is an example to all. AIG seems to think that all creationists should submit to their peer review. I don't think they realize they have fallen into the same trap that the evolutions have in this regard. Evolutionists belittle creationists because they don't publish in their peer-reviewed journals. God's method in the Bible was to call a man to do a job and he didn't ask others what they thought about it. Keep it up! BTW-I think your answers to their article are right on point. Edward

Hello Dinosaur people:

We attended Mr. Hovind's seminars in Morden in 1997 and later in Winnipeg. We really appreciated his warmth and apparent lack of interest in money.

My wife and I helped out a table for Ken Ham at a conference and were disappointed in these areas. (We brought our concerns to their attention and even mentioned the contrast with our experiences with Mr. Hovind.)

However, we are impressed with the commitment to accuracy at Answers in Genesis. Perhaps you have already corrected these things in your later tapes:

The Great Pyramid of Giza has about 1.5 times the volume of the Sears tower, not 90 times. (The roof of the 110-storey Sears tower is 1450 feet above the street. That's just over 13 feet per floor. It's total area is 4.5 million square feet. That makes more than 59 million cubic feet. The Pyramid covers about 13 acres (about 560,000 square feet) and would be 481 feet high with its tip in place. base x height / 3 = less than 91 million cubic feet.)- KH-[since the pyramid is solid and the Sears tower built to be full of hollow rooms I should have said that the pyramid has been estimated to be 90 times the mass not volume. Thanks]

Also, has Mr. Hovind stopped using a "verse" from some spurious 14th chapter of Daniel, or at least made it very, very clear that this is not part of the real Bible? I expressed my concern to him in 1997, and he seemed very receptive to my concerns, especially in light of ECT. (Incidentally, a friend of mine, himself a former Roman Catholic, found himself in a very Roman Catholic forum - One Bread, One body - by following a few links on your site. He was kicked off for gently witnessing to them.) KH [I do mention that Daniel 14 should not be considered scripture but is interesting reading.]

Other than these concerns, I cannot say enough positive things about your ministry.

We may question the wisdom of your pursuing some of the side issues you do, but basically we really, really like what you are doing.

KH- AiG is doing a fine job for the Lord. I also want to maintain creationist integrity and work hard to do so. I was shocked at their overreaction to my FAQ but I did not and do not want to make an issue out of the details. The last thing I want to do is hurt them or their outreach in any way. They are in the same field as I am, going the same direction, just plowing a different row. At the same time I do not want them to harm the outreach of other ministries, including mine. I still believe my answers in my FAQ were right and would be glad to discuss them with anyone. I also hope to see a better relationship between AiG and other ministries in the future. I pray that God will bless them and use them to win souls for the kingdom.

Kent Hovind

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If there was really a world-wide flood where are all the bones of the humans that drowned?

I believe there are few human fossils for several reasons.

  1. God made the world full of plants and animals but only two people. 1600 years later the world was still full of plants and animals but still not full of people. There were not as many of them to be drowned.
  2. Men are smarter than animals (That is, some men), so he would figure out a way to avoid drowning until the last possible minute...
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