Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       13 Ahau, 18 Mol, 11 Ik        

Selamat Jarin! We arrive again, dear Hearts! The end of this galactic Tzolk'in coincides with the conclusion of the Gregorian year. It is a time to realize that many things are unfolding on many different spiritual and material levels. These occurrences are part of your world's vast shift in consciousness, which was set in motion many millennia ago. Now, the final aspects of this shift are beginning to manifest. They will lead to new forms of governance and unprecedented, shared financial abundance, to our formal introduction and the successful conclusion of our first contact mission. We look forward eagerly to these events and know, in our hearts, that the process required to bring them about is well under way. As always, our first contact fleet remains poised to act, according to Heaven's instruction. Heaven is determined to remove any intervening obstacle that might hinder our success and that of our earthly allies. We expect that this divine intervention will result in a flood of announcements that will transform your world and change its focus from an atmosphere of war to one of peace.

      The prime goal of this operation is peace, and global cooperation among all nations. We offer sincere thanks to all who have focused public attention on issues of peace and consciousness. As a people, you are transforming. Now, only a malevolent few are, busily and unnecessarily, banging the drums of war. But their methods are doomed to failure. Many large and important groups and individuals have banded together to ensure that war does not occur. Heaven, also, is opposed to any actions that will fuel a major conflict. To this end, we have assembled our sizeable fleet for purposes of intent observation. Those in control who are urging your major military machine on to war have been given fair warning. We have developed a low level of tolerance for this last, ornery cabal. Although we will continue to observe treaties signed with them whenever appropriate, we retain the right to act, when and if necessary. War is not an option that remains to this confrontational cabal. We are assured that our earthly allies will take action, making use of our combined forces, to oust this heinous group from power.

      Heaven is well aware of the final scenario that is unfolding. Heaven's divine purpose is to send you a gift that will alter the nature of your world. This gift will swiftly change your reality and allow abundance beyond imagining to burst forth across the world. Further, a new form of governance will be established. For some time, we have foretold these events. Now, circumstances are occurring that will manifest them before you. We are using our 'good offices' to ensure that it transpires, according to Heaven's wishes. For this reason, we have dispatched many governmental and organizational liaisons, whose sole purpose is to set deadlines and to make certain that that which has been intolerably delayed is now made manifest. An illegal government and their vile masters control your world's major power. Only a handful of its global allies have stepped forward to offer them assistance. Our earthly allies have warned this group, as well, that their continued associations will lead only to their rapid annihilation. No longer will we tolerate any degree of obstruction. It is time for quick action. Your freedom and your individual sovereignty, dear Ones, have been abused for far too long.

     Our plan is being carried out by a joint action committee that has been established between our liaisons and our earthly allies. It is called 'Upat Umshan' (Sirian for 'Project Gift'). The plan was so named, by Sirian commanders of this first contact mission, because Heaven ordered a great gift of freedom and abundance to be delivered to the peoples of Earth. As a direct result of this project, we have intensified our near-Earth activities and are working in close concert with our allies. Because of this, we have been able to transfer important technology that is vital to our collective success. A strong and righteous force has been assembled to implement a truly urgent mission. This force is acting under a series of specific timetables set forth by Heaven. Our part is to observe and to neutralize, if necessary, all forms of exotic weaponry held by this monstrous cabal. As you know, such secret weaponry was deployed in the Gulf War more than a decade ago. Delivery, guidance and observation systems such as these are no longer available to them as weapons of war.

      Our earthly allies have provided us an inventory of their weaponry, which contains a large fleet of exotically propelled craft, as well as teleportation, inter-dimensional and time travel devices. We will neutralize them, if necessary, and, when we commence our joint actions, we will shut down many of these delivery systems. Finally, we have used our technology to develop a reserve of precious metals, whose sole purpose is to ensure that a properly backed currency can be set up quickly. Within two to three days following completion of the change in government, a new system for banking and investments will be begun. Exactly how this operation is to be realized will remain secret until all vestiges of this last cabal and their allies have been captured. Even though this treasonous cabal and its many members will be swiftly prosecuted, no death sentences will be permitted. Only their permanent surrender of power, and the everlasting contempt of the people, will be allowed.

      These events will publicly proclaim our first contact mission. They will enable us to tell you about ourselves as individuals. We look forward to introducing you to our medical teams. We also anticipate honest interaction with you, which will facilitate this period of transition for us all. We have established special teams whose sole purpose is to help you to feel more at ease about us. We are simply your family who has come from afar. Thus, we will be able to interact freely with you once the obstacles to such contact have been removed. In addition, we will need to fully disclose countless past interactions that have occurred between your governments and ourselves. In the time to come, you will be able to expand your horizons enormously, and begin to learn about your real history and your true beginnings.

      This gift is part of the huge shift in consciousness that you are experiencing. It is part of a process that has brought us here. It has also made it possible for us to learn more about you and the operation of your present reality. Now, the time has come for an extended series of transformations within this reality. Like you, your reality, also, must shift to become a more conscious and appropriate environment for you. Finally, Mother Earth will be able to restore herself to her natural, fully conscious state. At the same time, your awareness of your solar system and, especially, of your Sun will alter. These changes will give you a better understanding of who you truly are and why you are here. Physicality is a burdensome challenge, but it can also be an utter joy! Envision yourselves as fellow adventurers on a transformational journey that is about to reveal extraordinary possibilities!

      This is the time for action and for change. These events will occur quite suddenly. They will erupt across the world and transform your reality absolutely and forever. They will also allow this first contact mission to be completed as effortlessly as possible. At last, we shall be revealed and what we previously have done to ensure the operation's success will become publicly known. Our plan for present and future actions will also become public knowledge, enabling you to become better acquainted with the Galactic Federation of Light. The many human star-nations on Earth have arrived for a divine purpose, to help you make the transition to full consciousness and to re-introduce us to you. You are a special group of star-Beings. The time has come for you to end your state of limitation, and to resume your grand and infinite mastery.

      Today, we have briefly discussed events that are reshaping your world. We ask you to remain fully committed and focused totally upon your inevitable success, which Heaven is perfectly orchestrating. These events are all part of an enormously complex process that remains under Heaven's closest supervision. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the unending Supply and Prosperity of Heaven is truly yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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