Overall length: 341.7 meters
Overall width: 124.1 meters
Height: 76.5 meters (in assault mode)
Armament: main cannon x 4
mega particle cannon x 2
missile launchers

The flagship of the AEUG, the Argama was constructed in secrecy at the space colony of Sweetwater, with generous funding from Anaheim Electronics. Its appearance - with its two catapult decks, retractable mega particle cannons, and extendable bridge - hearkens back to that of the legendary White Base. In place of its ancestor's internal centrifuge, the Argama is equipped with two residential modules, which rotate around the ship to provide artificial gravity. While Henken Bekkener serves as captain during its maiden voyage, the Argama is transferred to Bright Noa's command once the former White Base captain joins the rebel ranks.