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Rock Interview - Sic2
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Now under the management of Lukas Best, local label Sic2 celebrate the release of their latest compilation CD Sic Sessions Volume 1 at Amplifier Bar this Saturday, March 13. The show features Sic2 bands Headshot, Heavyweight Champ and Subtruck, plus newcomers to the hardcore scene Lockdown. Sadly the show also doubles as Headshot's farewell show. MIKE WAFER reports.

One of the few local labels that deal exclusively with Perth's ever-growing heavy music scene, Sic2 is about to up the ante this year with some fresh new strategies thanks to the label's new manager Lukas Best, known best to the local music scene as Burb.

As Burb, Best became a regular name on the tips of tongues around the local scene for his role as a graphic designer, particularly a cartoonist, with bands such as Heavyweight Champ utilising his hand-eye co-ordination for their own aesthetic development. Since then, the man has become a local scene staple, MC for local shindigs, and all round industry pro-activatist, and now a local label head. Not what you'd call lazy huh?

"I think the main reason I was approached about taking over Sic2 is because I'm not prepared to sit back and just do nothing and allow it to just dissolve. I have a strategy in mind for the next year at least, which will involve more work on my behalf than anything else, purely because the label needs to be looked at from a certain point of view that is long-term and sensible, and as sound as it can be in the business sense. Losing Headshot is a significant blow to the label, especially for me personally because I saw this as being the year that really started to work for them, and even though at this stage the label won't be taking on any more bands, it's up to me to fill the gap left by Headshot and focus more attention on Subtruck and Heavyweight Champ." Says Best.

Headshot have kept their disbanding fairly low-key as far the press is concerned, though they have been very quick to reassure that the break up is amicable, and not even a case of musical difference. Singer Joe Kapiteyn is, like Best's alter ego Burb, an accomplished graphic designer (Kapiteyn's work with local bands spans back so far it's featured at the Spin gallery at the WA Museum) and with his own business, Red Room Designs, on the up, the name Kapiteyn is not likely to vanish from the local music scene. Headshot's name will live on too, their music archived forever not only on their 2002 release Rooms Within Rooms, but now on Sic2's Sic Sessions Volume 1 compilation. A high point of pride for Lukas Best this is.

"Although I am sad that Headshot are calling it a day I am also very glad that we have something of theirs to release, as a reminder of how good they were if nothing else. I think that all of the bands Sic2 have are world class, and the new CD shows that without question, but it's certainly going to be sad, or even frustrating, not being able to see Headshot live again. I'm sure that the band members will surface again in another incarnation, and just going on how good they are as musicians I can almost say for certain that it will be awesome, but as far as Headshot goes, I think it will be a long time before they are forgotten."

Posted on March 16, 2004 03:59 PM


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