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Answer Me!

"THIS IS HATE LITERATURE. If you aren't filled with hatred, this book isn't for you. It's not what your mother warned you about, because the old bitch could never imagine something so vile."

Introduction to Jim and Debbie Goad's Answer Me! book.

Volumes one, two, and three of Jim and Debbie Goad's infamous, indefensible, zine Answer Me! has been put into book form by the fine people of AK Press. The influential mag which was printed and distributed by the Goad's themselves left a mark on the early nineties - a nasty shit-smeared, blood-soaked mark.

As you can see in our gallery Answer Me! covered a variety of cult personalities, as well as Goad's personal observations on society, and the irreplaceable top hundred serial murders and suicides.

Highlights from Answer Me! volume one include:

Interviews with Russ Meyer, Holly (Trash) Woodlawn, Public Enemy, and Iceberg Slim "a Christian racist, man, believe me, that is one dirty son-of-a-bitch." Essays of interest are the hilarious Twelve Steps To Hell - a look at various drug programs, and a terrific article about riding Sunset Strip entitled, 24 Hours On Sunset.

Volume two includes:

A terrific interview with Anton "Church of Satan" LaVey ("...The most self-righteous people, I have found, are not only the stupidest people, but the people who want to believe as the truth what most likely isn't the truth, but simply the truth that fits their own needs. Now, their needs generally are to destroy anything that's beautiful, anything that's fine..."), El Duce of the Mentors, and the great filmmaker Ray Dennis (Rat Pfink a Boo Boo) Steckler.

Volume Two also contains the legendary Night of a Hundred Mass-Murdering Serial Killing Stars. One hundred maniacs profiled with plenty of photographs (including a vile look at one of Dahmer's victims, ugh), statistics, quotes, fun facts and a legend for easy access. The legend includes symbols that will help the reader quickly figure out body counts, favorite means of murder, if the killer was a bed wetter, a prostitutes son, animal torturer, etc. All the big boys are included as well as murderers with lesser body counts but equally bizarre stories.

Volume Three includes:

A prank call to Jack Kevorkian, an interview with Boyd Rice, the hilarious essay The Homeless Can Eat Shit, Adam Parfrey's brilliant look at Steven Spielberg entitled Pederastic Park (look at the great illustration in our gallery), and the show stopper, 100 Spectacular Suicides. The suicides include photos, suicide notes, witness accounts etc. All the famous ones are included as well as lesser known but equally intriguing show stoppers. Goad's style is nasty but reading these you can't help but feel a mixture of laughter, amazement and sorrow. This is a rough read so be forewarned.

Answer Me! is a nasty little book, some of the essays get a little old but there is much humor in their rage. Regardless of your feelings on Jim Goad, this book is more than worth it's cover price for the jaw dropping serial killer and suicide guides.

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