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Tony proposed to Bobbie and surprised her with a wonderful wedding in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Colton heard that a woman matching Felicia's description was sighted in Puerto Rico and he caught the next plane to the Caribbean. Rushing into the hotel, Colton confronted Frisco. Then to their mutual shock, Felicia stepped out of the shadows and revealed herself to them for the first time! Her memory had recently returned, but Felicia chose to keep the news secret to prevent her from having to make a decision between the two men. After months of uncertainty, she chose Frisco over Colton, who found love with a beautiful immigrant, Carla Greco and left town.

Ned was now in love with student nurse Dawn Winthrop, who was Monica's long lost daughter. He bought her an expensive present -- Spoon Island -- an oasis off the coast of Port Charles. The island and its centerpiece, a spooky old house called Wyndemere, strangely captivated both Dawn and Ned.

Edward Quartermaine performed an elaborate practical joke on his children when he changed his will, leaving everything to Ned. Before he could change it back, Edward's plane disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle! Edward was gone, but his ghost lurked in the Quartermaine mansion. Alan and the newly rich Ned waged a nasty war to decide who was fit to rule the Quartermaine empire.

Tom and Simone Hardy separated. Simone made love with Dr. Harrison Davis, then reconciled with her husband. She became pregnant and gave birth to Tom, Jr. She confided her burning question to Audrey Hardy: which man, Tom or Harrison, was the father of her son?

A triumphant Anna watched with glee as Olivia Jerome was found guilty and shipped to a mental institution. Though she would escape on several occasions, Olivia Jerome's long reign of terror against Anna was finally over! But so was Anna's marriage. After Duke testified against the mob, his life -- and that of his loved ones -- was in danger. Fearing that Anna and Robin were in danger, Duke sacrificed himself. He faked his own death in a warehouse explosion. Resigned to his fate, Duke secretly entered the Witness Relocation program. Later, learning of Victor Jerome's death, Duke believed it was now safe for him to live in the outside world. He left the Witness Protection Program. Unbeknownst to him, Victor's son Julian was hell-bent on revenge.

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