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The news of Robert Scorpio's "death" stunned his friends and family. He'd faked his death to trap the murderous Jimmy O'Herlihy who had killed WSB agent Tucker. He captured Jimmy, who was sent to jail.

Lucy managed to seduce Alan into bed, and eventually into marriage when Monica discovered Alan and Lucy's affair and flew off for a quickie divorce in Mexico. Lucy got her wish when she married Alan -- wearing an embarrassing fire engine red dress -- due to a dress shop mix-up!

Meanwhile, Monica's daughter, Dawn, was engaged to Ned Ashton, but was privately infatuated with Colton's brother Decker Moss. Tracy was hell-bent on breaking up Ned and Monica's illegitimate daughter, Dawn. She asked Decker to help in her scheme.

The Jerome crime family, weakened by Victor's death, regrouped under his son Julian, who had two objectives: to neutralize his dangerous sister Olivia and to see Duke Lavery truly dead. Julian planned to kill Duke (who had undergone plastic surgery and had a new face) and frame Olivia for the crime! Duke Lavery finally returned to Port Charles...with a new face, a new name, and no Scottish accent. As art dealer Jonathan Paget, he handled Sean Donely's purchase of some rare Chinese porcelain, the Wellington Collection. Duke wanted to go right to his beloved wife Anna, but he knew Julian Jerome was on his tail. Julian shot and killed his sister, Olivia, who alerted Anna to the fact that Duke was alive. Before they could be reunited, Duke was gunned down by his vengeful enemy, Julian Jerome, and he died in Anna's arms. Robert postponed his wedding to Katherine so he could comfort "the widow Lavery."

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