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Wendy Masters, who worked at the Green Meadows Spa, came to town, and blackmailed Ned about his affair with Monica. Wendy was later killed by Decker's old carny mentor, Drago. On Ned and Dawn's wedding day, the new bride learned of Ned and Monica's affair and ran away with Decker...who became Robert's prime suspect in Wendy's murder.

Fearing she would lose Alan, Lucy told Monica and Tracy she was pregnant! She wasn't. But she was determined to get pregnant! She became pregnant -- with Scotty Baldwin's baby! Later, Scotty joined forces with Tracy to break up Alan and Lucy. Before long, Scott and Tracy fell into bed together.

Mark Broxton, the mob lawyer for Julian's late father Victor, assured Julian that they could neutralize Robert Scorpio. But Broxton didn't tell Julian about his "Billion Dollar Baby" file, given to him by Victor, who said it contained records of a baby boy born to Scorpio's ex-girlfriend Cheryl Stansbury. Cheryl was told her baby had been stillborn though it had been adopted by Bobbie Meyer who later married Tony Jones. Broxton guarded this information dearly. Bobbie felt jumpy whenever she saw Cheryl Stansbury hold Lucas. Bobbie did a little investigating and was rocked to discover that Lucas was Cheryl and Robert's son! Bobbie decided not to tell anyone, especially Tony. Robert and Katherine broke up, but remained friends.

A mysterious illness struck the residents of the Willow Shore condominium complex. Robert told Frisco, who was back on the police force, that it bothered him that Victor Jerome's crooked lawyer, Mark Broxton, owned Willow Shore. Bobbie discovered Broxton knew about Cheryl's baby...and had Lucas' medical file in his office. He caught and threatened her.

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