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Get ready.

Get set.

Get SkyBlazer.


     The first deathmatch sport made exclusively for single players has arrived. In SkyBlazer you try to carry a ball into a goal while riding a hoverboard.

     And the bots do too.

     Yes, in this team sport, the bots will carry the ball, escort their teammates, even play decoy as they attempt to score goals. And they don't use waypoints, so you can play on any decent deathmatch map.
     You can give your bot teammates orders like advance, camp, or escort, and they'll listen; they won't just wander around.
     Also, you're able to place the goal manually where you like it. The bots will find it on many different maps.
     The bots will run around you, maneuver for a better shot, and use new weapons like the Mind Scrambler on you. They'll make decisions on the spot: sometimes they'll go straight for the goal, sometimes they'll try to kill you first, and other times they'll run interference for their mates.
     Anyway, don't merely listen to me. Check out the readme.txt file for details. Or ust download the 940K file, load up your favorite deathmatch map, and blaze the sky.
     Now the only lag is in your trigger finger.



SkyBlazer 0.5 now!



     I've always wished I could play games like LavaBall and QSoccer, but lag has stopped me. That's why I think SkyBlazer is my best project yet. However, it contains no maps.

     I know, that sucks. I'm no map designer. I wish it could have maps of its own. I strongly recommend downloading one of these or any other bot-friendly maps.

The Fragtown Series A great selected of levels with a rich city environment. Since these are tall and open maps, they're very recommended.

UltraViolence A small map with a great Egyptian feel. New textures and deep atmosphere

The Steeler A great space base. One of the best DM maps around, period. What more can I say.

Painkiller Another one of the best DM maps around, wonderful game flow, superb archtecture. The bots love this one.

Deathmatch Arenas Four maps with different themes including temple, gothic, even Doom style. DMA2 is especially recommended.



Top 10 Reasons
To Play SkyBlazer

10. Bots on hoverboards aren't something you see everyday.

9. With your retarded modem, you pulled the trigger yesterday, and the rocket still hasn't made it across the room.

8. You are still sore from the last time you tried to use a surf board in mid-air.

7. When you order your dog to get your slippers, he just lifts his leg. But when you order a SkyBlazer bot to meet you at the rendezvous point, he says '"No sweat. I'll give you a head start."

6. This isn't Quake 1. This isn't Quake 2. This is SkyBlazer.

5. It's like soccer with nailguns and no gravity. Enough said.

4. These bots are so graceful in battle that John Woo wants them to star in his next movie.

3. Riding a hoverboard will get you higher than sniffing glue.

2. You can play it on any good deathmatch level. You'll wish you could play it in any room in your house.

1. You don't have to worry about your connection being slow. Just you're trigger finger.



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