Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       9 Lamat, 1 Xul, 12 Manik        

Selamat Jarin! We return, dear Hearts! Mother Earth is busily preparing herself for a series of monumental changes. The driving forces behind these changes are the continuing hyperactivity of your Sun and Mother Earth's ever-rising frequency. They are creating a situation that makes it increasingly urgent for her crust to relieve itself of a rising crescendo of global stress. These circumstances have increased volcanic activity radically and caused the number of major earthquakes to soar. Mother Earth is anxious to enlarge to her original dimensions, that is, the equator must expand by another 800 miles (approximately 1300 kilometers). It is also essential that the two 'lost' continents of Atlantis and Lemuria rise from the ocean's bottom and that the now-frozen continent of Antarctica return to its natural, 'ice-free' state. These conditions can be fully achieved only when the two layers of Mother Earth's firmament are repositioned in her atmosphere. Only when your global society is fully evacuated from Mother Earth's surface will these 'Earth changes' be complete.

      This brings us back to how we will evacuate your society. Those of you whose return to full consciousness will end your need to remain Earth-bound will be teleported to the ships of your home-world. Then, at a specified time, you will be permitted to go there. The rest of you, who have chosen to remain here, will be 'beamed' to your new subterranean homes. Remember, dear Ones, that this realm is, in fact, a divine cocoon in which you may complete your transformation. In the meantime, Mother Earth, with the help of Lady Assyria and other groups of assigned Elohim, will drastically alter the very shape, size and appearance of your planet. Once they have finished, Mother Earth's atmosphere will be less radiated and more oxygenated. Your planet's ratio of oceans to land will be nearly equal. Her endless deserts and massive glaciers will have vanished, and a stronger electromagnetic field will be present. In this way, a new Earth will be created, far different from the one you know now.

      Many of you ask about the timing of these transformational events. Most of them will unfold, dear Ones, after you have been evacuated. Until then, the Elohim and Galactic Federation scientists will undertake to relieve the pressures to which Mother Earth is being subjected. First, we are monitoring the more intense regions on your globe where so-called 'super volcanoes' exist. Because full-force eruptions by these volcanoes could be catastrophic to your populations, we are endeavoring to relieve the pressure in their craters as required. Second, we are monitoring tectonic plate movements and the subsequent expansion of your ocean floors. A similar phenomenon is occurring on many of your continents. Mother Earth is expanding and preparing the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria to rise. Her Elohim, also, are altering many 'land bridges' that connect these continents to Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Although your scientists view these complex operations as haphazard, in reality, they do possess a definite rhythm and irrefutable logic.

      As you grow in awareness, you perceive the connections between your society, this planet's eco-system and Mother Earth. You also accept that Mother Earth is a living Being (an electro-gravitic life form). Finally, you discern that electro-magnetic and electro-gravitic life forms possess a special relationship. This connection goes far beyond the so-called 'Gaia hypothesis'. Instead, it simply expands your present biological concepts and enables you to see Creation in a new scientific and spiritual light. This revolution in thought is vital to assist you in reaching a better understanding of who you are and why you are here on Mother Earth. Concurrent with these changes are a growing belief in Spirit and a realization that you are not alone in this boundless Universe. All sectors of the Universe teem with life. Even this galaxy contains an enormous diversity of sentient life forms. These growing convictions mark the start of your perseverant journey toward full consciousness. Wonderfully, your new post-WWII technology coincided with our expanded arrival above your shores.

      Clearly, you have reached the dawn of a new reality. Often, in these times, your secret rulers will panic and discover ways to control these changes. The present cabal's illegal attempt to assume control is a case in point. The difference is that, this time, their actions, ultimately, will fail. Although they may seem to be in full control, beneath the surface, they are beginning to panic. Those who wish to work together in building a new reality are holding back this cabal's resources. Although this operation has taken longer than we had desired, we wish to state that its exalted goals are being met! A new global coalition is making it more difficult for this last cabal to continue. Resources have been gathered that will allow this new reality to manifest. This final push is currently in progress. Events are advancing rapidly. The magic movement toward transformation is unfolding at this very moment.

      Keep always in mind, dear Hearts, that you need never lose touch with your intentions. Heaven has scheduled a sacred timetable that is unfolding, now, before you. Its outcome will be your abundant success. Every aspect of Heaven continually blesses you. Every decree of Lord Surea assures you your inevitable victory, abundance and perpetual prosperity. These positive, powerful actions are serving to alter this reality into that which has been promised you. A great, spiritual force has descended into this world and will bring an end to your present torment. It comes to allow you to begin to heal your body; to expand your consciousness; to transform your world. Every moment, Spirit is working to manifest your victory. That victory is destined to end your isolation and reunite you with your true families.

      Spirit is working in many ways. She is busily aiding our Earth allies to make the proper decisions. She is supervising the way we in the Galactic Federation of Light handle the daily crises caused by your last cabal. She is doing what she must to make your victory manifest. Each day, moreover, she is changing the positioning of the many members of our fleet that are closest to Earth. These undertakings enable us to see first contact in new perspectives. Spiritual responsibility is extremely profound and unrelenting. Spirit is determined to see you succeed, to transform your reality and, most of all, you. These very powerful decrees and meaningful actions are helping us to learn more about how Heaven unfolds physicality. Heaven, in turn, shows us every day how we can be much better instruments for positive change. We look forward eagerly to the ever-nearing time when we shall meet and celebrate your victory!

      We wish to reiterate to you that the events of this moment are guiding you toward your inevitable victory. That success, already, is assured. Years ago, we polled you and, every time since, the results have only been more positive. You long for contact with the spiritual realms, and with us. You yearn to move forward in cementing a new galactic- focused reality. You wish to achieve your super-potential and become fully conscious Beings of Light. These ardent desires impress us. We know your longings and realize, as well, that Heaven, ultimately, is the final arbiter. Our position is to intervene as directly as we are permitted, and at the levels Heaven commands. We have mentioned all of this many times before. We repeat it only to assure you that what is unfolding, now, is part of the process initiated by Heaven, which Heaven now decrees ripe for a rapid denouement.

      Today, we have discussed many events that will occur soon. They are unfolding right now. The most dramatic of them are either poised to happen, or could occur as you read this. Above all, remain intensely focused and utterly committed to your inevitable victory! We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that the continual Supply and perpetual Prosperity of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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