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Kinas - the official mascot of UEFA EURO 2004™ (©UEFA)

Sunday, 16 March 2003


Sure to prove one of the stars of the UEFA EURO 2004™, Kinas is the mascot of the finals tournament in Portugal.

Mystical powers
With a lust for life and an all-encompassing passion for football, rumour has it that Kinas was born in a small, remote, Portuguese village with a supernatural gift which saw him assume the knowledge and craft of all great footballers, past and present.

Prodigious talent
His talent for football was apparent at an early age, as he carried a ball with him everywhere and staggered his friends by his ability to execute the most sublime pieces of skill.

Joy of teamwork
Kinas took delight in the achievements of Portuguese legends Eusébio and Luís Figo, but his greatest pleasure remains teamwork and the joy of working together and playing the game for love.

Diligent approach
His incredible footballing skills have never gone to his head and Kinas is without arrogance and combines a hardworking and diligent approach to football training with a delight in competition that is infectious. 

Infectious enthusiasm
That passion spills off the pitch too. Kinas loves music, partying and people, and his friendliness and enthusiasm have a tendency to spread to all of those around him. 

European unity
It was for this ability to create unity among people - a facet which the organisers of EURO 2004™ think is a wonderful representation of the spirit of European football - that Kinas was chosen as the competition's mascot.

Portugal's representative
Embodying the enthusiasm, skill, determination and sense of fun that make football the greatest sport on earth, Kinas sees his role as making the EURO 2004™ finals tournament an event that no-one will dare to miss.

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