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Maclean's magazine lists Alias as one of the top 100 employers in Canada

Throughout a history that spans more than twenty-years, Alias® has cultivated a rich heritage, one that leads and continues to define digital culture. These pages capture some of the highlights of two decades of growth, change and challenge that form the foundation for continued leadership and innovation for many years to come. Here is a short background to help give some context to some of the references you may come cross as you trace our history through these pages.

Alias began in Toronto as Alias Research in the early 80's. Alias|Wavefront was formed in 1995 when SGI bought Alias Research of Toronto and Wavefront Technologies of Santa Barbara. The two companies were then merged. Alias now has custom-engineering offices in Santa Barbara, with the company's global headquarters in located in Toronto.

The company took the name Alias in the summer of 2003 in conjunction with the company's 20th anniversary celebrations.

We hope you enjoy glancing back in time at our industry that holds so much promise for the future, and was born from the dedication and passion of many talented people.

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The Founders
Stephen Bingham   Alias   1983
Susan McKenna   Alias   1983
Nigel McGrath   Alias   1983
David Springer   Alias   1983
Mark Sylvester   Wavefront technologies   1984
Larry Barels   Wavefront technologies   1984
Bill Kovacs   Wavefront technologies   1984
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