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Welcome, my name is Dan Payne and I would like to thank you for visiting our site. Procockpit is dedicated to advancing flight safety by providing useful tools and information to the General Aviation Pilot. Please take just a moment and read about our unique aviation program.

Recent 2004 updates:
June 11th. New installment of Flight Analysis. This month read about the Approach and Landing Phase.
May 8th.
New lower price introduced for the Manual Builder Program. Now only $26!

Other News:
A new section was added that gives pilots an inside look into the Pilots Manual Builder program. Click here to see the Sample. Pilots can now get a clear picture of how this great program works.

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View our free lessons on the piloting methods and techniques used by professional flight departments. Then change the way you look at aviation with the PILOTS MANUAL BUILDER program. With the PILOTS MANUAL BUILDER, you'll be able to take your flying to a whole new level. For a fraction of the price of a single flight lesson, the PILOTS MANUAL BUILDER will build you a PERSONAL OPERATION MANUAL (A set of Personal Minimums plus Guidelines).

This Manual is for ALL Pilots
Private, Commercial, Instrument, CFI, CFII, ATP

Why would the average pilot that flies for fun, or the occasional business trip need an Operation Manual?

Every airline and every good corporate flight department has an Operation Manual. For Part 121 and 135 carriers it’s required by the FAA. Manuals are very time consuming to compile (not with the Pilots Manual Builder), and as a result they tend to be expensive (again, not with the Pilots Manual Builder).

What's so important about an Operation Manual? Why does the FAA believe they're so important? Why do corporations spend so much time and money developing them?
The answer is simply this: An Operation Manual is the single most important aviation safety device there is, period! Now, with the PILOTS MANUAL BUILDER online program, you can quickly and easily build your own PERSONAL OPERATION MANUAL, something every pilot flying an aircraft today should have.
What is included in an Operation Manual? What could this Manual possibly do to change how someone flies?
An Operation Manual is an ANSWER BOOK for the tough questions in aviation. Not the simple questions like, “When do I need an alternate?”,  but the hard questions that pop up at the worst times, like: “Should I depart in this weather?” “Should I land for fuel here or keep on flying?” “Is the approach salvageable or should I go around?” Simply by reading this far, you've shown you’re a good pilot. If you want to be an even better pilot and want to make a fundamental change in the way you fly, then start today and build your own PERSONAL OPERATION MANUAL (a set of REAL Personal Limitations) with the Procockpit’s PILOTS MANUAL BUILDER. Learn more..

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