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The Guide to Preparing Great Pizza
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Encyclopizza is a massive online reference resource that combines scientific findings and industry research with extensive hands-on pizzeria business experience … to provide proven practical answers for pizza business owners, managers, chefs, buyers, R&D staff, suppliers and franchisees. It would not be a stretch to say that it lays out the recipe for pizza success. Encyclopizza™ was researched, written, and complied by John Correll and is published here compliments of Correll Concepts.

Encyclopizza™ is divided into 13 chapters (listed below) and totals over 425 printed pages packed with pizza related ideas, facts, answers, and recipes. Note that some of the chapters are of substantial KB size and, therefore, may take a short time to load. At the front of each chapter is a hyperlinked Contents section for easy access to buried info. The entire section is cross-referenced throughout with inter-chapter links for instant movement between chapters. (If you need to purchase a professionally-printed hard copy, click here.)

1 - Introduction to Pizza (24 KB)
2 - On-site Preparation vs. Ready-to-use
(63 KB)
3 - Mixers and Food Processing Equipment
(170 KB)
4 - Pizza Dough Ingredients
(213 KB)
5 - Pizza Dough-making
(170 KB) (includes pizza dough recipes)
6 - Pizza Dough Management
(44 KB)
7 - Pizza Dough and Pizza Crust Trouble-shooting
(191 KB)
8 - Pizza Sauce
(141 KB) (includes pizza sauce recipes)
9 - Pizza Cheese
(123 KB)
10 - Pizza Toppings
(141 KB)
11 - Commissary vs. On-site Preparation
(33 KB)
12 - Ordering, Receiving, and Storage
(84 KB)
13 - Measurements and Conversions
(53 KB)

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