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    Petition: Islam out of Europe!
    Activism; Posted on: 2004-03-05 14:01:06 [ Printer friendly ]
    by Virginia, Nationale Alliantie (Netherlands)

    The biggest mosques in Europe are going to be built in the Netherlands. These mosques are viewed as a symbol of Islamic conquest in Europe and, as we all know, mosques are fundementalist teaching grounds. Although different political parties protested against the building of the mosque in Rotterdam -- and Dutch citizens are firmly against it -- the government ignored public opinion, succumbing to the money of an Arab sheik who has alleged ties with Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban.

    And now there are plans for a new mosque in Amsterdam, that will be even bigger than the one in Rotterdam. Please sign our online petition to prevent the Islamicization of our country. We believe strongly that these mosques are a sign of the ongoing Islamic attempt to conquer Europe.


    Stop the Trojan Horse! The biggest mosque in Europe is going to be built in the Netherlands - Rotterdam South, the Essalam mosque. This mosque is viewed as a symbol of Islamic conquest in Europe, and, as all open-minded Whites know, mosques are fundamentalist teaching grounds.

    The proposed mosque's dome would be of a traditional Islamic design, 25 meters high. Sharp criticism has been directed at its 50 meter minarets, which will be higher than the light towers of nearby Feyenoord football stadium De Kuip.

    It is a monument to Islamic conquest in all but name. Opposition was largely silenced prior to its planning stage, as a leading opposing politician was shot and killed in Hilversum on 6 May 2002 (Pim Fortuyn), but his populist national party LPF claimed 26 seats at the general election nine days later, and entered into a short-lived coalition government with the Christian Democrat (CDA) and Liberal (VVD) parties.

    Islamic groups claim that the mosque will allow better "integration" of Muslims and the native Dutch people, but, as everyone knows from past experience, it will lead to more social division, tension and crime.

    Construction work on the mosque, financed by a United Arab Emirates sheik to the tune of EUR 4 million, was begun in October of last year, with a shorter than normal planning stage, and will take 18 months to complete. The mosque will accommodate 1,500 people and offers shopping, a library, kitchen, and congress hall -- all the facilities needed for militant teaching and more.

    As if the mosque in Rotterdam isn�t bad enough, now Amsterdam wants to build an even bigger one! This would be an exact replica of the one in Constantinople (Istanbul), the Aya Sofia mosque. A mosque that (as a sign of victory over the "Christian dogs" or "non-believers") was built over an existing church. This pernicious building that symbolizes dominance over the people and religion of Europe will be built in Amsterdam if we don�t protest.

    We call on the Dutch authorities to immediately stop the building of this mosque, and investigate the one-sided misinformation presented in its planning stage.

    I, by my signature, hereby demand that construction of this building be stopped, and demand a full reassessment of its consequences, as is normal practise under Dutch law. Thank you.

    Go here to sign the online petition:


    Nationale Alliantie (a new political party in the Netherlands established in November, 2003)


    Source: Nationale Alliantie

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