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Thursday, 24 April 2003
BPI banking on finals success


BPI has been confirmed as the official bank of UEFA EURO 2004™, a relationship that will strengthen further the bank's ties with football in Portugal.

National supporter
BPI's position as a national supporter of the summer 2004 tournament will be marked by a series of benefits to its costumers, which will be announced in due course, and is part of a corporate strategy of regular association with the sport.

Sponsor of Porto
The bank is the official sponsor of FC Porto and previously sponsored SL Benfica over a three-year period. It was involved in helping Porto, Sporting Clube de Portugal and Boavista FC when they became plcs, and its name is prominent on the advertising boards at Super Liga matches.

'Joyful sporting event'
BPI organised the financing systems for the majority of the EURO 2004™ host stadiums and was also responsible for the financing system of the Porto and Boavista's new stadiums. The BPI chairman, Dr Artur Santos Silva, described UEFA EURO 2004™ as "an opportunity to affirm the entrepreneurial capacity of the Portuguese people and a joyful sporting event that can highlight football's most noble aspects".

Madaíl comments
The chairman of the board of Euro 2004, S. A., Dr Gilberto Madaíl, said: "With the hope that this association can be beneficial to both parties, I want to thank, through the president, Dr Artur Santos Silva, a man who has understood for a long time football's economic and media capacity, for his company's support and I would like to wish you and all BPI workers the biggest success, not only in the great celebration that will be UEFA EURO 2004™ but also in the future of the institution itself."

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