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The UEFA EURO 2004™ logo is unveiled in Lisbon (©EPA/LUSA)

Sunday, 01 December 2002
The significance of seven


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The official UEFA EURO 2004™ logo was launched in May 2002 at a special ceremony in Lisbon. The design consists of a football set in a filigree heart surrounded by seven green dots. Seven is a number of great significance in Portuguese history and culture for many reasons, among them the conquest of the seven seas and the seven castles which appear in the coat-of-arms on the Portuguese national flag. The design of the football also has a strong Portuguese flavour, as the motifs are based on traditional elements from Portuguese folk art.

Colour combination
The colour combination of yellow, orange, red and green mixes the colours of the Portuguese flag with the symbols of light and sun that have always been key elements in Portuguese life and culture.

Football passion
The UEFA EURO 2004™ logo's design communicates 'football passion' with a simple association of the two basic graphic elements - the heart and the football. Designed by EURO RSCG, the logo will be applied to all promotional activities from signage to digital applications.

Commitment to excellence
Speaking at the logo launch, UEFA Chief Executive Gerhard Aigner give his interpretation of the logo. He said: "The logo is the symbol of an organisation where more than 3,000 people, from Portugal and elsewhere, will work towards the same objective of creating a platform for the best sporting conditions. The logo stands for a commitment to achieving excellence."

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