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Dominique broke the sad news to Scott - she had an inoperable brain tumor. Scott was devastated. Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin had a poignant second wedding ceremony with all their friends present. Lucy kissed and steadied Dominique just before she walked down the aisle. To give Scott a child before she died, Dominique's fertilized egg was implanted into a gestation mother -- Lucy! Lucy became pregnant with Scott and Dominique's baby.

Tiffany lost Lucas to the Joneses, then walked out on Sean. Jessica Holmes heard they split up. Setting her cap for Sean, Jessica lured him into bed. Then, Tiffany discovered she was pregnant. She was thrilled!

Ned developed a lusty relationship with his partner, Julia Barrett. Although he'd served divorce papers on Jenny, Ned grew increasingly jealous of his stepfather Paul Hornsby's relationship with her. Ned threatened Paul that he'd make Jenny's underage affair with Senator Jack Kensington public if Paul didn't fork over his shares of ELQ. As soon as Paul gave in to Ned's demands, naughty Ned leaked the story to the press anyway!

After discovering that Alan had paid Nikki to leave him, AJ tracked her down in Malibu. He begged her to pick up with him again. She felt sorry for him, but she had married another man. On the flight back to Port Charles, a shaken AJ downed a double vodka.

Dr. Tom Hardy left for a while to work with the relief effort in Somalia. Audrey surprised Steve with an anniversary party honoring his 30 years at General Hospital. Everyone in Port Charles saluted their stalwart leader and trusted friend. After a touching visit from his very first patient, Angie Costello Weeks, who had returned to the hospital for the birth of her granddaughter, Steve announced that he would henceforth be treating patients more and dealing with hospital administration less!

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