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phpBB Fetch All - simple example
New Homepage
Posted by battye on 19.06. at 23:33
Now our homepage at is themed to look like the forum, and runs totally off php Very Happy

It grabs the last couple of posts from the forum which is cool (thanks to the developers of PhpbbFetchAll) and a cool shoutbox where we can talk live Smile

Under Hot CricketMX Links you can get cool information about various subjects, P2P, Website Creation and Technical Support Smile
Be sure to check the out!
Some links are dead but within a week or two they should all be working Wink

Likewise Friends Of The Forum is still under construction, and BitTorrent Tracker is self explanatory Very Happy

Any errors you get please post them in this thread

Our new Mod!
Posted by battye on 16.06. at 20:26
Welcome to the Mod Team, Quicksilver. He's been a long time member of this site, and an extremely valuable contributor Very Happy

Welcome mate! Very Happy

New Theme
Posted by battye on 21.05. at 00:09
I've been working on a new theme for CricketMX, and I have just completed it Very Happy
It's based on shades of red, yellow, and orange Wink
But don't worry, all our old favourites such as Solaris, SubBlack, and Appalachia are still there! It's your choice what theme you choose! Very Happy
I'll be making changes as I go, we'll be getting some new logos & icons (Thanks Bacon!) and updating the forum header, footer and various other small things that need to be edited or updated. To check out our new theme, click Profile up the top, scroll down until you see Board Style, and choose from the dropdown list Very Happy
When everything is exactly the way I want it, I'll be making the theme available to the public Smile

Calling all CMX Users
Posted by grinch2171 on 11.05. at 10:53
It came to my attention this morning that is claiming our tracker as their own. A quote from their site states
These torrents are created by #mp3/MixFX staff
The tracker is provided by #gamemusic
all thank Agent|Vash for his help. =P
Yet the last time I checked this was the CMX Tracker, not the #gamemusic tracker. So I am urging all CMX users to sign up to their forum and make posts about this atrocity. This will not be tolerated. URL for their forums is

New Web Site Team Member
Posted by Bacon on 29.04. at 08:52
Hey All, if I haven't already met you my handle is Bacon and I am now with the Web Site Team with CricketMX. I will be mainly focusing on website design with the other Admin and Mods within the page to make CricketMX look its best! For those of you who know me from Filebreech, hello again, those who I haven't met I look forward to talking with you on CricketMX! Very Happy

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