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Welcome to our website!  We hope your visit will be educational and encouraging. In case you were wondering, most people just call us PARC, as in "park." Whether you're a student, teacher, trauma survivor, pro-survivor, helping professional, criminal investigator, law enforcement officer, or anyone else desiring to learn more about the types of trauma we address, we hope our website can help.  If you need more information,  you can contact us at  Please read About Us to see what services we offer.  Please be aware that, due to limited resources, we do not provide individual support to survivors and their loved ones. 

In our website, you can find the following:

Definitions - defines Sadistic Abuse (SA), Ritualized Torture (RT) and Invasive, Nonconsensual Experimentation (INE)  

About Us - PARC's history, mission statement, board of directors, available services, and how you can contact us

For More Information
- how to subscribe to our semi-annual newsletter, make a donation, have an item installed in the living memorial garden, receive a garden visitor's packet, and more  

Helping Us Grow - how you can partner with us, financially. 

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse (new)  

In Loving Memory of Lauren Stratford - memorial to a ritual abuse survivor and pioneer

Websites and Contacts
- how to find relevant information and contact helpful organizations

Publications and Other Media
 - categorized lists of relevant literature, newsletters, and more 

Believe the Children's 1997 report
- documents incidents of criminal ritual abuse in the US and beyond 

PARC Literature

Virtual Memorial
poetry, short letters and more - honoring victims and their loved ones

Garden Tour
- virtual tour of the Chattanooga Living Memorial Garden in Tennessee, USA 


Conferences and Workshops

Search Engine
 - save time by using it to search our website for specific information 

In our website, you will find information about criminal activities perpetrated by a small percentage of employees who have, or continue to be, employed or contracted by several US government agencies and federal departments. The majority of employees, past and present, who have worked within these agencies should not be blamed for the crimes and human rights violations of the few.  

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"Every day around the world and even here in the United States, children are sold into virtual slavery or trafficked for the worst forms of sexual abuse."   President Bill Clinton - 2000

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