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This fan-run site gathers information for readers about Mills & Boon Historical Romances. It may have taken over two years, but the UK series list is finally complete! Now I'm trying to fill in supplemental data such as author websites. Please e-mail me if you can help. Everything on this site has been compiled entirely due to the generous contributions of Mills & Boon romance fans.
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1977 to Present

Mills & Boon began publishing MASQUERADE HISTORICAL ROMANCES in 1977. In October 1993 the imprint was changed to LEGACY OF LOVE. The current MILLS & BOON HISTORICAL ROMANCE imprint was adopted in July 1996. The name of the series may have changed three times, and the cover look more often even than that, but the continuity of numbering remains.

Update: In 2001, Mills & Boon Historical Romances launched an out-of-series continuity called The Steepwood Scandal. There are two sets of 8 books in this miniseries, which will also be published in the States later in 2002.

UK Cover Look Gallery
Cover 1

Frances Lang
Stranger at the Gate
(UK#12, 7/78)
Cover 2

Elizabeth Hart
A Wedding in Venice
(UK#169, 2/85)
Cover 3

Polly Forrester
Winter of the Wolf
(UK#316, 3/91)
Cover 4

Elizabeth Bailey
Just Deserts
(UK#339, 3/92)
Cover 5

Catherine Archer
Rose Among Thorns
(UK#479, 11/95)
Cover 6

Paula Marshall
The Deserted Bride
(UK#594, 4/98)
Cover 7

Helen Dickson
Conspiracy of Hearts
(UK#697, 6/00)
Cover 8

Anne Herries
Rosalyn and the Scoundrel
(UK#733, 3/01)

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In 1977, Harlequin began reprinting the UK MILLS & BOON MASQUERADES as HARLEQUIN HISTORICAL (1) in America. Starting with #16, the imprint was renamed to MASQUERADE HISTORICAL. Around #90, in 1982, this series became defunct.


Harlequin tried again. In 1986 it began two imprints, HARLEQUIN HISTORICAL (2) and HARLEQUIN REGENCY ROMANCE (1), which again reprinted the books from the British MASQUERADE series. This was an extremely short-lived effort, lasting less than two years, and then these series too became defunct.


In 1988, Harlequin resurrected the HARLEQUIN HISTORICAL (3) imprint for the third time. These were original stories written by U.S. romance writers. This time the series "took" and HARLEQUIN HISTORICAL (3) is still going strong today.

In a reversal of the usual, two out of the four MILLS AND BOON HISTORICAL ROMANCES released every month are reprints from HARLEQUIN HISTORICAL (3).

Addendum: In 2001, Harlequin started slipping in reprints from MILLS AND BOON HISTORICAL ROMANCES into the previously all-original HARLEQUIN HISTORICALS (3). So each series now regularly has both original stories and reprints from across the Atlantic Ocean.


Apparently Harlequin hadn't completely given up on reprinting the UK MILLS & BOON MASQUERADE ROMANCES, because in May of 1989 they tried it again. HARLEQUIN REGENCY ROMANCE (2) lasted until the end of 1993. The ending must have been abrupt because some of the scheduled books showed up repackaged as two-in-one anthologies issued from 1994-96.


In 1999, Harlequin had a brief program whereby they reprinted the MILLS & BOON HISTORICAL ROMANCES in an un-numbered format, labeled the spines HARLEQUIN HISTORICAL ROMANCE and made the books primarily available by mail order through the Harlequin Reader Service (1-800-873-8635). Very inconvenient.


Harlequin continues issuing previously-published Regency romances under the "Harlequin Special Release" program, but the packaging is much more sophisticated. These un-numbered books are widely available in retail outlets now, as well as through Harlequin's website. Besides Stephanie Laurens reprints, the Regency portion of this program in 2000-01 consisted of a limited series of 16 books.

On their website, Harlequin refers to this particular set of books as their "Regency Miniseries." These books are all reprints of Regency romances from the MILLS & BOON HISTORICAL ROMANCE line. Four each were released in October 2000, March 2001, July 2001, and November 2001. Here's an example of the cover look:

Westleigh Cover

1977 to Present

Sometimes books which were first published by US publishers Fawcett-Crest and Signet were also reprinted in the UK Mills & Boon series (and vice versa?). I'll try to fill in that information as I find it.

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