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Dorian Lord was the only person to discover that Alex Crown was alive. Armed with this weapon, she confronted Rob and warned him that if he didn't immediately break his engagement to Cassie, she would tell the world that Alex was alive. Rob gave in, but he and Cassie soon continued their romance in secret. When Alex joined the Witness Protection Program, Cassie and Rob were safe and free to marry!

Dorian's constant interference in Cassie's life finally destroyed her marriage to Herb. The Callisons divorced in 1985 -- but not before making love in the courthouse elevator! Dorian's fortune was frozen by the IRS after Tina discovered that Victor Lord had once married Irene Clayton. Since there was no record of a divorce, Dorian's marriage to Victor was rendered invalid. Broke, Dorian was forced to go to work for an old nemesis, Asa Buchanan.

Dr. Ivan Kipling lurked back into Llanview. Kipling, who was last seen being devoured by crocodiles after kidnapping Karen Wolek, now had bionic metal fingers! Kipling's stay in Llanview was short and menacing, and quickly, he retreated to his lair in the jungles of South America.

Jenny Renaldi was alarmed to discover that her husband, David, was once again secretly working as an enemy agent. Along with his old Communist comrade, Aida York, David completed a secret code to transport American military secrets behind the Iron Curtain. David planned to defect to East Germany with his wife, Jenny, and their teenage ward, Michelle Boudin. At the last second, David changed his mind, telling Aida that he wanted to remain in Llanview with his family. Jenny watched in horror as the communist agents shot David and carried him away on a plane. Jenny did not know if her beloved David was dead or alive. Just as Jenny was getting her life back in order, David escaped from his comrades and reappeared in Llanview. David explained to Jenny that Aida had forced him to work against the U.S. government by threatening Jenny and Cassie's lives. David came up with a plan to fake his death, then leave Llanview with Jenny. However, Brad Vernon discovered the "death" plan and asked Jenny to marry him. This time, Brad wasn't being his usual selfish, mean-spirited self. He was doing it for Jenny, so that she could finally find happiness with David somewhere far from Llanview! After Brad married Jenny, he gave his identity and a forged passport to David. As "Brad and Jenny Vernon," David and Jenny fled Llanview forever! After Jenny and David safely escaped, Brad, sitting in a waterfront bar, discovered something in his pocket. It was a note wrapped around a precious opal! The valuable "thank you" gift was given to him by David to help him get a new start, too!

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