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Tina's search for her real father continued with her discovery of a secret room hidden behind the bookcase in the library of Llanfair. Complete with soft lights and music, she realized that it was Victor Lord's love den. She also discovered eleven original paintings which disappeared from foreign museums during World War II. Tina's adventures in the secret room yielded a startling discovery -- a letter from Victor which was intended to be delivered to Viki. In it, Victor confessed to being the father of Irene Manning's child. Tina shuddered at the realization that she was Victor Lord's daughter! Tina knew Viki would not be pleased to hear that the father whom she idolized once seduced her nineteen-year-old friend! When Tina produced the letter, Viki reacted with anger, insisting that it was a for-gery. Viki began having problems dealing with this new discovery and began having violent headaches. The overwhelming tension of her own foggy memory of seeing Irene in bed with her father caused Viki's -personality to split again. Niki Smith was back!

Niki began frequenting one of her old hangouts, the Backstreet Bar. There she became reacquainted with an old boyfriend -- Harry O'Neill! Harry was stunned to see "Nicole" again. He remembered how she had run away when he refused to leave his wife and kids for her. Harry found himself very much in love with Nicole, though his feelings were complicated by his new, sexual re-lationship with Dorian Lord.

At The Banner's 50th Anniversary Gala, Viki praised her father publicly and the guests were invited to enjoy a souvenir program commemorating the event. To Viki's horror, an inserted xerox copy of Victor's confessional letter had been placed in every program! With the news now public, a mortified Viki accused Tina and slapped her in the face, before racing away in shame.

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