Embassy of Sudan

Press Release # 2                             January 13, 1999

 Collecting Money Prolongs A War 

Jane Roy and Glen Pearson, London Ontario food bank, carry a campaign to raise $10,000, under the so-called “Slave Redemption Project/ Program” on the pretext of freeing “Slaves” in Southern Sudan. The embassy of the Sudan deplores and denounces in the strongest terms these unsubstantiated allegations about slavery in the Sudan.

The embassy reiterates that no slavery is practiced in the Sudan. And that the 1998 Constitution of the Sudan, national policies and international commitments clearly express the Government stance against any from of slavery or slavery like Practices-any where and at any time.

Collecting money under such a pretext is a tragic abuse of the Canadian generosity, a flagrant exploitation of the innocent Southern people and tarnishes the image of the Sudanese as a nation.

The embassy, calls upon all those who generously give their money to investigate as to whether their humanitarian gesture is on the right track, helpful to the peace process -in the Sudan- and the affected people or, they aggravating an already sour situation.

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