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Extra GraphicMaureen BaginskiOn 6/22, Intelligence executive spoke to the 2004 National Community Policing Critical Issue Conference on the FBI's Intelligence program.
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Director Mueller testifies before the 9-11 Commission on the issue of whether to create a new MI5-style intelligence agency: "Splitting the law enforcement and the intel functions would leave both agencies fighting the war on terrorism with one hand tied behind their backs."

Graphic of the Counterterrorism Division SealQUESTION:
What Special Steps Has the FBI Taken to Address Terrorist Threats This Summer?

It's a question we've been asked a lot. Why? It's no secret. As Director Mueller said recently, "This summer and fall our nation will celebrate a number of events that serve as powerful symbols of our free and democratic society. Unfortunately, the same events that fill most of us with hope and pride are seen by terrorists as prime vehicles for sowing fear and chaos."

Special steps: Beyond the 24/7 readiness of our Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs), staffed with federal, state, and local law enforcement and intelligence members, in coordination with the National JTTF at FBIHQ...beyond the 24/7 coordination of international and domestic threat information...beyond daily intelligence gathering, analysis, and sharing by our Field Intelligence Groups in our 56 field offices...beyond the readiness of our 48 Legal Attaché offices overseas, we are doing the following:

  • We have established the 2004 Threat Task Force, made up of FBI, Homeland Security, and Intelligence Community personnel to focus on these specific threats and to coordinate intelligence, analysis, and operations.
  • Our analysts at FBIHQ and in every field office are reviewing previously collected intelligence to determine if clarity can be added based on new information.
  • We have identified potential gaps in our available intelligence and tasked our JTTFs and our partners in state and local law enforcement to collect specific information that will help close them.
  • We are working with private industry to identify possible threats.
  • As part of our efforts to resolve outstanding intelligence questions, we may interview some individuals--and here's where we need your help and understanding.

"We need the support of the American people," as Director Mueller has said many times. First, to cooperate if you're called upon, as agents will be reaching out to many across the nation to help gather information and intelligence. Second, to be aware of your surroundings and report anything suspicious.

Do you have information that might help us? Please report it--either to your nearest FBI field office or law enforcement agency. Or, if you are located overseas, your closest FBI Legal Attaché office in U.S. Embassies. Or, through our Submit a Tip site.

Many thanks...and we wish you safe and happy summer holidays.

Links: FBI Counterterrorism | Most Wanted Terrorists | Seeking Terrorist Information

Recent Stories

Some of these publications are in PDF (Portable Document Format). To view them you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in installed on your computer. The Reader can be downloaded at no cost from Adobe's site on the World Wide Web.

Graphic link to Recent Stories
On 6/24, joint FBI-Indonesian investigation resulted in Papuan separatist indictment for 2002 murders of Americans in Indonesia.
On 6/23, superseding indictments returned in Houston on Enron and Merrill Lynch cases.
EAD John PistoleOn 6/22, Executive Assistant Director John Pistole addressed the Cook County Crime Stoppers Conference in Chicago on counterterrorism issues.
On 6/16, former CFO of California software firm was indicted on 20 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy. See also Corporate Fraud Task Force.
On 6/18, the eighth defendant in a "bribes-for-visas" scheme" pled guilty following an investigation by the State Department and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Eastern District of California.
On 6/18, 10 individuals arrested and charged in Puerto Rico for alleged Medicare fraud.
On 6/17, the FBI testified before the 9-11 commission. See SA Doran's testimony on how "street agents" have pursued Al Qaida over the years.
FBI Cincinnati announces federal grand jury indictment of Nuradin M. Abdi.
On 6/18, FBI Legal Attache Officer in Athens honored by top public service award.
Seeking information- New! Photo of Adnan El Shukrijumah. See also the "BOLO" on 7 persons of interest.
Photograph of FBI Director Robert Mueller, IIIOn 6/10, Director Mueller addressed the National Executive Institute on current threats and issues.
On 6/8, the National Academy of Sciences issued a follow-up letter to its 5/11 report on the FBI's technology modernization program. Press release
On 6/9, Director Mueller addressed police chiefs of major U.S. Cities on forged partnerships against terrorism.
New! Gun Buyer's Resolution Guide posted on 6/7.
New E-Scams and Warnings
Issue: Can the FBI look at your library records any time they want? The Bureau responds to your concerns.

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