We believe the 25 year Politically Motivated  SOCIAL EXPERIMENT with New Age "complex psychological techniques" of behavior management has COMPLETELY FAILED and it is ABSURD to continue FORCING these SOCIETY-DESTROYING THEORIES on parents with the IRON HAND of force, intimidation, and TERRORISM.

What is ominous is the ease with which some people go from saying that they don't like something to saying that the government should forbid it. When you go down that road, don't expect freedom to survive very long. - Thomas Sowell

"If we are ever to turn toward a kindlier society and a safer world, a revulsion against the physical punishment of children would be a good place to start." Dr. Spock (By the way, Doctor Spock's son committed suicide)

Spanking became CHILD ABUSE and parents CRIMINALIZED for what had been a Cultural Norm FOR CENTURIES- for the sake of-

AN EXPERIMENT in Social Engineering

The CPS agencies created to enforce the EXPERIMENT have grown SO POWERFUL that they can EASILY ASSASSINATE the CHARACTER of ANYBODY by making up FALSE ACCUSATIONS.  

Child Abuse and SPANKING are such a HIGH CRIME that accused parents don't DESERVE Miranda Rights, DUE PROCESS or Civil Rights. (But MURDERERS DO!)

"Guilty" or INNOCENT, Parents have NO DEFENSE!

Nothing is more dangerous than the idea that some public officials are above the law. If they are, then we don't have law -- and we won't have freedom much longer either. -Thomas Sowell

Over the past 25 years,
MILLIONS OF LIVES have been DESTROYED for the sake
of a SO-CALLED "Experiment in Social Engineering"!

Policies are judged by their consequences, but crusades are judged by how good they make the crusaders feel. - Thomas Sowell 


The statements and opinions below are a recital of HOW BEHAVIOR WAS MANAGED back when there wasn't much juvenile delinquency, NO school shootings, and NO DANGEROUS KIDS.

Almost NO one born after 1965 has a clue about corporal punishment, and this is a public reminder of HOW IT WORKED and why it WORKED SO WELL.

ESPECIALLY in states or countries that are
enforcing this SOCIAL EXPERIMENT against it!

The use of spanking is VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED to 
get you in DEEP DO-DO with your local CPS.

We believe that the re-introduction of spanking IS THE CURE for many of the ills of today's society. BUT only when the New Agers finally figure out that THEY ARE FATALLY WRONG and they are THE CAUSE of the destruction of American Society, and laws CLARIFIED so spanking can be a NORMAL and acceptable behavior management tool again.

Notice to people who are "flaming" me about this page- 
before you FLAME ME with your VAPID, New Age Politically Correct rubbish


We believe that spanking is absolutely 
THE BEST behavior management tool ever invented

AND every parent NATURALLY knows how.

You don't have to give a spanking often, because it is REAL PUNISHMENT and children will MODIFY THEIR BEHAVIOR to avoid it.

For New Age people who just don't get it: This is called SELF-CONTROL, which creates ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY, which are THE BASIS FOR CIVILIZATION.

- We DO NOT BELIEVE that a spanking is THE ANSWER, EVERY TIME.

- We DO BELIEVE that a spanking is THE ANSWER, when rebellion and disobedience defies any other DISCIPLINE.

- You DO NOT spank a BABY!!  A minimum age MIGHT BE the "TERRIBLE Two's".

- We DO NOT BELIEVE that a spanking given with a hand, paddle, belt, wooden spoon, or willow switch on the buttocks with clothes on is abusive. Strong men should use ONLY their open hand for proper TACTILE feedback.

- We don't believe that a RED MARK or a SURFACE WELT from a well-deserved spanking is abuse.

- We DO NOT agree with any spanking that turns into a BEATING (there is a world of difference, and if you DON'T KNOW the difference, you had better just leave the house).

- If YOU ARE REALLY MAD (angry, fuming, heated, furious, enraged, outraged, infuriated) it is currently CONSIDERED to be HIGHLY IMPROPER to spank a kid while in this state of mind. This is what the pathetic, weedy New Age people call "an act of Hatred".

- Three or four authoritative swats are enough.

- If you can't stop at four swats, don't start with any.

- But conversely, if you can't make a spanking convincing, don't bother- it is ineffective silliness just like "Time Out".

Don't waste your breath apologizing beforehand about how "this hurts me more than you". If the child did something to be worthy of a spanking, punishment should be swiftly administered with the attitude that the bad behavior will not be tolerated.

Only AFTER the child repents of the behavior should you show forgiveness.

You can even apologize for having to administer the spanking and reinforce the point that THEY CAN CHOOSE not to display the kind of behavior that would deserve spanking.

Don't bother with the New Age psycho-babble semantics whether "You were Bad" or "Your behavior was Bad". It doesn't make any difference.


Dr Gerald Rowles writes. "The most important lessons of childhood is discipline: disciplined behavior, disciplined thought, and discipline based in the morality of right and wrong, good and bad, and clear rules for human interaction," 

Discipline of your children with a spanking IS NOT A BEATING. It is NOT "Physical Abuse". It DOES NOT "Injure the child's self esteem".  To say so is pure Junk Science.  Kids are nowhere NEARLY this "sensitive" and "easy to damage".  

You LOVE a well behaved child and you DISCIPLINE  a badly behaved child (and I am not talking about just spanking).  Don't get the semantics mixed up.  Discipline is not the opposite of Love.  It certainly is not "Hate".

Spanking does PERMANENTLY DAMAGE a child's desire to lie, cheat, steal, destroy property, yell, scream, butt into adult conversation, be lazy, be "hyperactive", be "inattentive", and DO HARM TO OTHERS.

If you REALLY ARE beating, abusing, or neglecting your children, maybe the Child Protective bureaucracy has the "cure" for you.

May God have mercy on your soul, because they won't.

ABC News- Spare the Rod? 
Corporal Punishment in Schools Sparks Debate Over How to Discipline Students

See the World Corporal Punishment Research website


Spanking Makes a Comeback
Parents May Be Ones Needing Spanking
(actually, I think the CPS social workers need the spanking!)

To Spank or Not to Spank . . .
By Steve Duncan
MSU Extension Service

4/30/97 BOZEMAN - - Spanking of children by parents is legal in every state of the United States.

According to national surveys, over 90 percent of parents have spanked their children at least once during the past year. The majority of parents support the idea of spanking and believe that giving youngsters "a good, hard spanking" is sometimes necessary. As many as 80 to 90 percent of the U.S. population reports that parents have not only the right, but the moral obligation to spank or slap.

Corporal Punishment of Children
Paul L. Poelstra

Or perhaps you would care to peruse a genuine New Age site?

Here's a half-way fair discussion from-
ERIC EECE Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education  The Debate over Spanking

Or how about the current  statistics with a New Age Spin-

Keep Your Eye on... spanking

A new national poll from the Children's Institute International (CII) in Los Angeles reveals that a majority of adults believe that children sometimes need a "good, hard spanking." The survey found that 82 percent of adults surveyed were spanked as children and that 55 percent believe spanking is necessary.

"It's worrisome that spanking remains such a part of the American culture, in view of scientific evidence demonstrating its ill effects," says Steve Ambrose, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and director of research at CII. "This suggests the need for continued public education. There is a wealth of research data showing that violent parenting produces violent children; so does negligent parenting. We are not saying parents shouldn't discipline their children, but there are more appropriate and effective ways than hitting them."


  By Praetor on Friday, February 11, 2000 - 02:27 pm:
Edit Post1)Alternative discipline?
I am a social worker in South - Africa. As most poeple know our country has gone through various political changes since 1994, with the fall of "apartheid." This has had various consequences in our schools. Suddenly the number of children per class was increased to about 40-50 per class. Suddenly all races were also mixed in schools.
At the same time the basic policies underlying education was changed to that of an outcomes based system like that of many european countries as well as America. Physical punishment, which was a very powerful part of our previous education system and culture was also outlawed. This created a problem. Most teachers were used to using physical forms of punishement like spanking as a diciplinary method. Now they may not, and this has led to chaos in schools. Never before have we seen such discipline troubles in schools. Part of the problems is the fact that teachers lack skills in alternative methods of discipline. This has led me to working with various teachers in order to find solutions. What other methods are open to them? How do they learn these methods? What works and what doesn't? I would enjoy any inputs or advice form other socila workers or students.

Well Praetor... there's drugs.  That's about it.  Here in America we are now charging kids with crimes and destroying their future- and their parent's too, rather than spank them.

Those are the "alternative methods of discipline".