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Translating the language of Klaatu and presumably a great portion of his home planet, presented an interesting challenge. It might have been all gibberish, simply made to sound intelligible for the film audience. Imagine our surprise, therefore, when we gave it to our Alien Linguistics Editor, Tauna Le Marbe, and she did indeed discover that it is actually translatable. 1

Apparently it is a combination of Latin, French, English, Greek, Cipher, and transposition code that took her almost fifteen full hours to decipher.

Because there are so many Earth root languages involved, the speculation may be raised that Klaatu's race once 'seeded' our world with much of its present population. Or, that in the far distant past we may have had the same ancestors, from beyond the reaches of even Klaatu's spaceship, who seeded both worlds. It would account for his totally human characteristics in any event.

The Language
All four communications that are known to have been spoken by Klaatu (and in one case repeated by Mrs. Helen Benson) are as follows, in order of their occurrence. A brief description precedes each and a commentary follows. These communications were all vocally expressed, and therefore their conversion to our own language has been done on a phonetic basis.
First known communication: On the first day of the saucer landing Klaatu was shot by an impulsive and panicky soldier. He then made the following statement to the robot Gort as Gort was immobilizing various military weapons and vehicles.
Phonetic Sounds 2 Word Origins Literal Translation Free Translation
Force Voluntarily
Please stop shooting
Second Communication: Several days after Klaatu's escape from Walter Reed Hospital the following transmission was detected. On the following day, all electrical power (with the exception of hospitals, airplanes in flight, etc.) was disrupted for one half hour, starting at noon. 3
Phonetic Sounds Word Origins Literal Translation Free Translation
Are from Commander report as agreed previously. I am me, Commander, reporting as previously arranged.
Send large force from lens that churns earth's poles on axis. Will send appropriate force from apparatus to effect earth's magnetic field.
Wise apart from the innocent, on the day at the appointed time; for a short time, stop everything, when the sun is at it's center of the heavens. At noon stop everything, for a short time, with the exception of emergency installations and planes in flight.
Whether upset enough, to witness and give verdict to change, in accordance with the promise of redemption is the question? Whether witnessing our strength will convince them to change their ways, and thus save themselves, remains to be seen.
The significance of this translation is indeed important considering what later transpires. It also lends support to the theory on "how" the Earth was made to "stand still."
Third communication: This was made directly to Mrs. Benson by Klaatu when he had cause to feel something might happen to him. He requested that if something did indeed happen, she go to Gort and make this statement. 4
Phonetic Sounds Word Origins Literal Translation Free Translation
KLA-TOO Bar-a-da
Stop Barbarism (I have)
death, bind.
I die, repair me, do not retaliate.
That Klaatu's civilization had discovered some of the secrets of life and death is staggering. When she asked Klaatu what the robot could do without him, Klaatu told Mrs. Benson, "There is no limit to what he can do . . . he could destroy the earth." 5
Fourth Communication: This was given to Gort by the newly rejuvenated Klaatu. While it had all the appearances of an order, it translates to be a request. This makes sense in light of Klaatu's inference that Gort had free will in cases that would call for punishment of aggressors.
Phonetic Sounds 6 Word Origins Literal Translation Free Translation
Centurian, Witness and
give verdict (to leave)
Soldier, I am ready to leave,
are you?
It is also interesting to note that the word Klaatu is also an encoded form of Harry B., which would stand for Harry Bates, the author of the original story on which the film was based, "Farewell to the Master."

Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations to the Alphabet That Follows

Word origin.
A method that systematically disarranges the normal order of letters of a plain text
Communication after it has been transcribed back into plain text.
Groups of letters substituted for plain text letters or syllables.
Word origin
Word origin
The deciphering or decoding when done by a person other than for whom the cipher or code was intended.
Word origin
Word origin
One in which the letters for sounds remain the same as in the clear, but are rearranged to a particular patten i.e., back to front.
Plain text
Words as they are before encoding or enciphering.
Converting thought patterns from one language to another.

Caelumi-Axi Gentis Nord/English

Ada (L)
Ante (L)
Aratta, erret (Fr)
Axi, axo (L)
suffix, to stop
suffix, as before, formerly, previously
To churn, that churns
sky, pole of the heavens, center
Bar- (L)
Barada (L)
Be (L)
Bedertso (L)
Brau (Fr)
foreigner, barbarian
stop barbarianism, (you)
whether enough or not
Whether or not enough upset to realize importance
bras, to stir up (L) pravo, to distort
Caelumi (L) sky world
Dagus (Fr)
Declenso (L)

Dert (L)
Dia , Dies (L)
Diesbrau (L)
degagjes, bond promise of redemption, release
declension, bending aside (Fr) De'Klenshe, to disengage, to set in motion, to launch
desero, join, desert, forsake
interval, appointed time, on the day at the
distort for a short period at the appointed time
Em (Ptc) (Pt) Me (L) me, from, with, by
Emoere (Fr) bring forth from, (Ptc) era (Pt) are
Endgre (L) to, collect, attach, prepare
Entis (L) wise
Gentis (L) Nation
Gort (L) from Vorenus, centurian (Pt) proper name
Grosguito (Fr) tuito voluntarily (L) force
Hre (Ptc) Erh (Pt) Earth
Immferitensx sex, infitentis (L) immeritus, innocent entis, wise
Klaatu (Ncp) 'Harryb', Harry Bates, writer of "Farewell to the Master" (AnSx) Commander (Cd) harry (obs) to agitate to worry, to make a predatory incursion
Lop (Ptc) pol (Pt) pole, center  
Lophrenxis (Ptc) erh pol n xis (Pt) earth's pole on axis
Lu (Fr) light
Lukterranse (Gr) Makros, long, large, great
n- (Ptc) on
Narro(L) report, relate, describe
Narroante (L) report as previously agreed
Necto (L) Neco-atus, death, kill, slay (Fr) necto, to bind, entwine (Ptc),  (Pt) bring back to life
Nord (Fr) North (Ptc) Edmund H. North, screenplay
Pro (L) carry forward, send, bring
Pro-veho (L) send 'the' force
Randre (Fr) to give verdict to, to translate (you)
raendgre (L)
they give verdict
so, se (L) if or whether, apart
soimfitenses (L)
in wisdom separate the innocent from the otherwise
terran (L) Earth
Tou, tso (Fr) suffix, many much
Tous (Fr) whole, everything
Tousarie -araiea (L) everything with a strong current
Tuito (Fr) voluntarily
Veho (Fr) vix, vox, you force
Verre (Fr) glass, lens
Verretou (Fr) lens or crystal causing much variation
Voirrandre (Fr) to witness and give verdict to leave, prepare gather
Xis (Ptc) xis (Pt) Axis, center

Notes From Dreamer:

1. This article was written in 1978. I have no way to verify its accuracy. There are some differences of opinion as to the phonetic representation of some of the spoken words. I have used the screenplay, coupled with digital signal cross-matching (wav-form) to sample and 'hold' those words spoken by Klaatu (Michael Rennie). The technology I use today may or may not have been readily available in 1976. I will attempt to post the wav-form analysis I did.

2. The sampling I did more closely matches the screenplay as: Gort, Deglet Ovrosko.

3. This was actually the third communication. The second communication was: Gort, Baringa, and was given to Gort to open the ramp and portal to the ship for Klaatu's entrance and communication for the 'demonstration' promised to Professor Barnhardt. Note: The screenplay does not list this phrase at this point, but it is repeated once again after Klaatu completes his speech. Gort, Baringa is issued once again to Gort who enters the ship. The screenplay lists this phrase occurance as: Gort -- Veracto.

4. This was actually the fourth communication.

5. "There's no limit to what he could do. He could destroy the Earth."

6. Wavs out as Gort, Baringa.

Until I can actually get a hold of an original dialogue script, not the ones sold on eBay and other online auctions which are actually zerox copies of the final (dated 2/21/51) prior to shooting, I will have to go with the translations as represented.


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