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We are slowly expanding Discogs into more types of music. The first is Hip Hop. As of now all Hip Hop submissions should go to Please read the help documentation there for full details about the changes.

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Jun 28, 2004 2:05 PM


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Latest Additions:
  • Thinktoy - "Psychonavigation Records Sampler" (Psychonavigation Records)
  • Various - "Art Of France" (Level 2)
  • Various - "Berceuses" (Albin Michel)
  • Pulsedriver - "Hard Dance Mania Vol. 1" (DJ Beat Records Scandinavia)
  • Various - "Bonzai Trance Progressive" (Lightning Records)
  • Various - "Turn Up The Bass 2003 - Volume 1" (Arcade Music Company AS)
  • DJ Rap - "Touching Bass" (Surge Recordings)
  • Various - "Dark Pathways Vol. 3: Variant Archive" (Crunch Pod)
  • Various - "Cerebral Destruction Vol. 05" (Shit And Noize Art)
  • Wermut - "Les cinq-à-sept post-néoistes" (Old Europa Cafe)
  • Various - "The Radioactive Tribute To Kraftwerk" (New Mantra)
  • Various - "Fantastic Freeriding 2" (Switchstance Recordings)
  • Various - "09 Groove Parade 2003" (Florida Records)
  • Various - "The Secret Life Of Trance Episode 1" (Rising High Records)
  • Various - "Dutch Breakz Volume 1" (FluffGirlWax)
  • Various - "Chill Out vol.6 Voyages into Trance and Ambient" (Nova Tekk)
  • Various - "A Tribute to Phaze" (pHluid)
  • Various - "Welcome to Planet Revco" (Revco Records)
  • Various - "First Steps And False Alarms 1999" (Radio Hellena)
  • Avalon (4) - "O2 - Avalon Remixed" (Sparrow Records)
  • more...

    Latest Comments & Reviews:
  • Pimp Fiction - cowcud - Jun 25, 2004
         This is a bootleg version of the Ultra album 'Big Time'. The only member of...
  • Raise It Up / The Saga Of Dandy, The Devil And Day - mr.bounce - Jun 24, 2004
         The B3 instrumental has a short acapella attached to it at the end....
  • Violent By Design - atari - Jun 23, 2004
         very excellent record, but a little bit dark. the original is very hard to ...
  • I Need Drugs - TEKNONOTICE - Jun 18, 2004
         If you like twisted, sick and black comedy lyrics about death, drugs, viole...
  • Mr. Clean / Modern Day Mugging - bse - Jun 17, 2004
         This version of "Mr. Clean" although billed as an album version, actually d...
  • 100 Lbs - scoundrel - Jun 7, 2004
         Though not as polished as it could be, Herbert’s debut album, 100 Lbs.
  • Sound Check EP - abdukted1456 - Jun 7, 2004
         SWEET! very chill deep tech house groove with a bit of urban flavor. A male...
  • Chris Meloche - ToxicTwinz - Jun 7, 2004
         The Canadian composer Chris Meloche has been writing music for electro-acou...
  • Distant Rituals - ToxicTwinz - Jun 7, 2004
         This album is a 70+ minute single track which, according to the liner notes...
  • Airdrawndagger - eidoom - Jun 7, 2004
         Generally i wouldn't have even considered touching this sort of album with ...
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