On the 14th June 2004 the website http://www.fluxmod.dk, more known as 'Fluxmod - The Fluxbox User community'
was shutdown and completly removed from the internet space by its administrator
a person which is known online with the alias of 'ikaro'.

First of all I would like to say some words to the people who, during the last 6 months supported Fluxmod, not only by the
many emails i recieved with personal compliments, but also those who submitet artwork and in that way,
supplied Fluxmod with stregths to keep going.
I would like to Thank you all, Fluxmod was a community for the people, made by the people, nothing of it would have been possible
without all the support from you guys, thanks!

However, as some of you might know, running a successfull website / Community, isn't a easy task,
It requires a lot of personal time, it requires a team of enthusiastic, professional and devoted people behind it
which put their efforts at one common goal- Keeping the site up, well and alive with less problems as possible.

Since Fluxmod went live in the internet for the first time in August 2003, 'Fluxmod' lacked a higher level
of technical support needed to acomplish the task that is, running a successfull internet community.

Fluxmod was started as my own personal website, where I would put my own fluxbox styles, but later it grew larger, I changed its name, and boght a new domain,
from there, the whole thing started to role.
Im not an experienced php or mysql programmer, and as you might imagine trying to solve complicated problems in these areas for a person
who understands about nothing about it, can be quite fustrating at times.

During fluxmods online time, I can count at least, 1 database crash which resulted in the whole site content being lost and starting over from scratch.
Changed though _5 different hosting solutions_, countless CMS software upgrades, which many of the times, never worked and alot of time had to be invested in
Saving the site from a deep death burial back to the light.
The innumerous CMS system bugs, too many to describe, caused many problems and headaches, and when you upgraded you would unleash hell.. it was an evil circle.

I don't want to flame the developers of the CMS I was using for Fluxmod, e107.org, Theyr system as greatly improved during the last year, and i think
They do a great job at doing what they do best, and e107 is probably one of the best CMS there is around.
However no software is bug free, some might be "lucky", and not encounter many of the problems and issues i had while running fluxmod, others might have
been even more unfortunate, I can't say.
I can only tell you what my experiences are with the system.

From a conversation I had with the SysAdmin of one of the hosting sponsors:

21:36 <xxx> you do a LOT of SQL queries
21:37 <xxx> 3112  mysql     97    0 33036K  8308K select  37.5H  6.79%  6.79% mysqld
21:37 <xxx> 16897 nobody    96    0 17896K  9828K select   0:00  1.23%  1.03% httpd
21:37 <xxx> 1704  root      96    0 16368K  7376K select  17:36  0.00%  0.00% httpd
21:37 <xxx> that's 1 session

These were issues that probably sucked out most of my energies. You always try to do you best, and it was inevitable that some complains would come up once in a while at the website about "why is it so slooow" so having that in mind, I tried to improve the site over time, by doing the evil software upgrades, searching sponsors for the site, asking for help to the fluxmod users, who would like to help with the site etc... I would like to say thanks to Ak|ra by helping in the forums and using Fluxmod to post his "Fluxbox-ak" releases and patches, izhirahider for his help in the forums, and specially to Asenchi for helping with the forums and for taking the administration of the site in some periods where I was unavailable to do so. On more recent events, after some of the users called my attention to the site beeing extremly slow, and the fact that I also experienced the same problem, I went on a look for a new sponsor, which I found after a short time. unfortunally, It was inevitable, the process of moving databases, moving files and pray so that it would work without a glitch, was asking too much. So i said to my self "It this goes amok again, I wont be bringing it back up" Which bring us to where we are now, ...if you are still reading this. I know, that some people liked the site, and the average of 1500 unique vesites per day, was prove of that. Im sorry to disapoint you, but as you might have found out by now, I really don't have the patience, energy or will to keep fighting the beast. When you think back that i started fluxmod on my desktop computer on a 256/128 kbits DSl line, and 6 months after it was where it stood, it's kinda funny :) The word went world-wide, I hope it helped many new fluxbox new-comers and somehow I hope it made a difference. Thanks to The Fluxbox Developers for making the most Kick-ass window manager ever. Keep up the good work. If you would like to download all the styles that were on Fluxmod, I have uploaded them to the following URL: http://ikaro.dk/tmp/Fluxmod-TheAshes.tar.bz2 ( The package contails all the downloads, mostly fluxbox styles 7.28MB ) 6203f81ee73afd3baa5f0fbb9d7647d9 Fluxmod-TheAshes.tar.bz2 Thanks everyone. ikaro@localhost ( connection reseted by peer )