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CREEM Goodies
November 1988
Volume 20, Issue 1

Michelle Shocked: Hell On Wheels

by Mark Kemp

Shriekback... On A Short Fuse
by Caroline Sulliavan

Pat Benatar
Too Short To Live?
by Liz Derringer

Robert Cray
Jumpin' In The Night.
by Holly Gleason

Was (Not Was)
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.
by Drew Wheeler

Blue Oyster Cult
Soap, Hamburgers and the entropic dissolution of the universe explained! Finally.
by George Smith

Havin' A Weenie Roast With The Dreem Syndicate
by Karen Schoemer

Rock 'n' Roll News
Slayer joins college of Cardinals; George Michael joins the distaff side; Poison joins the computer age; & more!
Cover Photo by Robert Matheu
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