Pregnant Ranma Problem

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In anime fandom a Pregnant Ranma Problem refers to any discussion of logistics of a token gimmick or plot point that would normally be governed by suspension of disbelief. Despite at times being a simple query from new fans, it usually pejoratively refers to people who over think an issue past simple quirky interest into aimless and retreaded debate.

The term comes from the series Ranma 1/2, a famous animated series for many novice fans, whose titular character through complicated circumstance would change gender if splashed with cold water, and returned to normal by hot water. Although the biological logistics were totally overlooked by the creator of the obviously comedic and absurdist story, debates about Ranma's feminine biological issues ("Could Ranma become pregnant as a woman, and what would happen?") were rampant on the internet to the point of annoyance, particularly by purists who consider the word of creators law (and tend to be irritated by the fandom's unusally extensive and usually wrong fanon). The series' creator's reaction to this was reportedly:"I don't think about that, and neither should you."

Note that this is different from a question merely never answered by a writer, or purposely left open to interpretation.

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