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'Volconvo' is a combination of the words volcano + conversation. The combo means heated debate, and that's exactly what the site's for (open discussion).

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Want Minimum Wage?
Posted by Kyran - 06-20-2004 - 132 comments
I thought it would be a good time to discuss this aspect of employer regulation. CNN news this morning has an article with Kerry advocating a minimum wage increase, following the Clinton tradition.


Choose a position and explain why it would help Americans.

Here is a link to some var ...read more
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What can we really gain from debate?
Posted by Sean - 06-13-2004 - 18 comments
Debate is so interesting to me because it seems like there are always the same old barriers:
  • Everyone thinks they're right
  • People let their bias control their reasoning/research (ex. let's only look at a liberal site for evidence of something)
  • People don't respond to arguments after their position has been stomped on
These are just some random barriers I thought of, so what's truly gained from all of this ...read more
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What was it about Reagan?
Posted by Sonart - 06-06-2004 - 58 comments
I mean no disrespect at the time of Reagan's passing, but at the same time, the question that I've wondered about for years is certainly apparent today. Exactly what is it about Ronald Reagan that's made him a Saint among conservatives and so liked by most Americans?

Was it his ethical, scandal free Administration? How could it be? The Clinton Administration, the "Most Corrupt of All Time" according to some, had a g ...read more
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