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IMHO ...Texas (Max Perry) is the sleeper from the 2004 JG2 event. Chris Rea is a UK artist but Texas must be in his soul! His bluesy voice combined w/guitar makes for a nice west coast ballad; Max captured the spirt of the song and it is COUNTRY! Max now calls Florida home ...sunshine obviously does a soul good January 2004, Possibility Foxtrot (Matt Monro) was born. March brought Texas (Chris Rea), May produced Steppin' Out (Tony Orlando) and now June brings us Baptized in Beer (Mark Chestnutt). The Lord Loves a Drinking Man ...may the sun continue to shine and the dances flow from one of the most talented choreographers in line dance! Max Perry comes to the WEST in November for Doug & Jackie Miranda's first Vegas Dance Explosion.
Texas video clip courtesy CJ

Keep On Dancin' workshop & social w/Doug & Jackie Miranda and Mark Cosenza July 24
DanceFunTasia happened in Maylasia June 18-20 ...view the playlists for the 3 socials.
Video Clips: LINE DANCIN' DOG ...STILL the most downloaded & REQUESTED file from this website!
Need video? CJ has ALL event dances in his video collection!
Texas ~ Guyton's How ya like it?
~ Scott's Coldblooded all courtesy of CJ
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Baptized in Beer
- Max Perry (The Lord Loves a Drinking Man!)
Mama Mia
- Bob Boesel
Hey Ya
- Judy McDonald
In A Moment
- Larry Bass (Grandpa by the Judds)
- Guyton Mundy/Pedro Machado
Party Till Dawn
- Scott Blevins
Rescue Me - Terry Hogan

Rough Diamond
- Terry Hogan
She Believes
- Sharon Hutchinson
Slow Burn - John Robinson/Kathy Hunyadi

Steppin' Out - Max Perry
3 AM - Mundy/Stevens/Warren
- Max Perry
The Way - Gerard Murphy (A GREAT Clay Aiken website)
Time To Get Up - Guyton Mundy

Truly Happy - Liz Clarke

Two Time Trick
- Scott Blevins
Waltzing & Waiting - Terry Hogan

Links to newer dances filling the San Francisco Bay Area floors: Built for Comfort - I Remember - House of Blue Lights - Imagaine - Swoop - Cha Cha Tonight - Angels Waltz - High Class Broads - Sky Full of Angels - Possibility Foxtrot - Under Your Spell - We Are The Same - Slow Burn - Mama Mia - L-A-EX
Windy City Oct 8-10 w/super stars
Simon Ward and Rachael McEnaney (Doubletree is STILL available)
Vegas DANCE Explosion
Nov 19-21 2004 w/Doug & Jackie Miranda
Move-In-Line Event Nov 6-7 w/Bracken Ellis

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