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Propaganda Gallery

28k World War I Propaganda 56k Demonizing the Enemy

In 1917, the film industry lended its wholehearted support to the war effort. Films like this one demonized the German people, portraying them as brutal, callous and stupid.

28k Triumph of the Will
56k Triumph of the Will

In 1934, Adolf Hitler asked Leni Reifenstahl to film the Nazi Party's annual rally in Nuremberg. The result was Triumph of the Will, a movie that is widely recognized as a classic work of propaganda.

28k US War Cartoon 56k Stepping Up Production

During the Second World War, Disney and Warner Brothers produced hundreds of propaganda films. This light-hearted clip calls on citizens to make sacrifices for the war.

28K Daffy Duck at War 56k Daffy Goes to War

The transfer technique is a staple of political propaganda. This short clip bolsters the war effort (represented by Daffy Duck) by evoking the courage and moral authority of respected figures in U.S. history.

28k Atom Bombs over Russia 56k A Big Bunch of Atom Bombs

Although the Soviet Union and the United States were once allies, their relationship had soured by the late 1940's. In this short clip, a concerned citizen suggests that the Soviet Union should be attacked with nuclear weapons.

28k He Must Be a Communist 56k He Must Be A Communist

In 1949, the President of the University of Washington argued that Communists should not be allowed to teach in U.S. universities. This short clip teaches people how to recognize Communists in their own communities.

28k Russian Invasion 56k Red Nightmare

During the repressive McCarthy era, many citizens feared a Soviet invasion of the United States. This clip from Red Nightmare dramatizes Communist subversion of the American family.

28k Pro-Communist Propaganda 56K Oppressor and Oppressed

Anti-communists certainly do not have a monopoly on propaganda. This clip is taken from a public access television show produced by the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA).