Heres the short story.. is down b/c the harddrive in the webserver went out. The same day that it went out the 
hard drice in the server i was using as a backup went out also. As of right now i'm waiting on the ISP to ship my server back 
so i can try and recover the site. I'll post more as i know it..

Things just havent been going well for me lately. for the past week or so I've been having these really bad headaches whenever 
i do any physical activity. I first noticed it during sex. I would get this really bad throbbing pain in the very back of my 
head whenever my heart would beat. Eventually it got to where any physical activity i did would cause it. even walking or 
doing anything. So i went to the doctor about it. They suggested i immediatly goto the emergency room and have a ct scan done. 
Anyway i went to the emergency room and told then what was going on and everything. anyway they made me pay half of $2700 
before they would do the test. After maxing out my credit cards and spending what cash i had i came up with ~1200 and they let 
me get the tests done. my doctor called me a few hours after the tests were done and tells me that he sees an anomoly but will 
need more tests done to determine what it is.. so later on that night i go home and find that 2 of my webservers are down.. 
vcdquality and another server i used for dns and backups.. anyway here i am.. broke.. no health insurance.. no vcdq.. 2 
servers down.. with an anomoly in my fucking head.. well i'm starting to get depressed talking about this shit.. and sofar 
i've only told you a little about what has happened.. some of the other things include (my gf getting kicked out of her house, 
her mom not letting her sister go on a trip we were going on just for her sister.. i spent $300 on hotel reservation and $140 
on tickets to a concert and now her sis cant go.. we went without her sis.. i got a speeding ticket.. 78 in a 60.. i didnt see 
the signs.. after driving 8 hours or so we get to the hotel.. its shitty.. anyway we goto sleep.. get up the next day to goto 
the show and its raining and muggy as hell.. since its an outdoor show we take our time getting there.. ohh we also brought 
our puppy with us and didnt really think that though well.. anyway we get to the show and the line is fucking LONG and its all 
sloppy and nasty so we sit in the car for a lil bit and decided just to go back home.. so we drove another 8-9 hours back 
home.. so we drove 1300 miles round trip and spent a fortune on gas.. paid for hotel rooms.. and paid for tickets to a 
show we didnt even goto.. ohh i forgot about my roommate telling me that I have untill the first (july first) to move out of 
the house i've been staying at for the past year or so. now i have no where to go.. i cant go back to my parents house.. cant 
goto my gf's house.. dont have the money for an apartment.. so i dunno what i'm gonna do.. i called a few friends but sofar 
no-one can let me say with em.. man my life just sucks right now.. 
Sofar i've gotten several emails saying that i'm lying. I swear everything that i said is true. I have never had such bad 
luck ever before in my life.. it seems like if it can go wrong it does go wrong lately. 

If anyone could donate anything to help me out right now i would greatly appreciate it 
x69 at

I threw togethor some code real quick to show the latest releases.. These lists are not complete.. just something i threw 
Latest VCD's
Latest everything's

I would like to thank everyone who has donated and emailed with their support. Any little bit greatly helps me out right now 
and its good to know that my visitors actually care about me. Thanks

I'm also looking for some experianced web developers who are GOOD with php, mysql, and css and are willing to volunteer and 
have the time to help with a new site please email me asap. CVS experiance is a plus. 

06-30-2004 3:52pm CST: The server came in.. it is infact the hard drive.. The drive does not spin. I changed the circuit board 
out with with another identical drive and it dosent spin with that board either. I think the motor in the drive went out b/c 
all it does is makes these very quiet clicks.. if anyone works at or knows someone who works at/owns a data recovery company 
and would be interested in recovering this drive in exchange for some advertising please contact me ASAP in the mean time work 
will continue on the new site..