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June 3, 2004

Undertaker may have no choice but to join forces with the Dudley Boyz and Paul Heyman. One week after Paul Bearer was kidnapped by the Dudleys, Heyman told the Deadman that he'll never see Bearer again, unless he agrees to align himself with the very men responsible for the kidnapping! Heyman said, "It's not Undertaker that has Paul Heyman by the throat... it's Paul Heyman who has YOU by the throat." Heyman said he'd give Undertaker one week to think about it. What will his decision be? Find out next week on SmackDown!

Also on the show, John Bradshaw Layfield announced the stipulation for his WWE Championship Match with Eddie Guerrero at The Great American Bash (Sunday, June 27 live on pay-per-view from Norfolk, Va.). JBL said that it'll be a Texas Bull Rope Match, meaning that Latino Heat -- the master of lying, cheating and stealing -- won't be able to get disqualified because there is no disqualification. The rules of the match: One man ties his hand to one end of the rope, the other man ties his hand to the other -- and from there, anything goes! To win, you must drag your opponent to all four corners and touch them in succession.

John Cena interrupted Booker T's in-ring interview, and soon a melee ensued between the two men. General Manager Kurt Angle came out and was inadvertently knocked over by Cena. Angle -- already injured, and already no fan of Cena's -- was irate. He threatened to call the WWE Board of Directors and have Cena stripped of the U.S. Championship! Surely there will be more developments next week on SmackDown!

Elsewhere on SmackDown!, Mordecai came out to the ring for a highly unusual prayer in which he insulted the crowd in Toronto, calling them sinners, and he damned them all to hell. He said, "Father, you will forgive the sinners, but I will not!"

It was also announced that Kenzo Suzuki of Japan will debut next week on the show.

SmackDown! kicked off with a tribute to Mr. James Dudley, who died earlier this week at the age of 93. Dudley is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame

Match Results:
WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero defeated Danny Basham 
Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Classic def. Funaki
Miss Jackie won the Summer Break Out Bikini Contest
Rey Mysterio def. Rene Dupree
Undertaker vs. Booker T ended in a no contest


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