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Causes Of The Civil War | Slavery |General References | Terminology & Quotations | The Confederacy | Civil War Timelines | Currency & Economics of The Civil War | Civilian Life | Weapons of The Civil War | Civil War Statistics | Battles | Medicine | Flags | Maps | Medals | Politicians, Military & Civilian Personal | Foreign Policy and Intervention | The Life of a Soldier | Women of The Civil War | Spies of The Civil War | Photographs, Poetry, News,  Music & Art | Food of The Civil War | Places | Prisoner of War Camps | Civil War Units |Reconstruction | Civil War Magazines

Causes Of The Civil War

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Causes of the American Civil War

Causes of the Civil War (Confederate View)

Missouri Compromise

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Nat Turner

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Confessions of Nat Turner

History of the Nat Turner Rebellion

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Kansas-Nebraska Act

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Bleeding Kansas

Bleeding Kansas

Details of the Dred Scott Case

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Alton Illinois-Elijah P. Lovejoy

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Avalon Project: The Kansas-Nebraska Act

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The First Wave Of Secession

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Ordinances of Secession Read the Ordinances of Secession from each state

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)John Brown Home Page

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)John Brown's Raid

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Harper's Ferry Maps & Information Take a virtual tour of this famous city

John Brown's Holy War

Eli Whitney, Inventor of the Cotton Gin

The Election of 1860

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General References

African-American Mosaic

Abolition Homepage

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Slave Narratives Collection of first hand accounts dealing with slavery

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Freedmen and Southern Society Project Studies the life of blacks during the Civil War and Reconstruction

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Chronology of Emancipation Important dates leading to Emancipation

King Cotton The Importance of Cotton to the way of the South

Plantations and the Importance of Cotton Great site with maps and photos!

Emancipation Proclamation

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Fugitive Slave Act

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Colonization of the Slaves

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Web Resources on Slavery

Slavery and Religion 

USA Slavery Excellent account of slaves, slave trade and the life of slaves

Conflict of Abolition and Slavery

Slave Rebellions

Follow The Drinking Gourd An excellent site dealing with how this song gave slaves information on how to run away to the North

House Slaves

Underground Railroad

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Underground Railroad

Taking the Train To Freedom

Aboard The Underground Railroad

Slavery and the Underground Railroad

History Of The Underground Railroad and Related Links

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Harriet Tubman And The Underground Railroad For Children

National Geographic Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad Information Site


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Harriet Tubman Read about the life of one of the conductors on the Underground Railroad

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Resources For Harriet Tubman Fabulous and extensive site on her and the Underground Railroad

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Sojourner Truth

Sojourner Truth Biography & Links

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Frederick Douglass

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Frederick Douglass Portrait

The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Read his early biography online

William Lloyd Garrison Noted Abolitionist and newspaper editor

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General References

When searching for information on the Civil War it is best to start with these sites. They are major collections of information and will most likely have what you are looking for

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Dakota State University Scads of information on the Civil War. More links than you can shake a stick at.

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)American Civil War

Civil War Causes, Timelines, Statistics, Flags and Maps

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)U.S.   Civil War Center The depth of this site is almost beyond belief!

Kids Civil War Resource Center

Cindi's List of Civil War Sites Absolutely massive collection of Civil War Information

Civil War Links A good assortment of Civil War Information

The Civil War by the Smithsonian Institute

Civil War and Reconstruction Excellent information from the Library of Congress

The American Civil War Very good overview of the war

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Resources  Follow the war from abolition to reconstruction. Fabulous reconstruction information.

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Civil War Overview Takes you through the main phases of the war

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)American Civil War Homepage Just tons of information!

The American Civil War-The Struggle To Save The Union

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Schoff Civil War Collections Letters, diaries, photos and regimental histories grace this site

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)New York City Draft Riots

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Outline of The Civil War Super site that covers events before, during and after the war.

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Supplies Learn how the armies moved their supplies

Civil War Firsts

Names for the Civil War

Why The Union Won

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Terminology & Quotations

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Terminology

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Quotes

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Quotes

Civil War Slang

The Rebel Yell

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The Confederacy

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Era Of The Confederacy

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Museum of The Confederacy

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)The Confederate States Of America

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Civil War Timelines

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The History Place-US Civil War 1861-1865

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)This Week In The Civil War

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

Currency & Economics of The Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes) Learn about the currency, bonds and stamps of the Confederacy

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Reconciliation The Economics of the Civil War era and its aftermath

Cost of the Civil War

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Civilian Life

Civilian Etiquette:Mealtime Manners

Crossing the Threshold Excellent site about the role of the elite Southern white women Great site for information on society and clothing during this period

Toys and Games of the Civil War

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Weapons of The Civil War

General Weapons & Information

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Shoulder Arms A description of the shoulder weapons used during the Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Spencer Repeating Rifle

Civil War Weapons

Weapons of the War


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Artillery Don't know the difference between a Napoleon and a Parrot field piece. You will after reading this

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Artillery Home Page

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Field Artillery in the Civil War

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Civil War Heavy Artillery

Civil War Artillery - Ammunition

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

Civil War Statistics

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Fox's Regimental Losses

Civil War Statistics

Death of Union Forces by State

Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War

Casualties in the Civil War

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)


General References

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Battles By State   Read about the battles and find out who won which battle.

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Battles By Campaign

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Sites Advisory Commision Both Battles by State and Battles by Campaigns in one site.

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War in the Southeast

Virtual Civil War Battlefield Tour

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Blue And Gray Trail Read of the battles that happened in Georgia

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Orders Of Battle An Order of Battle is an organizational structure of the armies fighting at a specific battle

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Chronological List of Civil War Battles What to learn about all the battles in the Civil War? This is the place!

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)The Anaconda Plan

Eastern Theater




bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Chickamauga

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Kennesaw Mountain

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Atlanta Campaign

Map of Sherman's March Through Georgia

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Sherman's March To The Sea


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Antietam One of the best sites on Antietam around

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Antietam (Sharpsburg) The National Park Service site on this battle. Excellent!

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Lost Order Mystery Special Order 191 The lost order that gave Lee's battle plans prior to Antietam

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Monocacy Read about the battle that was called "The Battle That Saved Washington."

North Carolina

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Bentonville


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Gettysburg Revisited Super site for learning about this famous battle

Artillery At Gettysburg

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Battle of Gettysburg Homepage Excellent resource for learning about this battle

Pickett's Charge

Weather Conditions During the Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Gettysburg Resource Center

South Carolina

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Crisis At Fort Sumter Excellent site dealing with the events leading to the battle and the battle

Fort Sumter

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Battery Wagner Where the famous 54th Mass Colored Regiment fought so bravely

Sherman's March Through South Carolina


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)St. Albans Raid Learn about the northern most military action of the Civil War


bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Shenandoah Valley Very detailed account by the National Park Service

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)First & Second Battles Of Manassas

The Battlefields of Manassas

The Peninsula Campaign

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Brandy Station The Civil Wars largest Cavalry battle

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Fredericksburg Battlefield

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Siege of Petersburg

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Richmond: Embattled Capitol

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Appomattox

Western Theater


Vicksburg The National Parks site on the siege of Vicksburg


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Chattanooga

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Battle Of Shiloh

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Battle of Stones River

Battle of Franklin


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Last Battle

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Medicine

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Medical Terms

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Anesthetics In The Field And General Hospitals

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Medicine

Sites For Civil War Medicine

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)United States Sanitary Commission

Hospitals of the Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Chimborazo Hospital The largest hospital during the Civil War located in Richmond

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)National Museum of Civil War Medicine

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Civil War Medicine Index


Civil War Nurses: The Angels of the Battlefield

Civil War Nurses

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Confederate Flags

Flags of the Confederacy

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Confederate Stars and Bars  Follow the history of the Confederate National Flag

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Map Collection-American Civil War A collection of some of the more important areas of the Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Kirchner's Map of the Confederacy

Maps of Battles By States

Civil War Virtual Battlefield Tours

Civil War Atlas

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Secession Map

State Alliance Map Shows which states sided with each side

Civil War Battlefield Image Maps

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)


Confederate Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Politicians, Military & Civilian Personal


bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Civil War Biographies Both military and civilian

Civil War Generals

Men - Union


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Andrew Johnson

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Abraham Lincoln For more links on Lincoln go to my Government Page

The Justification of Abraham Lincoln's Extension of Executive Powers

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)The Copperheads


Ambrose Bierce, Master of the Macabre

Men - Confederacy


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Beauvior Visit the place where President Davis spent many of his final years

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Howell Cobb

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Jefferson Davis


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)A History of John Wilkes Booth

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Death of John Wilkes Booth

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)John Wilkes Booth Biography

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Foreign Policy and Intervention

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)The Trent Affair

The Diplomacy of the American Civil War

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

The Life of a Soldier

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Johnny Reb's life as a soldier

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Religion in the Civil War Armies

Religion in the Civil War - The Northern Side

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Confederate Infantry Private

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Life in a Civil War Army Camp

A Soldier's Life

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Soldiers Pay

Uniforms of the Civil War

Union Uniforms

Confederate Uniforms

Civil War Enlisted Uniforms

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

Women of The Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Women of the Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Women Soldiers In The Civil War

Clara Barton

Clara Barton Biography

Dorothea Dix

Mary Todd Lincoln

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)10th S.C Infantry Ladies Auxiliary

Mary Chesnut, 1823-1886. A Diary from Dixie

Women of the 19th Century

Emma Edmonds Union nurse and spy

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

Spies of The Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Rose O'Neal Greenhow

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Confederate Cipher Wheel

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Elizabeth Van Lew "Crazy Bet"

Spying in the Civil War

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

Photographs, News, Poetry, Music & Art

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Alfred Waud Gallery See the art works of the famous Civil War artist

Civil War Photographs An excellent site with photographs of people and battlefields

Library of Congress Civil War Photographs

The Dead of the Civil War These images may be unsettling to children

Civil War Newspapers 

Selected Poetry of Walt Whitman

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Poetry and Music of The Civil War

Official Site of Negro Spirituals

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)The History of "Taps"

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Music of the Civil War sound.gif (538 bytes)Listen to the music of the Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Folk Music

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Civil War Cartoons and Caricatures Excellent site that now only shows the satire of the Civil War and slavery but also has a wonderful narrative explaining it.

Caricatures Pertaining to the Civil War

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

Food of The Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Recipes Of The Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Pequot Mess Recipes

The Civil War Cookbook

Food and Rations in the Civil War

Feeding Billy Yank

Civil War Food

Civil War Cooking Utensils

Nineteenth Century Recipes

Historic Recipes

Berks County Recipes From Pennsylvania

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)


bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Gettysburg National Park

Gettysburg For Kids

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Unofficial Visitors Guide to Gettysburg

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Ford's Theater Visit the place where Lincoln was assassinated

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Surratt House Museum Visit the house where Booth stopped after assassinating Lincoln

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Virginia Civil War Home Page

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Civil War Traveler Travel through several of the states involved in the war

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)North Carolina Civil War Page

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War at Charleston Where secession started

Civil War Richmond

Laurel Hill The early home of Confederate General JEB Stuart

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Arlington National Cemetery

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Appomattox Courthouse National Park

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Antebellum Georgia

Civil War National Cemeteries

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

Prisoner of War Camps

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Archeology at Andersonville History, conditions and Archeology of the imfamous prisoner of war camp

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Andersonville

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Andersonville II Whose fault was it? Captain Wirz? Maybe not

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Wirz Trial Home Page Excellent site on the trial of Captain Wirz

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Prisons In Illinois

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Images Of The Civil War: Prisons & Prisoners

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Point Lookout, Maryland

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Florence Stockade

Civil War Concentration Camps

Prison Camps of the Civil War

Civil War Prisons

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)

Civil War Units

General References

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Civil War Reenactors Learn how to reenact the days of the Civil War

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Genealogy Learn how to locate your relatives who may have fought in the war

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Signal Corps

Civil War Telegraph Service

Signal Corps Reenactors' Division

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Zouaves


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Union Regimental Links

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Union Military & Pension Records Learn how to locate information on Unions Soldiers

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)U.S. Army Rank Structure Includes photos of the insignias

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Illinois Regiments

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Iowa Civil War Page

Garibaldi Guards 39th New York


bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Confederate Regimental Links Great resource for checking out the various regiments

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Confederate Army Rank Structure Includes photos of the insignias

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Mississippi Civil War Information

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Confederate Irregular Warfare Rangers and Guerrilla Units

William Quantrill

Colored Troops

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The 54th Mass. Volunteers One of the most famous black regiments and shown in the movie Glory.

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)54th Massachusetts Infantry

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Robert Gould Shaw Memorial Learn about the commander of the 54th Mass

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Confederate Law Authorizing Black Soldiers

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Confederate Colored Troops

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Colored Troops Of The Civil War Massive site on the Colored Troops of the war

Black Soldiers of the Civil War

Native American Troops

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Civil War in the Indian Territory

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Native American Regiment Links

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Union and Confederate Indians in the Civil War


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Index of Civil War Naval Forces Absolutely loaded with Civil War Naval information

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Sultana Tragedy

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Civil War Navy Chronology

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Star Of The West Read about the ship that went to resupply Fort Sumter just before war broke out

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Civil War Naval War

bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)Confederate States Navy 

C.S.S. Hunley Submarine Recovery Information


bullet1.jpg (662 bytes)War on Horseback

Famous Horses of the Civil War

arrow.gif (1681 bytes)


bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)The Reconstruction of North Georgia

Jim Crow Laws and Restrictions Excellent site that shows the restrictions placed on the former slaves

Jim Crow Links

History of Jim Crow

Reconstruction Plans

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)Radical Reconstruction

bullet1.jpg (916 bytes)End of Reconstruction

Life After The Thirteenth Amendment

Reconstruction-Johnson's Plan Also has other Reconstruction plans

The Freedmen's Bureau Online

Freedmen's Bureau

Ku Klux Klan

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