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Who Did It?
Solve the mystery of the upcoming episode:
Ep. 25 - Better Off Forgotten
Airing on Adultswim: [07-05-04]
Just as Richard’s luck seems to be running out after a bad day at the horse races with a revenge fueled escaped con bearing down on him, a beautiful woman practically falls into his arms. The only problem is, she can’t remember a thing about herself, except her name. Can Richard help this woman regain her memory and, if so, will it only get him into more trouble than he’s already in?
Which suspect do you think did it?
Hint: Necklace!
     Maya (vote)    
     Harrison Yancy (vote)    
     Suspect 1 (vote)    
Here is who you thought did it in the latest episode:
Ep. 24 - Smooth Sailing Part 2 [07-01-04]
Were you right?
Watch this episode on the Cartoon Network to find out.
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