Updated Dec.13,2001 20:16 KST   

Ice Hockey League Looks to Foreign Players

In a recent meeting with the Korea Ice Hockey Association, owners of ice hockey teams Dongwon Dreams, Halla Winia, and Hyundai Oil Bankers announced their decision to hire foreign players, two for each team for the Summer League to be launched in February 2002. Accordingly, the association is planning to finalize the matter by December 20 after discussions with the three teams. "As North American players are priced high and play rough, we are planning to hire players strong at individual play from eastern European countries and the former Soviet Union such as Russia, Czech, and Kazakhstan," said an insider of the association. "Considering the current situation, the most realistic way of picking up a player lies not in competition but in try-out and draft," he added.

(Gang Ho-cheol, jdean@chosun.com )

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