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The best way to understand Quest For Glory II is to experience it:

Welcome to the desert city of Shapeir, where the days are warm, and the open plazas bustle with the activities of friendly merchants. The crystal-clear water of the fountain provides a priceless treasure for the inhabitants of this desert land, and the smell of felafels, mixed with other exotic aromas, waft temptingly from the stand of the local Katta food merchants. Proudly-dressed guards patrol the bazaar, sometimes stopping to look over the wares that various merchants are selling, and other times, just to engage you in friendly conversation.

From the magnificence of the Sultan's palace, to the silliness of the Magic shop, each new person and place you encounter is a fresh and exciting experience! This is what makes a hero's life just that little bit more interesting! The smell of sulphur and smoke drift heavily from beneath the apothecary's door as Harik the druggist creates the pills and antidotes that could end up saving your life. And the constant, dull clashing of steel echoes loudly throughout the Plaza of Fighters as Issur, the Weaponsmith, tempers the blade of yet another fine, but expensive weapon.

Just outside the city gate, your trustworthy Saurus awaits your travels, and a burly guard stares intently out at the shifting sand dunes, anticipating the approach of any desert dweller that might be so foolish as to attack Shapeir.

All things considered, a person could really settle down in a place like Shapeir... but not for long. Soon, the unthinkable begins to happen, and the desert city falls into great danger! A hero is needed, and fortunately for Shapeir, you are there to answer the call of duty! But why is this suddenly happening? What could possibly be causing the situation? And can Shapeir be saved from the same fate that befell its sister city, Raseir, exactly a year ago? Nobody can say! Because YOU are the hero! And the outcome of all this depends on you honing your unique skills and techniques to the best of your ability.

If you succeed, glory will be yours! But if you fail, nobody will survive to remember your name...

For more information, please refer to the QFG2VGA FAQ.
Shapeir may be beautiful, but it can also be deadly! You'll need all your wits and reflexes to survive this adventure!
These early concept screenshots are just a taste of what the final game will look like!
Recognize this room?
Now that King's Quest II: Romancing The Stones has been released, the development team will concentrate on the Quest For Glory II remake. The scheduled release date cannot be predicted at this point, but as completion draws closer, information will be posted here.

12/01/03 Update: QFG2VGA will be released sometime in 2004. A more specific estimate is not available.
AGDI uses the free engine Adventure Game Studio (AGS for short) written by Chris Jones to make our games. To the right are the current AGS stats for QFG2VGA.

Of course, with QFG2VGA still in development, the numbers will increase somewhat before the game is released.

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