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July 4, 2004
5:31am EST

  >> Static Item >> Fiction >> Drama >> ID #493180
  All Genres:   Drama :: Other
 Sole Purpose
Intro Rated:
 A fairy tale retold.
    by: Excentriqua (1) View eccentrica's Portfolio! [Offline / Private] Email User: eccentrica [Offline / Private]Add eccentrica To My Authors Add To My Favorites   Tell A Friend   Printer Friendly Page 
    Item Size:   35.63 KBytes
    Created:     1:49pm on 08-10-2002
    Modified:    4:01pm on 12-22-2003

Avg Rating: (17)


PetLovers.Com   (http://www.PetLovers.Co...)
A brand new community for pet lovers and animal enthusiasts.

A time ago upon a Sunday, Sam sat sullenly on her armchair, oblivious to the blaring music coming from her elder sister Elizabeth's room. That was Elizabeth alright -- loud, vicious, and obnoxious. It was also similar to Sam’s oldest sister, Carol. With her voted homecoming queen this year, Carol's normal threats and outburts had now become unbearable. She was now prone to running around the house with the plastic tiara, barking orders at Sam to get out of her way. To Carol, the most import thing in life was maintaining her image, and she was determined to always get her way.

Elizabeth thought Carol a fine role model, and found herself always mentioning her sister’s name to get special privileges in the junior social circle, such as invites to parties or a hot date here and there. Anything her sister deemed “cool” was always a hit with Elizabeth. After all, Elizabeth would be expected to live up to Carol’s status, and she might as well go with the current flow. But that didn't mean she showed her appreciation, of course. What was life without sibling rivalry?

But Sam was different. While her sisters went out and partied hard, Sam was perfectly happy curling up on the couch and immersing herself in a good book. When her sisters goofed around at their friends' houses abandoning their studying for talk of Jimmy’s relationship with Sarah, Sam stayed at home, worked hard, and got good grades. Somewhere inside her, Sam knew that that life was not for her. Popularity was not her mission, understanding and respect were. But in spite of this she was deemed as a misfit in this society filled with people like Elizabeth and Carol, and was mostly ignored. People were intimidated by her unique nature, and just felt more comfortable leaving her alone. Yet even though her life was not filled with as much fun and games as her sisters', Sam still retained a kind and compassionate attitude, and always tried her best to please people, but most importantly, please herself.

But that afternoon, Sam was not her usual self. She was alone sulking in the living room, thinking about her prediciment. 97.5 JAM had just broke the news across Phoenix that Soul Purpose was coming to town September 23, about a month and a half away. Sam was at first ecstatic! She had fallen in love with Soul Purpose's music from the moment the notes first graced her ears; it had been the first CD she had bought, in fact. Sam found that the music suited her personality perfectly -- the lyrics seemed to call out to her and brought her hope that one day she might be more understood by people. One of her biggest wishes was to see them in concert, and lo and behold, here was her chance! But then it dawned on her how much the tickets would cost. She was flat broke now, and one and a half months wasn't that far away to raise the money for a good seat.

It wasn't really enough time to get a job, either. A decent job anyway, like at the local ice cream parlor or one inside the department store. The only option for her so far was babysitting, but Sam wasn't sure if she would undergo that torture, even for Soul Purpose. Looking after two-year-old brats wasn't something high on her to do list, especially if she was paid under minimum wage. Mowing lawns wasn't too great of an opportunity either, seeing how she'd literally fry in the over 100 degree weather. Nope, she had to find something that she could do inside with the comforts of air conditioning and that could be done independently. Sam was far better off working on her own.

"Is that what you do all day, just sit there getting fat, watching TV?"

Carol's bitter remark snapped Sam out of her current thoughts.

"At least make yourself useful and pick up my headwrap while you're lying there! Lord knows I need some help around here. Prom's in three weeks and I still need to organize my accessories! It doesn't help that I can't enjoy my senior prom in peace, either. Who was the stupid person who decided to have a junior prom as well!? I'm trying to keep my outfit a complete surprise, but how in Heaven's name can I do that with Miss Nosy going through my things? I don't care if she is my sister, all she is to me is a pest."

"I'm a pest?! You're the one who thinks
you're so important and deserves V.I.P. treatment! Annoying and snotty," Elizabeth retorted, stomping into the hallway. "And you never ever shut up. I had my volume cranked up and I still somehow managed to hear you! Your voice could break glass!"

Sam rolled her eyes and heaved a deep sigh. Family feud. They had been like this ever since they both found out they were going to prom. Carol thought that she should be the only one in the family to go since she was the oldest, and Elizabeth thought she had the right to go because she was so "mature" for her age. The blessing of having them both out of the house on their own had vanished, seeing how prom required some "major" planning.

Sam contemplated throwing out a sarcastic comment to shut them both up, but then thought better of it. Somehow, through all the shouting and fighting she had connected the two problems into a single solution.

"So you two are really sick of each other, huh?"

"No, I'm only about this close to giving Elizabeth a kiss. With my hand. In her face."

Before Carol had dished out her blow, Sam managed to get her reply out out. "Yeah, I was just checking. Well, how would you like me to help you both? I know with prom coming you have a lot to do, and I'll take care of your regular chores so it will give you more time to concentrate on Prom 2003. And then you might even have some time to go out and have some fun... Well, what do you think?"

"What's in it for you? I know you must have some devious little plot,” Elizabeth spat.

"There would only be a small inconvenience you for you. All I require is a little bit of....compensation. $2 a day and Sundays off. That's all."

Carol hesitated. "I don't have enough one dollar bills for that. You honestly think I can give them out like candy? But I'll give you a twenty or whatever I owe you on the day of prom. That's it. Do we have a deal?"

"And that goes for me too, about the money," Elizabeth interrupted. "And yes, we have a deal."

"I wasn't talking to you!"

"Well, I had something to say!"

Sam hurriedly got her word in. "Sure, that's great. I'll start tomorrow!" Then in the midst of the fighting she hopped out of the fray and headed for her room. She could hardly suppress her joy! She was going to see Soul Purpose, her favorite band!

"This is as good as it gets...."she murmured, flopping onto her bed. "I'll finally get to see them all in person! Stephen, Joey, Michael, Rachel... No concert videos anymore, I'll be there for the real thing!"

Yes, the plan was working in her head. Prom came three days before tickets went on sale. As soon as she got her money, Sam would pack things up in preparation for getting at the front of the line -- she had to have the best seats, and she was going to get them even if she had to be camped outside the box office for three days. Oh, she could hardly wait!


"Samantha, where's my dress? Aren't you finished ironing it yet?"

"Sammie, get up here now! My room is a mess!"

Sam moaned. Oh the nicknames, how she loathed them. Day after day, year after year, she had pleaded with her siblings to call her Sam. S-A-M. That was how she liked her name, short and sweet. But ever since the two had sensed that she detested the names they used them all the more. Their sister did not have a nice smile, but her scowl was a funny sight to behold. Thus, Sam had been plagued by their pet names ever since.

"And bring up my shoes while you're down there! But don't open the shoebox, I don't want you touching my footwear!"

The scowl surfaced again. Sam had put up with this for nearly three weeks, and she was tired of being ordered around by her sisters night and day. "I. Cannot. Take. This. Any. Longer," she grumbled. "Thank God the stupid prom is tonight and I'll be rid of this by six o 'clock! Now that's something to celebrate. All I have to do is get through these last crazy hours..." She sighed, picked up the shoebox, and made her way upstairs.

"Don't go to her room first, I need my dress right now!"

"But I'm closer! Samantha, come here!"

Sam positioned herself in the middle of the hallway and stuck her arms out as far as she could. She knew better than to play favorites with her sisters, for it was their way of blackmail. Each girl reached out and grabbed their item.

"Now come in here and get busy cleaning," Elizabeth barked.

"After I have my dress on you better be in here brushing my hair," Carol warned.

Sam shrugged her shoulders. What choice did she have?


After two straight hours of last minute prom preparation, it looked as if the two girls were finally ready to head out. All that was left to do was to pay Sam for her hard work over the past three weeks. Carol paused for a moment, and then spoke.

"Well Samantha, you have worked hard, and we thank you for your labor. I didn't have to put up with Elizabeth as much as I would have, and that's certainly a blessing."

"Yes, and being away from Carol's constant screeching is quite the delight too," Elizabeth quickly added. "Ah, bliss!"

Carol cleared her throat. "Anyway, we do appreciate it. And we love the job you do! My room hasn't been so clean in ages. And since you're so good at cleaning, Elizabeth and I have devised something else for you to do."

Elizabeth laughed. "Yes Sammie, you'll certainly have fun doing this. Why, it's as close as you'll come to a real party, considering you never get invited anywhere. You're so dull, dear, live a little."

"I'll do what I want, thanks," Sam replied tartly. "Enough already, what do you want now?"

"You are going to clean up after the post prom party tonight, Samantha."

"Party?" She laughed. "What? Mom and Dad would never allow that. You know how picky they are about cleanliness--"

"You fail to remember, Samantha, that our parents are both out of town this week. Mom's at her cousin Stephanie's wedding, and Dad's on that business trip to New York. So that means we're in charge, honey, and you have to do what we say."

"Well you aren't getting me to cooperate. There's no way I'm going to cover for you bimbos. You clean up your own party!"

"Oh I'm sure you'll be willing to comply once you understand the consequences. You wouldn't want Mom and Dad to get some incriminating evidence, would you?" Elizabeth answered slyly.

"I haven't done anything wrong! My slate is clean. You've got nothing on me."

"Oh Samantha, you're such a good little girl. Mommy and Daddy would never suspect you were up to anything. You spend all your time up in your room, and never go out to cause trouble. But then, what do you do up in your room? Something like this?" Elizabeth then raised a small plastic bag filled with crack.

"Of course, you're probably too much of a wuss to be into drugs, but our parents don't know that, do they? What with how busy they are with work and social engagements..."

It was true. The McAllens were a hectic family, and there was always something going on. The Mr. and Mrs. weren't too into family life, and basically let their daughters be. As long as their grades were satisfactory, they could do almost whatever they wanted. Once they saw the bag, they would be convinced Sam was a teenage druggie, and they wouldn't want that dirtying their reputation.

"Ugh! Fine, I'll play your stupid game. On one condition -- I get extra pay."

"Oh, and that's another thing," Carol hissed nastily. "We're not paying you a dime." Elizabeth laughed. "Sorry," Carol continued, "but we're just plain broke. Prom's an expensive thing, you know," she said smirking.

"What!? After all I've done you're just going to ignore it? What did I ever do to you!?"

The sisters were silent for a moment. "Can't remember. Oh well."

"You can't do this to me! I'll tell Mom and Dad and... you'll be grounded for a month!"

"You're forgetting the evidence, dear sister," replied Elizabeth coolly. "You can't do anything to stop us."

It was insane. After all her hard work Sam was betrayed. Not only was she not going to get to see Soul Purpose, she was also going to be laboring nonstop until her parents got home. She tried to think of an answer to this problem, but none came. There was nothing she could do to stop her evil sisters. If she refused and her sisters presented the drugs to her parents they would be furious, take away all her privileges, and most likely send her off to some military school. She had no money to run off with for a couple days, and nobody she could trust to defend her. It was hopeless. Tears started to seep out of her eyes, and it was all she could do to stop herself from screaming in agony in front of her tormentors.

"Have a nice night, Sammie. See you in a couple hours."

The door slammed shut, and at its sound Sam collapsed on the sofa sobbing.


The next month was all a blur, the only thing Sam seemed to remember was her misery. True, the week after the prom she had been released from her cleaning duties (her sisters surprisingly possessed a low degree of sympathy. Either that or now that their parents had hired a weekly maid to take care of the house they had no need for less professional slave labor), but she was still going to miss seeing Soul Purpose. Tickets sold out less than two hours after the opening of the box office, and there was not a seat left. The concert was tomorrow night, and instead of standing in the crowded arena she would be left at home studying French.

On the radio Soul Purpose's song "Tragic Night" came on, perfectly expressing Sam's current mood. Even though it brought the despair of not hearing it in person upon her, she still felt comforted by the song. In the midst of the loud percussion and energetic guitar there were lyrics about how life was pain, but we could all get through it. It was filled with hope.

"That was 'Tragic Night' by Soul Purpose. We're really looking forward to seeing them live tomorrow night! Caller 7 gets front row tickets, call right now, 930-2919! Remember, more opportunities every hour!"

The message seemed to ring in her ears. Of course! Radio stations always dished out free tickets. How could she have been so stupid? Sam quickly scrambled for the phone and dialed in the station. Busy. "Blast!" But even though she had not won this contest, there would for sure be another. She'd just have to listen to the radio all day, and soon the opportunities would have to arise!

So all day long Sam spent listening to the rock radio stations, ears strained for the special tone that would alert her to call in. She now had the number memorized, and her fingers had become so used to the numbers that she could have done it blindfolded. So far she had tried 98.2 ROCK five times, KJO 102.7 four times, and 97.5 JAM six times. It was very exasperating. What if she didn't win tickets? All this time she thought she had found an easy solution, but now it seemed just another problem. A deep sigh escaped her mouth, and her spirit seemed to be going along with it. The last call in had been just five minutes ago, and she had a whole 50 minutes to do whatever she wished. As a hope of escapism she logged onto the computer, and signed onto her Instant Messenger.

Although she was rather quiet in real life (with the exception of comebacks to her sisters), once Sam sat down in the swivel chair and placed her hands on the keyboard, she turned into a boisterous debater and very outgoing person. Messageboards were her passion, and she loved meeting people who shared the same interests as her. It was a haven to someone who was so misunderstood by people to feel like she finally "fit in".

Tonight she only found two of her contacts signed in. One, someone who she hardly spoke to, and the other her best friend Beth. Sam felt she could only trust and confide in Beth in this world. Beth was her kindred spirit -- she understood, helped, and supported Sam all the time. Normally Sam would have just commenced a normal conversation with Beth to distract her from life's problems, but tonight she was in a ranting mood.

SoulPurposeGrl32: *sigh* May I vent?
FamedFaerie00: LOL, certainly.
SoulPurposeGrl32: Well, it's probably obvious how much I love Soul Purpose...
FamedFaerie00: Really? I could never tell! ;)
SoulPurposeGrl32: LOL, well, remember all that I told you about my vile sisters and their forcing me to do slave labor?
FamedFaerie00: That was so terrible of them! I still can't believe they did that. *huggles* What did those jerks do to you now?
SoulPurposeGrl32: Well, because they didn't pay me I couldn't get tickets to the Soul Purpose concert tomorrow. :'( But on the radio they're giving away tickets on the hour!! So I thought my dream had come true, y'know? I thought it was some sort of sign...but I've altogether tried 15 times and no such luck. I don't know why I'm telling you this. I guess I just want to tell someone about the dilemma.
FamedFaerie00: Well dear, I can't really offer much. :( I wish I could be there in Phoenix so I could just lend you the money, but unfortunately I'm stuck here up in Seattle. But I'm cheering for you, hon! I wish you the best of luck! *puts on her magic hat, gets out a wand and says "Hocus Pocus", instantly blessing Sam with the optimist spell* Don't worry, be happy! =P Everything will be much better now. What is it? Ah, "This too shall pass." *gets out her e-keychain with lucky rabbit's foot attached and emails it over to Sam* That's better, isn't it? *giggles* But remember, you only get the luck that comes with the rabbit's foot when you're confident! Any of that characteristic Sam pessimism and poof! That's your warning. ;)
SoulPurposeGrl32: LOL! Oh thanks so much Beth, that was so nice of you! At least you cheered me up. :D And as long as I have the wonderful Beth's "grace" I know I shall get those tickets!
FamedFaerie00: That's the ticket! LOL, no pun intended, of course. =P Hey I'm sorry babe, but I g2g. Ttyl, okay? And good luck!
SoulPurposeGrl32: Aw, okay Beth. Thanks so much! Take care!
FamedFaerie00: You too! Bye!

Filled with new hope and determination, Sam sat down in the armchair, hand poised above the "redial" button on the phone, and ears set for the special noise. There it was, on ROCK! Her body shook in anticipation. Would she be picked? But alas, after four tries at getting in those phone lines, she concluded ROCK was far too busy.

After calling into KJO and still getting the busy tones, Sam was losing hope. But what about that old clich� of "third time's the charm"? Sam hated she was more than willing to be open to this! "Please, if there was any justice in the world, let me get into JAM."

At first there was only silence on the other end of the line, but then a lone ring surfaced, which was soon followed by another. It was such a beautiful sound! After many monotonous beeping noises the ring sounded wonderful! And then there was an even better sound:

"Congratulations! You've just won up-close seats to Soul Purpose's Concert tomorrow night! Who is this?"

"Yes!" She squealed like a little girl. "This is Sam calling from Phoenix, thank you so much! Soul Purpose is my favorite band! I can't believe I get to go after all!"

The DJ laughed, and then gave her the
directions to the station where she could pick up her tickets. Then Sam, giddy with excitement, drove her beat up Chevy downtown with the realization that one of her dreams had actually come true.


"Row A, Miss. All the way to the front, and slightly on your left."

Sam gruffly muttered her thanks and then made her way down towards the stage. How could she possibly think about manners when she was finally here in the arena? Of course, she probably wouldn't be hearing Soul Purpose for another hour and a half or so, but there was no way that she wouldn't get to hear them at all. Lorena Imuta would be on in a little for the opening act, and then it was only time until she heard her band! This would be one of the greatest nights of her life.

"Phoenix, are you ready?" the loudspeaker boomed. "Put your hands together for Lorena Imuta!"

Amid a sea of applause and shouts, a young woman gracefully waltzed onto the stage. She began to go into one of her hit songs "Mind Altering", and after that was finished continued onto the next. All in all she was a talented singer, yet she lacked the spunk that only Soul Purpose had, in Sam's opinion. But sooner than she expected, Lorena made her exit and the moment Sam had been waiting for was on hand.

Soul Purpose made their way onto the stage, each dressed in a different color. It was the band’s gimmick to all come together as a “soul”, and they did that by adhering to their philosophy. Their philosophy was that when the four elements (fire, earth, water, and wind) came together they created the perfect balanced atmosphere. Each band member represented a different element, and was very impressive on their own. But when the band united, they made an even better sound because they all came together in perfect harmony. Stephen was the lively and passionate one, and represented fire; Joey was the levelheaded and stable one, and represented earth; Michael was the determined and spontaneous one, and represented air; and Rachel was the compassionate and supportive one, and represented water. They each dressed in crimson, emerald, crystal, and sapphire colors accordingly.

To Sam this was one of her main reasons for loving the band. Unlike most groups that were just thrown together without a care, Soul Purpose seemed to have a reason for everything they did. They were different, just like Sam was, and that’s why they were so important to her.

“Alright folks, we’ve got a dynamite show for you tonight! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!”

And then the music started, driving all other thoughts from Sam’s mind. The joy that came with the experience of being right up close to her idols - only about five feet away - was indescribable. She had adored them for six whole years, and here they were, right in front of her. Their music seemed only to be directed at her, and nobody else. All through the eleven songs she yelled along the lyrics, and danced to the beat. If there was one time in her life where she was truly happy and cared not about the world’s problems, this was probably it.

“Thank you all! And for our last number, we have a special treat for you. All through this concert our scouts have been searching the crowd, looking for our 'number one fan'. Ladies and gents, we bring you Soul Purpose’s most dedicated! You, in the front row with the lavender shirt and blue corduroys -- get up here!

It took Sam about ten seconds to discern that the band was speaking to her. All around her people were screaming with envy, and pushing her towards the stage steps. For the life of her she couldn’t figure out what all the commotion was about. But then as a nearby young woman bumped her, she caught sight of the sleeves of her peasant top. They were a pale purple, the same color that Michael had shouted out to the audience! They had recognized her efforts; she was the one!

Slowly Sam made her way up towards the group, but it felt as if she were not in charge of her own feet. She was dizzy with shock and excitement. They had picked her, out of all these people?

“Hey, welcome up! What’s your name, darling?” inquired Rachel.

“Um, Sam McAllen,” Sam shyly replied. “Short for Samantha.” She paused. “Me?”

“Yes you!” cried Stephen. “We saw you while we were playing as well, and it seems as if you cared about us the most. ”

“Why, thank you,” Sam muttered. But her thoughts were not on Stephen’s comment. There were thousands of people staring at her, and they all seemed to be cold stares of jealousy and hatred. Suddenly Sam felt very vulnerable standing here by herself, in the spotlight. All smiles turned to smirks, all cheers to jeers. In her mind she was not welcome here; this was not right.

“Hello? What’s wrong?” asked Joey, seeing her expression. After a moment of following her gaze to the crowd, he added, “Oh, don’t worry about them, you’re fine.”

But Sam was not fine. She was terrified, in fact. Her whole body was shaking with fear and anxiety, and once again she realized why she usually avoided social situations. Her breathing was unnatural and sharp.

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered. And then Samantha McAllen, Soul Purpose’s number one fan, turned and started running offstage.

“Wait!” yelled Stephen. “What are you doing? Don’t leave!”

Michael started chasing after her, but since he was rather clumsy, only managed to step on her foot once he caught up instead of halting her. The momentum threw Sam to the ground, and she fell flat on her face. Hurriedly she got up and ran towards the exit, not looking back, and she did not stop until she reached the safety and solitude of her car.

Back in the arena, the air was loud with laughter. The one lucky girl who was chosen to be honored by one of the greatest bands of all time had fled from sight. At first they were certain that it was a mere skit Soul Purpose was playing out, but when time passed and the band was still concerned, the shock and humor of the ordeal began to set in. Why would someone who had been given the chance of the lifetime run away? But after a few minutes of quick conversation with the scouts, a new fan (who did not run away) was chosen, and the concert proceeded on as normal. In fact, if the girl had not left behind a memento of her appearance, you probably couldn’t have guessed that anything unusual had happened at all. But for weeks, months, and even years, the band's fans exchanged varied tales of how this one fortunate teenager had abondoned opportunity, dream, and even her shoe on that 2003 tour.


“Oh the melancholy, the profound tragedy, the hopelessness of it all,” teased Elizabeth.

“Will you just shut up and leave me alone? I’m depressed as it is,” Sam snapped back.

Word about her paranoia episode had spread quicker than a nasty virus. Just a couple nights after her experience tabloid newspapers had picked it up, and before long the whole city knew just what an idot Samantha McAllen was. Why in the world did she give them her name? She groaned and tried to take her mind off the whole thing, but that was a difficult feat when phone calls were plaguing her. Oh yes, she was the next celebrity, but it wasn’t in the context that everyone wished for. She was the person everyone loved to mock. Oh why oh why couldn’t she just be normal?

And Soul Purpose, what would they think of her now? Almost her entire life she had admired them and wished that they knew how much she appreciated them. This was their thanks? She couldn’t stand the thought! Somehow she must apologize, but how? Getting in touch with superstars was about as easy as pole vaulting minus the pole.

“I suppose the only option is to write to their fanmail address,” she mused. “But they don't look at every single letter they get. I guess I’ll just have to hope that mine catches their eye. Maybe I’ll draw the four elements on the envelope and pick out a nifty stamp….” And with that thought she set to work.

Dear Soul Purpose,
         I am the that girl who ran away at your concert in September. Yes, it’s me, Sam McAllen. But before you crumple this up and toss it in the trash, please let me explain a few things.
         First of all, I’m dreadfully sorry about my behavior. I myself don’t quite understand why I ran away. I suppose it was because I’m, simply put, not a people person. I avoid social engagements and dances while both my sisters are the lives of the party. I’m one of those different people who would rather be home reading a book (or listening to your music, in my case). But something in me, though honored beyond belief by your offer, knew that I had to get out of there. There were too many people staring at me, and they all seemed to be, well... after me. I guess I’m just sorta paranoid. I’m also sorry to be such a hassle when I left, tripping and leaving my shoe and everything. While I have been embarrassed beyond words these few days, I imagine you must be feeling about the same after being let down in front of all the media. But I encourage you to have a good laugh at me, and not to pay any heed to my quirks.
         Lastly, I’d like to just say how much I love you guys while you’re (hopefully) reading this. All my life I’ve sort of felt overshadowed by my family, and felt like I didn’t fit in. But in your music all my worries leave me and I just feel really determined and hopeful. Your music is for everybody, it doesn't matter if you’re a social outcast or prom queen. But I admit that I feel your songs have been “written” for me only. I can relate to all the lyrics, and you just appeal to me so much. I’ve adored and admired you for six years, ever since I bought your first album “Headcase”. I guess I’m sort of a headcase myself in my reaction. I’m sure you don’t think it of me now, but I have always been your biggest fan. Even if you hate me now (and I can understand why), that won't change. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to your upcoming album.

Sincerely yours,


It wasn’t until about a month later that the reply came. Sam felt so much apprehension just holding the envelope, and had no idea if she could even begin to open it. Inside it could contain hate or disdain, but then it also could possibly provide a little relief. But which one? "Well," she said, "I guess there's only one way to find out." Hands trembling, Sam ripped it open and began to read.

Dear Sam,
         Don’t feel too badly about what happened. We all have little traits that make us uncomfortable, there’s no need to be ashamed of who you are. For the most part, we were never really mad about what happened, just surprised and somewhat worried -- it isn’t everyday someone runs off the stage, you know. We were glad to hear your story, though, and not some fake “Inquirer” tale. And like we said before, we understand. Don’t fret.
         In more cheerful matters, we’re delighted to hear how much you enjoy our music. The main reason we do it is to connect with people like you. Growing up, each one of us wasn’t the most happy, and our intended audience is people like yourself (although we’re happy others like it as well). Throughout all this drama, we still consider you a very dedicated fan. Not many people have the nerve to apologize and talk about their negative experiences! And in all our time we have never seen someone as into our music and enjoying it as much as you were that night.
         Finally, I think you are missing an important article of yours. Michael says he is very sorry for stepping on your foot and making you trip, and wishes to return this to you. You must admit the situation was quite comical, though mortifying as it was. But alas, our “Sole” Purpose in life is to learn from our mistakes. Next time wear sneakers instead of clogs, Cinderella.

         Stephen, Joey, Michael, Rachel

In all her excitement about receiving the letter, Sam had completely overlooked the small package on her doorstep. Instantly she rushed over, tore off the flaps, and took out her missing shoe, now autographed by each of the band members.

Life would always have its pains and sorrows, but whenever Sam looked at her clog, she would be happy a moment after.

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