You're Ace, an intergallactic hero extrodinaire. You and your space girl-friend Kimmy are trying to track down the evil Commander Borf. He and his evil minions have created The Infanto Ray, a device capable of turning adults back into helpless kids. You and Kimmy have tracked him down, unfortunatly... he knows you're coming! Now Kimmy has been kidnapped by Borf, and you have been zapped down to your pre-teen version Dexter.


The CD-i version of SPACE ACE is visually every bit as stunning as its arcade laserdisc cousin. Crisp sharp color and attention to detail highlight this second foray by animator Don Bluth into this gaming genre. However, unlike his first attempt, DRAGON'S LAIR, this one was not even close to as much fun. While I'll admit that the added branching paths for Ace & Dexter make the game replay value higher, there is so much else that detracts from the fun.


First off, soundtrack. The music is a good attempt at setting the mood, but the voice actors become somewhat anoying as you play, and die and have to hear them say the same things over, and over (& over & over & over... if you dont learn quickly enough). Add to that, the voices of both Dexter & Kimmy can be very iritating, they just sound too whiny. Also, durring the intro to each segment, the game shows you your score, with each number getting a rather grating tone as it's displayed on screen.


The folks at CD-i really tweaked the control system on the game, improving on their VERY touchy controls in Dragon's Lair. Those who've played the arcade editions of both will notice Space Ace the return of the buzzing sounds for Move Accepted & Move Rejected to let you know if your move is done at the proper time or if you need to hit it again. It also allows you to keep tapping that direction until you can confirm the move was accepted.


Replay value is another matter. At times you can "ENERGIZE", this allows you to switch between Dexter & Ace for a brief time, each character having some different paths in the levels. Not really changing much, and it has no effect on the ending. Still, it gives you reason to give it a second go through if you want.

Overall, a decent game, nothing overly spectacular. But if you're into the FMV games, or are a fan of Don Bluth's animation style, it's worth a play.


Number of Players : 1
Requires DV Cart : Yes
Rec. Controler: 3-Button Pad

Graphics :
Sounds :
Control :
Replay :

Overall rating :